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Ontario Regional at Dueling Grounds
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Author:  R5Don4 [ Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Ontario Regional at Dueling Grounds

Ontario Regional

Location: Dueling Grounds

1193 Bloor St., behind the Pizza Pizza on the corner of Brock St.
Toronto, ON

Date: Saturday, June 12

Time: Registration begins 12 pm
First round begins 1 pm

Entry Fee: 15$

Format: 200pt DCI Constructed, Restricted map list

•Attack on Endor Rancor Pen map
•Attack on Endor Hall of Judgment map
•Attack on Endor Commander's Office map
•Revenge of the Sith Ultimate Missions Throne Room map
•Clone Strike Starter Muunilinst Grand Plaza map
• Rebel Storm Ultimate Missions Cloud City map (updated Organized Play version or UM version that has updated Terrain Lines clearly marked only)

Swiss format followed, then playoff cut to the top 4 if over 10 players

First Prize: 2010 GenCon badge (cash equivalent) Turnout must be greater than 10

Boobie Prize: For last place player that stays until the end of regular play.

Related Door prize give aways every round! Promo Uggie Demo! Promo Imperial Navy Trooper! Mouse Droids! And more!

Prizes for all participants include Shadow Stormtrooper Promo, another Promo Alternate Paint Mini of your choice and with a minimum of 8 players a Choice of Draft from a Booster TBD in order of finish. First Place gets one extra Alternate Paint Mini and choice of next tournaments format.

Players are expected to bring a simple way to effectively track damage/force and effects on your miniatures, a legal map and a legal non spin down d20.

Author:  Ruhk [ Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ontario Regional at Dueling Grounds

Woo! I will be there baby!

Author:  thereisnotry [ Thu Mar 18, 2010 12:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ontario Regional at Dueling Grounds

Yep, I'm there! Can't wait!

Author:  R5Don4 [ Sat May 01, 2010 10:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ontario Regional at Dueling Grounds


Rescheduled date and prize support details edited!

Author:  Ruhk [ Sat Jun 12, 2010 9:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ontario Regional at Dueling Grounds

Hurray! It was a fun event. We may have not had the numbers of the other Regionals, but we had the fun, friendship and good times that any good regional would.

We had a total of 8 players show up, a few regulars I knew before from my foyers into the Toronto Area (~3 hr drive, so I don't make it often!), and a few others I might have known I didn't see! But I was happy to see some old friends, and some new faces (younger kids I didn't know).

Well once we had all settled in, submitted our squads, and got ready to play I got to take a look at some of the other squads. The younger kids were there for fun, so their squads weren't super competitive. On of the local regualrs was running Kel Dors + Leia of Hoth.. but switched to a less-than-optimal squad with the SnowSpeeder, Han in STA and Kreia.

My Squad was:
Ganner's Banner

Kyle JBM
Mara Jade, Jedi
Dash, RS
Uggy x3

200 pts 12 acts
And of course... out of 8 squads.. there were 3 YoBucks! Two builds were the standard YoBuck/Gen Sky/Dash, and one was PloBuck!

First Round
I played Sebastian, one of the young guys I didn't know. He was running
Darth Krayt
Darth Caedus
Bossk, Trandoshan Hunter
I think if you total it up it is 202 or 203. But with our lower numbers, and the fact that he is a newer players, I wasn't going to rain on his parade (plus I didn't realize it until after the match had started).

With only 4 activations to his name I had him beat from the get go, not much to say about the match.. He killed a ugnaught and I let Kyle die, just for fun.

Second Round
I played the first of my 'YoBuck Gauntlet'. Jason was my opponent, and I know from experience that he is a good player. My first test of Kyle vs YoBuck.
He had, of course..
Yoda on Kybuck
General Skywalker
Dash Rendar, Renegade Smuggler
R2D2, AD
Uggy x2
For his reinforcements, he brought in 3x Rodian Brutes and a HBG.

We played on his map, Throne Room.
I chose to set up on the (vassal image) right. This forces my opponent to come at me from (essentially) one direction, rather than the two presented if I started from the right.
First round was careful positioning.. I moved as a bunch, my fodder first (two closed doors in the middle still, separating me from YoBuck) until I had everyone just down below the two center doors. Next round I struck, but only after he had outactivated! Mara was levitated into place and unleashed 80 Dash.. but missing 1 and only taking him down to 10. Couldn't get anyone in place to be able to finish him off.. but I won the next init.. taking the AoOs to base Yoda and Dash.. killing Dash and putting some damage on Yoda. Because I was able to wipe his major damage dealer out to start, I had a bit lead in potential. However.. rounds passed and while I was able to take out Yoda.. I lost Mara and Dash in the process. Though I still had Kyle at near full, and an untouched Ganner.
I got a little lucky though the match.. Anakin failed every Djem save.. and missed more often then he hit.. allowing Kyle to wear him down.

Full win in ~40 mins

Round 3
was vs Don(R5Don4).. who I call in my own head, my Toronto nemesis!
He was running PloBuck
Yoda on Kybuck
Plo Koon, JM
Capt Rex
R2-D2 AD
filler (2x Uggy, Rodian Brute?)

He brought in a HBG and an R7 for triple override and we played on Bespin!

Riding high on 2 wins he was feeling confident. An early few overrides/tow and he was able to rush in.. killing 2 uggs and hitting Dodonna.. but he accidentally trapped himself in a room! I was able to wail on him a bit, adn set up for the next init.. which I of course lost, so Dodonna dies and YoBuck runs a bit farther away.. Dash takes some damage and I try even harder to hit Yobuck.. but he still lives with 10! I managed to finally kill YoBuck the next round with a grip. But I lose my Uggy! Mara eventually dies, but does enough damage to Plo Koon that he's a quick kill.. followed shortly by Rex.
One of the surprising things was I kept my R7 alive the entire match.. even though it was separated from my squad... and often on the other side of Rex! Without that door control I would have been very hard pressed to find opportunities to lay out damage with Dash and Mara.
Full Win in ~40 minutes

First Playoff
Matched up with Mike (BENE, rarely posts)
He was running the Rebel Mish-Mash:

Luke's Snowspeeder
Han in STA
Ithor Cmd
Kel Dor BH
Gen Rieekan
Obi FS
Leia, Senator

We played on my Bespin!

A bit of a tougher match then I expected by the end. Kreia started by Cloaking herself.. which meant that she was a round behind the rest of the squad.. The main combat occured in the central corridor, with Jareal and the SS running up early to open the door and take pot shots at my mouse.. killing it. I responded in kind.. with Levitating Mara + Kyle disrupting the Evade + Dash hitting 4/4.. meant the SS was down to 30 by the end of round 1. I won init.. and it was over for the SS. And Jareal took a bit of damage to. Mike had a tough time hitting Mara, but also ran the Kel Dor and Senator into the middle of my squad, hoping to wreak some havoc. I however, push the Kel Dor away from my pieces.. and shot it to bits, then managed to get the Senator on her own vs Kyle to knock few more activations away. Eventually Kreia joins the battle, but it quickly pummeled by Kyle. I kept a few fps handy in case I needed to reroll any 1s.. and sure enough I did..but then I rolled another!
Kyle Betrayed on the killing blow!
However I still had Mara and Dash not yet activated. With a few good shots, I wiped out Kreia and Kyle, losing only Ganner in the process (he actually used loner to kill Kreia!). With Kyle's death I was ahead in points, and took the full win in ~50 minutes.

Championship Game
Of course.. I now have to face my most challenging and devious opponent yet.. Trevor! (thereisnotry)
He is also.. sigh.. playing YoBuck..

Yoda on Kybuck
General Skywalker
Dash Rendar, Renegade Smuggler
R2D2, AD
Gran raider
For his reinforcements, he brought in 5x Rodian Brutes and a Caamasi Noble.
And we played on his Jedi Temple (Yavin 4).
I setup outside, and was feeling pretty good about already have beaten 2 other YoBucks.
Mis 1st round.. he ran in Yobuck.. Killing my Ugs and mouse, and Dodonna.. and Swapping away.
I had just left the group a little too far from Kyle and it cost me. However.. with some luck I was able to open some doors.. And Levitate + run Dash to hit Yoda for 40..yuck. I also won the next init and trapped Yobuck with Kyle, and managed to deal enough smash damage to Yoda to take him down. I still, had Skywalker and Dash to face with.. but without momentum (since Anakin ran in to do 60 to my Dash) his dash couldn't hit Jack!
Even though I was down on activations. Mara and Kyle presented enough of a threat that he had to play very carefully. I eventually managed to kill Anakin.. though it cost me Mara to do so. However, I was still up on points.. and I had Jagged knocking off his scrubs.. one at a time.
The clock was ticking down. And Kyle was doing his best to catch up to Dash.. but he was still being towed everywhere by R2! I had a near chance to kill R2 with a 'nades 40.. but he made his save :(
However, on the plus side.. his Dash was hitting 1 or 2 shots only a round.. meaning I was able to save Kyle.. mostly by levitating away! In the end, time was called, and though Kyle had only 60 HP left.. he was tucked safely away, leaving only Ganner as a legal target. Dash wiffed and wasn't able to kill Ganner in the end.
I had:
Ganner 10 hp
Kyle 60 hp
Jagged 30 hp
R7 full

while he still had:
R2 full
Lobot Full
Panaka 50 hp
Dash 30 hp
Mas Full
Rodian Brute

The final score was ~ 157-104.

2 point win.. but a satisfying victory :)
And that is the story of how Ruhk won the day! Huzzah!

Author:  Weeks [ Sat Jun 12, 2010 10:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ontario Regional at Dueling Grounds

sounds like an awesome tourney guys, glad our upstairs neibors had a good turnout. congrats ruhk.

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