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Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!
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Author:  Echo [ Sun Mar 07, 2010 7:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

Date: May 22, 2010

Entry Fee: $15

Top prize: 2010 GenCon Badge
Additional prizes will be provided!


Super Games
11060 Alphetta Highway
Suite 134 Roswell, GA 30076

Time: Registration starts at 11 AM EST, first round begins at 12 PM EST

Format: 200 point DCI, restricted map list. There will be a number of swiss rounds based on attendance, which will cut to a top 4 for a playoff.

Author:  ndjarnag [ Wed Mar 17, 2010 9:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

sounds good. thanks for the post!

Author:  Lou [ Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

Hope to go again

Author:  Echo [ Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

Lou, it would be AWESOME to have you guys down here again.

Author:  greentime [ Mon May 03, 2010 7:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

Also a heads-up that if anyone needs a place to stay in Atlanta the night before or after several of us can put you up. I think we've already got 6-10 people doing that but there's definitely space for more.

Author:  Nivuahc [ Sat May 22, 2010 8:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

First of all I want to thank all 23 players who attended today. A list of the pre-playoff standings will follow soon. I would especially like to thank everyone who came in from out of town for the event.

The final 4 players were

Phillip Gladney
Greg Sutton
Graham Bingham
David Weeks

David and Greg make it through to the final match and David came out victorious.

Congratulations to David Weeks and everyone who played today. A more in-depth report is being compiled by Graham and I would like to thank him and everyone else who contributed to making this a successful event.

Author:  dnemiller [ Sat May 22, 2010 9:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

ahhh another padawan reaches a new level!!!!!

Great job David I knew you could do it!!!!

Congrats to all!!!

Author:  Nivuahc [ Sat May 22, 2010 9:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

Just one other thing that I thought I'd mention;

David played a Republic squad featuring Yoda on Kybuck, Captain Rex, Plo Koon, Panaka, Doom Bot, Lobot, Mas Ameda, a Rodian Brute, and some uggies.

Author:  ndjarnag [ Sun May 23, 2010 12:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

These pics by me and jhc36:







Author:  ndjarnag [ Sun May 23, 2010 12:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!







Author:  Nivuahc [ Sun May 23, 2010 10:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

There is a minor report including a slide show of pictures that I took throughout the day on the AtlantaSWG website (click the pictures on the slideshow to embiggen).

Author:  Grand Moff Boris [ Sun May 23, 2010 1:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

Just want to first say, thanks for putting me and Jason up for the night so we could play in your guys' regional! We both had a great time, and I'm proud of our 6th place/7th place showing (yes I outranked Jason in this tournament, thank you very much Bill :P) at the event.

All last week, I tinkered with the idea of a crazy squad design that I am keeping close to the chest for the time being because I may still pull it out at another upcoming tournament and don't want too many people to see it before it hits the table. However, as we were driving down there (about 5-6 hour trip one way) we were detoured around I-24, which added an hour to the drive. It was somewhere during this slow, rigourous trek across 2-lane highway traffic that I decided going so far, I shouldn't goof around.

So I pulled out my "Netdeck 2010" squad, which is basically fingersandteeth's Chicago regional winning squad:

50 Han Solo, Galactic Hero
45 Mara Jade, Jedi
29 Ganner Rhysode
27 Lobot
23 Anakin Solo
12 Gha Nackt
09 General Dodonna
03 ugnaught Demolitionist
02 Mouse Droid
Map- Ravaged Base

Last week, at the Owensboro regional, I ran a Camaasi instead of the Ug/Mouse combo. This time I put it back to Deri's build, just to see if there was any difference. Well all I can say is that in a field of 30 players last week, I finished 10th and this week in a field of 23 players, I finished 6th. You be the judge.

Game 1 vs. Jarred, who had Vader LotF, Thrawn, Cad Bane, Moff Nyna, Storm Commando, Mas.

We played on Ravaged Base and I set up outside (which is where this squad wants to start, honestly). It was pretty straight forward. I outactivated even without reinforcements, and so I brought in a couple of R7's and 3 Mice (this was a standard default reinforcement for me through most of the games I have played with this squad). I levitated Mara up to hit Cad, lost Mara, and then let Anakin UtF a couple of times. After that it was Vader against my entire NR build (sans Mara, of course). The guy who played the squad was very cool the whole game and I was pleased to see him walk away with the sportsmanship award.


Game 2 was vs. Shadow Stormtroopers with Moff Nyna, filler
On Bespin, this guy didn't have Ozzel, and so I simply outactivated him. I could tell he was probably a newer/less experienced player, and for the first time in a long time, I had to refrain from giving my opponent strategic advice because it was an advantage for me either way. He had Mara at 20 and missed an attack with Scourge Vader, but didn't reroll with a Force point. Telling him this, even to be helpful, would have just put Anakin into play, and so I didn't say anything. It was a tough call.


Game 3
This was against Graham. I'm not going to lie, the guy just outplayed me, and I relied too much on Dodonna. If I had not, I would have won. I had 2 chances to finish off Rex and I blew both of them because I didn't want to activate 2 characters. It was an important reminder that being able to choose 1 doesn't mean I should always do so.


This game was against David Weeks on Muunilist. Now, before I go any further, I want to explain my thought process (I know Dean is reading this one!) Anyway, I brought a bunch of different reinforcements with me for this tournament. I wanted to test some different ideas, different strategies. Weeks brought Yobuck and Plo Koon (the new one) with Rex. Most of my games were being decided in the first six rounds, so I figured this was a good time to test the MTB. All I had to do was win initiative in the first 4 rounds, kill Yobuck, kill Rex, and then either the game would be won, or Mara would die and I would UtF to kill the MTB. I figured, what the heck?

Total mistake, coupled by another mistake. He towed up Yobuck, and I could have levitated Mara but I miscounted the squares and so I activated Han instead. Then I realized what I had done wrong. She could have based Yobuck AND assaulted! Doh!!

Because of my blunder, he was able to run to the back row and take out all of my MTB fodder. I went on to lose both Han and Anakin, and eventually died to my own foolishness. I will never again field the MTB in a major event as part of this squad. When Anakin died I could hear Dean scream, "No exit strategy!" in my head. LOL


Game 5
Well at this point I knew I was out of contention for top 4, so I just went back to auto-pilot. I figured I'd either face someone having a tough day, or a good opponent who just had a rough pair of breaks. Turns out I got paired against someone who seemed to be right in the middle of that combination. THe kid had Twilek Black Sun Vigos with Grand Admiral Thrawn, Imperial Gov. Tarkin, Ozzel, Xizor, and a pair of Czerkas. I used Han to kill one of the Czerkas, then sent Mara running after the TBSVs. He conceded when I killed the last one.

3-2, 6th place

Good enough to get 2 boosters, so I was happy. Jason finished 7th with Mandos. I'll let him tell you about that. Both of us only lost games to the top 4 winners, so I felt pretty good about that.

Author:  Grand Moff Boris [ Sun May 23, 2010 1:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

PC problems, sorry. Meant to mention real quick that Chuck and his judge's team did an outstanding job with the tournament. Very impressed with the store, too, and hope to come back sometime! :)

Author:  Dark_Jedi_21 [ Sun May 23, 2010 3:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

I had a great time in Atlanta. Thanks to Echo for putting us up for the night. Chuck ran a great event and everyone I met was great. As Dennis said earlier I finished in 7th with a 3-2 record playing Mandos. Yes Mandos.

Boba MC
Gunslinger x2
Mouse x2
Ug x3

Round 1 vs Bob
Right of the bat I had to play a rebel squad with evade. Something I really was not looking forward to doing. He was playing Reeikan, Dodanna, the new Lando and Red Hand Troopers, Ferus Olin and Dass Jennir. Round was mostly positioning. He did not have door control and after taking out Ferus, Dass and the troopers he conceded.

Round 2 vs Andy from NC
Round 2 I run up against the only Snowspeeder build in the tournament. We play on Ravaged Base. I start on the outside and he sets up in the middle room. I run an ug to the main door to open it on the first activation. He spins a fig and I then use my R7 to open the middle door giving Boba los to an unactivated Snowspeeder, three missed evades later and the speeder has taken 60. He then used Deliah Blue to repair 30 damage. I move in to the interior of the base and he moves Han and Leia forward for shots. Next round I damage the speeder again and he makes the last evade keeping it alive and reparing back to sixty and moving the speeder out of the main room. Im able to base an uncatived Han with a Gunslinger killing him. My other Gunslinger bases the speeder and puts 50 on it putting it at 10. Speeder dies next and its mop up from there. 2-0.

Round 3 vs Greg Sutton from ATL
Greg is playing Mara, Kyle JBM, Ganner, Dash, Jag, etc... I used the R7 to give Boba an early shot on Kyle putting 30 on him. He keeps his figs out of los from that point on and out activates me. I mostly position for better shots across the map staying out of range of a levitated Mara. I manage to kill Jag and start moving forward to try to kill some more points. I move Boba six squares to get los on Mara putting here to 50. Boba takes 100 in return from Dash and Kyle. The next init is crucial. Greg rolls a four and then I roll a two. D’oh. He uses Mara to kill Boba and my Gunlsingers take out Kyle. The TBSV puts 30 on Ganner. Greg is ahead on gambit and proceeds to retreat as my forces advance. By this point I had lost all my door control and he locks me out for the win as time runs out. 2-1.

Round 4
I play a Mando squad with no Boba but a ton of Scouts and Gunslingers. Im out activated again but have the door control advantage. It’s a very back and forth match and I cant many shots. I manage to kill a scout and two caamasi to get the lead but a Gunslinger crits twice on Boba killing him. Im in real trouble at this point but manage to kill another Gunslinger. I pull ahead on points just as time runs out.

Round 5 vs David Weeks

Well we are playing for a spot in the top four at this point. Im proud just to be in this position playing Mandos. David is running Plo Koon JM, Yobuck, Rex, and Panaka. We play on Munnillist. Round 1 I am able to open a door with R7 and my Gunslinger proceeds to target Panaka I roll three hits. Needing one more to kill him and roll a one. If I had hit it may have been over right there. David wisely repositions and Yobuck proceeds to start pummeling my squad. I put Yobuck to 100 losing my Captain and Scout in the process. I manage to kill all the swap fodder and R2 and put Plo to 30. I set up a shot at his 50 hp Yobuck with Boba if I win init. Again I lose the crucial init and he moves Yobuck killing my R7 and TBSV. I then kill Lobot instead. Rex crits on my last Gunslinger and I miss the evade killing her. He does for to Boba to Yobuck putting him to 20. I then kill both Panka and Plo with Boba on the same activation. Leaving a 50 hp Yobuck , Rex and Mas vs Boba and a Quartermaster. The next init is going to decide the game. David gets and gallops Boba killing him and taking 40 from the Quartermaster. The Quartermaster kills Yobuck but is no match for Rex and that’s game as time runs out. Congrats to David on the regional win. He played great and really deserved it.

I had a great time and accomplished my goal of going 3-2 with the Mando squad. I only lost to the guys who got to the finals and played them both to time so I was happy with my results. Thanks again to everyone in Atlanta for doing a great job.

Author:  spryguy1981 [ Sun May 23, 2010 4:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

I really enjoyed the Atlanta regional and greatly appreciate Daniel for putting Andy and myself up for two nights. Now you can ask Weeks, but I went back and forth for about 2 weeks deciding if I actually wanted to play, or simply watch. Then on top of that I had to decide what squad I would play if I played. Anyways I decided Friday night after talking with Jason and Dennis that I would play. I decided to go completely out of my element and play a faction that I had not played much. I chose Seperatists and in finished in 5th place just out of the playoff (which I actually did not want to participate in) and in a "tribute" to engineer this was my squad.

Nute Gunray
2 EG-05 Jedi Hunter Droids
General Whorm Loathsome
3 IG-86 Assassin Droids
Gha Nackht
Battle Droid Officer
2 R7 Astromech Droids
2 Battle Droids
2 Mouse Droids
2 Uggie Demos

I built this squad with New Republic in mind knowing that at the Pennsylvania Regional I had seen a lot of New Republic builds. This build is not commander effect dependant and that is a good thing.

Round 1 vs. Daniel Stephens on Ravaged Base
Lo and Behold I get New Republic first round so I was glad to get the chance to play it for all it's glory. For my reinforcements I brought in San Hill and 3 Battle Droids out of necessity against Dodonna.

The first two rounds is all positioning with Daniel taking a 2 to 1 gambit lead on me. At the end of round 2 I move one of my EG-05 droids into the small room with the 2 single doors near the detention block corridor. After a few BS turns, Daniel levitates Mara in and she Assaults my EG-05 and kills it. This then enables me to start firing shots at Mara with my 86s. I move out with one of them and roll my twin attack missing one and hitting the 2nd. Mara at 80. I then made a slight positioning error and put an IG-86 droid in the square I needed to put the one who was further away in. Both twins hit, Mara down to 20. The rest of the round ends and we go to initiative. I win initiative and take it hoping to kill Mara. I miss the first shot, and taking no chances, I combined with the 2nd 86 effectively wasting it's turn, but I hit and she died and then moved my 86 back around the wall. Dash proceeded to obliterate my other 86. Ganner then levitates Kyle adjacent to my 86 that killed Mara and kills it with his triple. I then backed my 86 up and took one shot knowing I was in disruptive range and I missed. My EG-05 then goes in and twins Dash dropping him to 30. I win init for round 6 and use my EG-05 to finish off Dash before heading back out of the room and towards Kyle. Daniel moves a piece, and then I run my 86 back 6 squares and twin Kyle putting 40 on him, and also keeping him out of Ganner's Triple Attacking Kyle Lob. From here it gets foggy but Kyle at one point triples my EG-05 and misses an attack leaving it at 40. I give up the AoO and base Ganner and twin him putting 60 on him. I then win the next init and kill off Ganner and then run away from Kyle so he cannot get close enough to hurt me. He then proceeds to chase after the EG-05 to score the points for it. As we approach time I take Kyle down to 60 and have a twin with my IG-86 on Kyle if I make both Kyle dies and I get a 3pt win. Needing a 7, I naturally roll a 6, then I hit the 2nd twin. Time is called and I win. 1-0

2nd Round vs Philip and a Rebel K-3P0 squad. I lose map and I am stuck on Rancor Pit which is a huge disadvantage. I knew coming into this that Rebels would be my worst matchup but I was prepared for it. Because of mobile attack and long range shots, I am forced to be very aggressive. Learning my lesson in dealing with slow cannon squads at PA I moved up 3rd round to start exchanging blows. Throughout the course of the next 4 rounds he kills both of my EG-05's and an IG-86 and I kill Princess Leia, Rieekan, and his Amanin Scout. Take his ERC down to 10, and Luke down to 40. But he gets me on points and that is game. 1-1 (I brought in San and the 3 BD's again)

We break for lunch and we come back 3rd round, and I am expecting to get paired against one of the Charlotte guys because we are all like 1-1. I am pleasantly suprised to see that I am paired against a guy from Atlanta named Josh. He is running a FlObi/Rex 501/Cody squad. I chose not to bring in San this time and instead I brought in 2 Super Battle Droids with Nute. I win map roll and we play on my map which is Jedi Temple. He chooses to set up first and sets up on the outside of the map. I set up very symmetrically in the back middle of the inside and then we go to init. I win and he goes first moving Rex straight up to the door leading from the outside to the central gambit area. I move most of my grunts and then once he is outactivated I use R7 to open the other door. My IG-86 gets a twin Oppo off on Rex dropping him to 20. Then my 2nd IG does the same thing and kills him. The third moves to where he cannot see FlObi and then twins Cody dropping him also. I move the EG-05's up as far as they will go so they can start hitting FlObi. I win init and I choose to go first asking him if he would like to suprise move. He says no and I run my EG-05 6 and twin FlObi but miss an attack, taking him to 90. He uses all of his pieces to drop my EG-05 including FlObi, leaving me with 6 shots from the 86's on FlObi. I manage to get 2 of those through dropping FlObi to 30. I then move my other EG-05 to where he can get either his ARC Sniper, or FlObi. I win init and let him go first. He suprise moves away but still within 6 of my EG-05. So with the fork I created I go after FlObi and twin to finish him off. From there it was mop up. 2-1 3pt win.

Round 4 vs Ben on Rancor Pit.

I lose map roll and smack my forehead realizing I am on Rancor Pit again. He is playing Whorm w/Bounty Hunters and a Jawa Scavenger (man he hurts my droids w/twin). I elect to bring in San so that I can deny IG-88 his opportunist and the 3 Battle Droids, now all day I had not rolled a 1 and I just felt like this was the game I would do it. Sure enough I roll a 1. I bring in the Sergeant and a Battle Droid with Nute, and a Bodyguard droid with San. He moves Zuckuss up and intuitions out to stick one of my EG-05 Droids which he successfully does. Zuckuss cannot get far enough away though and after his squad is out I run up my 86's w/the Sergeant and drop Zuckuss like a bad habit. I am steadily advancing across the board at this point and I get Jariah Syn, IG-88, and Jarael eventually, losing 1 EG-05 in the process. Time is called and I am unable to quite score the 3 point victory. He only had Whorm and Lobot left, but he didn't give me the concession victory and I got a 2 point win. 3-1

Round 5 vs. Stephen on Jedi Temple.

This is an ugly, tough, evil mirror matchup between like armies. He is running GGDAC w/5 IG-86's and San. I elect to take San and 3 Battle Droids again. I made some really poor errors early on in the first round and he took out both of my R7's. At this point I figured I had lost this game, but I was able to keep my Uggies alive long enough to blow the important doors I needed to manuever. He was running triple lockout, but I was able to overcome my disadvantage. It's very back and forth for the first 3 rounds or so, but then I am able to start cherry picking one IG-86 at a time. I rolled a 1 for initiative on the last round and brought in as many cheap Battle Droids as I possibly could to deny him real points. He managed to get 3 or 4 of them, but in the end I was able to outscore him by 2 IG-86's. I couldn't get the concession from him either so it was a 2 point win for me. 4-1

I scored a total of 9pts and was out of the final four, which really didn't bother me since I had already achieved my goal of "winning" my pass in Pennsylvania. I got to go 4-1 and did not have to play 1-2 more rounds. I was able to sit back and watch my good friend David Weeks win his GenCon pass which made me happy.

Congratulations Again DaviD!! Well done.

Author:  Nivuahc [ Sun May 23, 2010 7:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

For the record, here are the 5-round results, pre-playoff

Place Player W L Match Points
1 Phillip Gladney 5 0 12
2 David Weeks 4 1 12
3 Graham Bingham 4 1 11
4 Greg Sutton 4 1 11

5 Matt Spry 4 1 9
6 Dennis Beard 3 2 9
7 Jason Alvey 3 2 9
8 Nathan Jarnagin 3 2 9
9 Daniel Stephens 3 2 9
10 David Gladney 3 2 9
11 Bennett Clayton 3 2 8
12 Nick Ferguson 3 2 8
13 Andrew Ricciardi 2 3 6
14 Jonathon Clayton 2 3 6
15 Andy Bumpus 2 3 6
16 Stephen Sloop 2 3 6
17 Jared Aylworth 2 3 6 (Sportsmanship Award Winner)
18 David Miller 2 3 6
19 Ryn Korn 2 3 5
20 Stephanos Marks 1 4 3
21 Joshua Stearns 1 4 3
22 David Barnhart 1 4 3
23 Robert Forbes 1 4 3

Every single person walked away with prizes yesterday, most with multiple rare or very rare figures. 2nd, 3rd, & 4th place each got 4 boosters of MotF. 6th, 7th, & 8th place each got 2 boosters of MotF. Players 9th through 20th each got a single booster of MotF, and 9th through 23rd place each got a grab bag containing a minimum of one random rare/very rare miniature, in most cases 2 rare/very rare miniatures.

The sportsmanship award consisted of the 30th anniversary collectors edition Star Wars pop-up book, the Lego Star Wars Visual Guide, and the Star Wars Head-to-Head book.

Author:  Weeks [ Sun May 23, 2010 8:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

Thanks to everyone for the kind words. Heres a very quick breakdown of my matches and thought process during the event.

Round 1 vs Greg Sutton his map (Ruined Base)
First round i have to play my best friend who was packing Kyle, Mara, Dash, Ganner, Beard. He avoids my Plo Bait and rolls like 7 crits and just straight outplays me. I lose which i was ok with if your going to lose drop the first one and win out of the losers bracket.

Round 2 vs John (Vong Hunters + Dash) my Map
Vong just couldnt react to yoda pounding on them and swapping away, that and rex attached at the hip to Doombot was just too much firepower for him. John's a great sport and doesnt mind representing the Vong Faction at any event. It does take me like 8 rounds to kill off those pesky Vong due to crab armour but i win pretty easy.

Round 3 vs A kid whose name Escapes me. His Map (bespin)
This one was interesting he ran the Bloomilk squad "Revans Antarian Fury" A squad ive always wanted to play against. Basicly the kid is still learning how to play so Plo just straight up Pwns Revan and yoda kills the rangers in 2 rounds. He did manage to Force push my Yoda into a pit and i failed the save, so he was happy he got to do something cool.

Round 4 vs Dennis my map
I look across the table at dennis puzzled as he lines up his Muun Tactics Broker fodder then proceed to count squares across the table and realize i can kill just about all his scrubs with 3 acts and swap yoda back, so i do so. From there it was just killing his exit strategy and Han with Plo/Rex and eating some deaths as the muun kills things for me. Dennis as always is a good sport about everything and laughs it off.

Round 5 vs Jason my Map
Jason should have won this game. I got all the rolls in it and setup like a total chump his gunslinger fires 4 shots on panaka to start the game and rolls a 1 on the kill. After thanking him for the 1 i take a round off to repossition and let yoda take some aoo's to just steamroll me some mandos. Got tight at the end but i got the 2 big inits and ended up winning .
4-1 FInals Bound!

Playoff round 1 vs Graham Bingham (greentime) my map
Graham also should have beaten me i leave panaka on mas to Bg him miscount squares and he gets his yoda all the way across the map swaps with rex and put panaka and mas down to 10 each with BG. Here was the key he forgets to move rex. I win init move my rex to kill his and make my shots. From here he still had a chance so i towed up my yobuck and killed his swappers and doombot and swap for my fodder. His yobuck kept trying but was pinned in place with 60 Hp by my yoda and Plo so if he moved he would die. I got my dudes up to his panaka and ferus and rex wakes up from the nap he was taking all tourney to be a huge stud wins the game. I really wish this game would have gone differant graham made 1 error and had me beat. We will rematch on vassal im sure.

Chapionship game vs Greg Sutton. His map (Ruined Base)
So first and last game vs Greg i have all the confidenece in the world with me thanks to my good fortune and 5 game winning streak i have going. I am patieint for the first 2 rounds and dont get gambit and let him get it. I move my fodder to places for rex to snipe which attracts his kyles attention and he moves kyle. Same round i tow my yoda out and move 16 to base Dash and jagged put 20 on jag hit dash with the gallop and crit on the normall attack to take him to 10. Dash and mara both put 100 on yoda. I open the top door from the left side with a brute and rex moves up kills an uggie and snipes dash who fails the evade save. I get rex to safety with swap and attach Plo to Doombot for the next round i also screen against kyle with my fodder so i dont get grenaes thrown at my r2. I win init put 20 more on jag and move torwards gregs backfield and kill his last door control in his r7. THis did 2 things made him choose to levitate to kill yoa (50 hp left) or leave him and let me swap rex into the back field. He Levitates mara out to yoda and she has to move 1 square to assault and she kills yoda. Plo is towed next to Ganner and puts 60 on him. Kyle kills doombot. Ganner is at 40 and would have to move 1 square to get mara back into the fight if he moved Plo would kill him so. Rex comes in the same round and kills ganner and puts 40 on kyle, Panaka also hits for 20 on kyle. I win init and put 60 more on kyle with rex leaving him at 20. Kyle triplles plo i block one. Plo kills kyle. Mara comes in and gets plo dwon to 50. From here i get 60 on mara with rex swap plo onto her and kill her. Greg is a warrior so he plays jagged and dodonna vs my whole squad rex kills the last 2 and im the champ.

Really fun day im gald i got to play greg for the win after my horrible loss earlier. Plo Koon is awesome.

Thanks again to chuck for running another awesome tourney see you guys at gencon.

Author:  greentime [ Mon May 24, 2010 9:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

Here are the squads and placements for everyone going into the finals:

1. Phillip Gladney AKA Secret Weapon
Solo Slam on Rancor Pit

Princess Leia
Luke Skywalker Rebel Commando
Han Solo Smuggler
Bothan Noble
Amanin Scout
Ugnaught x4
Mouse x3

2. David Weeks
Plobuck on Muunlist

Plo Koon, Jedi Hunter (sic)
Captain Rex
Mas Amedda
Rodian Brute
Ugnaught x2

3. Graham Bingham
Hey Dean What Faction Is This? on Ravaged Base AKA Peachtree Station

Mas Amedda
Ferus Olin
Human Bodyguard
Ugnaught x2
Rodian Diplomat AKA Jimmy Carter

4. Greg Sutton
Lob 'er and Clobber on Ravaged Base AKA Peachtree Station

Kyle JBM
Mara Jade Jedi
Dash RS
Ugnaught x3
Camaasi Noble
Jagged Fel

5. Matt Spry
Nute's Weedwhackers on Hall of Judgement (?)

Nute Gunray
EG-05 JH Droid x2
Whorm Loathsome
IG-86 x3
Gha Nachkt
R7 x2
Battle Droid x2
Ugnaught x2
Mouse x2

6. Dennis Beard
Net Deck 2010 on Ravaged Base

Anakin Solo
Han GH
Mara Jade Jedi
Gha Nackt

7. Jason Alvey
on Ravaged Base

Mouse x2
Ugnaught x3
Mando Quartermaster
Mando Captain
Boba Fett MC
Mando Scout
Mando Gunslinger x2

8. Nathan Jarnagin
Chicken n Waffles on Throne Room! (sic)

U x3
M x3

9. Daniel Stephens (yeah really)
Lob 'er and Clobber on Ravaged Base/Peachtree Station

Identical to Greg's squad.

10. David Gladney AKA Secret Weapon Jr.
Nihilistic Renewal on Ravaged Base/Peachtree Station

Narth Nihl
Darth Maul Sith Apprentice
Dash Rendar RS
Mouse x4

11. Bennett Clayton
3 Bounty Hunters and a Jawa on Rancor Pit

IG-88, Assassin Droid
Jariah Syn
Java Scavenger
Human BG

12. Nick Ferguson
Thrawn-Bane SS on Rancor Pit

Nyna Calixte
Mas Amedda
Imperial Dignitary
Ugnaught x2

13. Andrew Ricciardi
Now You See Me Now You DIE on Ravage Base

Czerka Scientist x2
Admiral Ozzel
Grand Admiral Thrawn (the old one yeah)
IG Tarkin
Mas Amedda

14. Jonathan Clayton
Nudity Rules (?) on Throne Room

Yuuzhan Vong Jedi Hunter x3
Ossus Guardian x3
Advange Agent Officer
Dash Rendar RS
Caamasi Noble
Ugnaught x3
Mouse x3

15. Andy Bumpus
Unnamed on Starship

Luke's Snowspeeder
Deliah Blue
Han Smuggler
Princess Leia
Ugnaught x3

16. Stephen Sloop
86 Assassins on Jedi Temple

General Grievous DAC
San Hill
Gha Nachkt
R7 x3
Ugnaught x2
Mouse x3
IG-86 x5 (!)

17. Jared Aylworth
Old New Black Blue on Jedi Temple

Darth Vader, Legacy
Storm Commando
Cad Bane
Mas Amedda

18. David Miller
501st on Rancor Pitt

Darth Vader Sith Apprentice
501st Legion Commander
501st Legion Stormtrooper x9
Captain Rex 501st

19. Ryn Korn
Fratello on Rancor Pit

Mando Captain
Scout x3
Gunslinger x3
Camassi Noble x2
Ugnaught x2
Mouse x3

20. Stephanos Marks
Revan's Antarian Fury! on none listed

Darth Revan
Dash Rendar RS
Jedi Crusader
Antarian Rangers x4

21. Joshua M. Stearns
Kenobi's Heroes on Ravaged Base

Obi-Wan Jedi General AKA Flobi
Captain Rex 501st
Treadwell Droid
Rodian Trader
Clone Trooper Commander
ARC Sniper
Kashyyyk Trooper
Commander Cody

22. David Barnhart
Unnamed at none listed

Darth Vadr Scourge
Imp Engineer
Shadow Stormtrooper x4
Noghri Commander
Imperial Sovereign Protector
Nyna Calixte

23. Robert Forbes
Ferus FTW on Bespin

Ferus Olin
Dass Jennir
Red Hand Trooper x5
Lando Calrissian Rebel Leader

Finals was David Weeks over Graham Bingham and Greg Sutton over Phillip Gladney, then Weeks over Sutton.

We had every single faction represented, which I believe is a first, and top 10 included Mandos and SITH.

Author:  TimmerB123 [ Tue May 25, 2010 11:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

Congrats, sounds like a great tourney!

Random question -
Anyone know if Greg Sutton posts on SWM? If so what is his screen name?

Author:  Emissary [ Tue May 25, 2010 11:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Atlanta 2010 SWM Regional!

Now that I've had some time to recover and get some much needed sleep, here's my report from Atlanta.

First off let me say a big thank you to Daniel, who let Spry and myself (along with Dennis and Jason) stay at his apartment. Ok, now for the report.

I'll be honest...I didn't sleep well at all and it really affected how I played. I thought after breakfast I'd be alright, but I quickly found that wasn't the case.

Match #1 Ryn (from Atlanta) vs. Me

I was a little worried with all of her Mandos that I would fail some key evade saves. I won map and we setup and started. After she activated everything I put the speeder in gambit. We kinda joked and talked a lot during our match, so it was being played slower than it should've gone. And I was trying to make her open a door or two to get into gambit where I had everyone waiting. Needless to say that didn't happen and when time was called I won by a measly 7 points. Final score was 18-11.

Match #2 Jason (from Owensboro) vs. Me

Another Mando squad, only this time Boba was included. He won map and decided to take the inside of the base. And where I put the speeder was a HUGE mistake. Round 1 Boba could easily put 60 dmg on the speeder and I had to burn Blue's turn to repair it. And that was pretty much the match. He'd hit it (I'd fail evades), I'd heal it. So on and so forth. I started to play more risky than I had wanted here and put Han and Leia in danger. Once the speeder was gone it was pretty easy for him to get to the other attackers and take them out. I definitely learned a lesson from this match. But I'll cover that later.

Match #3 Nick (from the NC group) vs Me

I have to say this before I do this match report. I really REALLY don't like playing Nick. He's a 'Big fish in a little pond' and also 'The Rules Lawyer". (thanks to billiv15 and his article helping me to describe him) Worst part is he doesn't know the rules for SWM all that well and tries to put D&D rules where they DON'T belong. He really makes it difficult for me to like this game. Ok, I'm done with my rant.

Super Stealth + Snowspeeder = hard hard match. I won map and he put me on my preferred side. I knew this would be difficult and that I had to get to his commanders with the Speeder and possibly sacrifice it. I do so but he had most of them protected in the turbolifts. I do my best to get to Thrawn and at least get rid of the swap, but with him telling me to hurry up on my decisions and threatening to call me for slow play (which...if you've played me I don't ever do) I make more and more critical mistakes. He wins, don't quite remember what I lost. I think the Speeder died along with some Uggs or something. Did I mention I was still missing my evade saves?

Match #4 Jonathan (from the NC group) vs. Me

Time for the dreaded Vong! After my loss I was upset and still dead tired, I win map-side roll and setup on my preferred side. I still get gambit with the Speeder as he moves his Vong (and Dash) where they need to go. The two doors open and so begins battle. Speeder took a lot of damage thanks to Jedi Hunter, but I moved Crix in to disrupt most of their damage. Dash just couldn't seem to hit a darn thing. I still failed many of my evades, but managed to save a few Thud Bugs when I needed to (except on Leia). Speeder goes down after being nearly surrounded by Vong and Leia bites the dust thanks to JH. After that it was Crix and then Han. At the end I had my commanders, R7, and maybe an Ugg or two still alive. If you've never played Jonathan, he's a great guy to play. He definitely brought my spirits up a little after my last match.

Final Match Josh (from Atlanta I believe) vs. Me

This was another bad match-up for my squad. With FlObi I knew I had to take down those Force Points as fast as I could and hope that he'd fail a SSM save. He won map roll and I setup on the outside of the Ruined Base. Now Josh is a relatively new player to Minis and did make a few critical mistakes. Like not moving adjacent to my pieces so I wouldn't have evade, and one with FlObi where he Surprise Moved away from the Snowspeeder. I was shocked and his brother (who was the judge) did his best to keep his mouth shut. He kills Leia after moving FlObi out, and I attempt to take away the last bit of health he had on him with Han. After a few more rounds I actually get FlObi gone and then start to work on Rex and Cody. They fall after some big hits and he decides to call the match since there wasn't a lot left for him to attack with. After the match his brother and I give him some tips on what he should look for next time. I think with some more rules help, he'll be a fine player in the Atlanta region.

Ok, so I placed 15th overall with a record of 2-3. And...I'll be honest, that wasn't my goal and I was disappointed with how I played. I had figured I'd go 3-2 and be closer to the top 10, but again...lack of sleep and failed evades and poor setup won't win you a match. Now that I can look back on it, I feel I've learned a few things.

-Setup is really really important, I should know my maps better.
-I really should've done at least 1 play test with this squad. Its been too long since I've done a Snowspeeder squad.
-Sleep is actually a good thing, and helps you to think clear.
-Sacrifices aren't really the best option unless you can clearly kill something. (I knew that going in, but it bears repeating)

In light of that, I actually had a really good time. Not to mention the prize support was really awesome. I got Logray and Barriss JK from my grab bag, and Saesee from my pack. I also bought/traded for Dark Woman, Xizor (newest one), Captain Rex (CW one), and Lord Hoth. David also gave me a pack of Champions that he got from Graham and it had Depa in it. I definitely made out like a bandit when it came to minis.

I'd like to say a big thank you to the Atlanta guys and everyone that came out for this event. I was great to see you all and play you all. Also, a big thanks to Chuck who ran the event. It was a great place to play (so a big thanks to the store as well) and they had a lot of singles for sale, which surprised me a lot. I hope that both Matt and I will be able to make it down for another event. Thanks again guys!! (and congratulations David!)

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