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SSB 2.0 play testing results
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Author:  Engineer [ Thu Mar 04, 2010 6:53 pm ]
Post subject:  SSB 2.0 play testing results

How to submit SSB 2.0 play testing results.

In one post:
list both fleets
played on SSB or WaS map?
Objectives taken
total points for each fleet at the end of the game
What thoughts did you have after playing the game (also questions).

Thanks for taking the time.

Author:  dnemiller [ Sun Mar 07, 2010 12:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SSB 2.0 play testing results

ok Nate and I played tonight 200 pointer and have some obsevations



Rebel Assault Frigate
Rebel Cruisers x2
Rebel Transport
Xwings x 5
Y Wing



Imperial Star Destoyers x 3
Interdictor Cruiser
Vader Tie
Tie Bombers x 2
Tie Interceptors x 3
Cloak Shaped Fighter

We played on the 2 SSB maps. i had marked them with stickers but now I am thinking of getting a paint pen. They handle everything fine but the way I marked them made it hard to keep up.

We played straight kill them all.... we just felt like it. We did not use objective markers this game.

Ok so I beat Nate and we had some observations

1. Rebel Assault Frigate is too weak - I think it needs 9 on main attack I know it is only one die but it should be equal to the Interdictor bare miinimum.

2. ISD and Home one all are too weak (that or the Viscount is way to powerful). I think the ISD and Home one should have 13 main attack and add one to armor and vital armor. Just my thoughts on the matter

3. We felt weird with the fighters and their speeds so eventually we went back to the straight use of the fighters like War at Sea and scratched the speed thing all together... I guess we just had too many fighters on the board.

4. The Falcon is a basically a waste of time. Since i am assuming it is non unique it really just gets blown the hell up quicker than dog poo.

Author:  dnemiller [ Sun Mar 07, 2010 12:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SSB 2.0 play testing results

Some other quick observations.

The Imperials I went with 3 ISDs

It seems like a lot but the only way to make up for their lack of firepower in the unit is to play 3. Especially when facing down the viscount.

This viscount took out one ISD on a one shot vital not too hard rolling 18 against needing a twelve. Also I watched Nate make a terrible roll and still put dmg on another ISD it was kind of scary.

Nate and I both thought the Y-Wings were bit over the top on vital armor. It is hard to believe that a Ywing is just one less better than vader on vital. I mean it is a slow ass Y-Wing.

OK and Eric remember that all of these suggestions are meant in a manner to help you with game design. I want to state and remind everyone else that it is a ton better system right now than before. All of my comments are meant with the spirit of bettering the game and are not in any way a criticism of the work Eric has put in.

Author:  LoboStele [ Thu Jun 24, 2010 12:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SSB 2.0 play testing results

We played a game last week at the store. I don't remember the exact fleets but I'll try to write them as best as I can.

Honestly, it was a lot more fun than SSB 1.0, but the biggest problem we had the entire time is that we couldn't understand half of the rules. Neither myself or my opponent have played War At Sea, and we felt like we were CONSTANTLY bugging people in the store who had played WAS to help us understand what the rules might be telling us to do. I honestly don't see how anyone without WAS experience or at least access to someone who has played WAS could expect to play this. I'll post more about that in the actual rule thread, as I have probably a LOT of things to comment on over there.

Anyways, I think these were our squads:

ISD x2
Vader's TIE
Palpatine's Shuttle
Slave I (Boba's)
TIE Interceptor Ace
TIE Fighter Ace
TIE Interceptor
TIE Fighter

(There were multiples of some of the TIEs, but I forget which ones. Point total was 200)

Republic Assault Ship
Obi's Starfighter
Ani's Starfighter
Jedi Starfighter
Naboo Fighter

(Again, a mix of the last 3 fighters, though I don't remember exactly how many).

At the end of the game, he still had an ISD left (at full HP, or only down 1 maybe?), and he had Vader and several of the TIEs. However, I had captured 2 of the 3 objective tokens, as he was forced to sort of retreat his ISD after I decimated the other ISD. He instead let his fighters pick apart my fighters and then pummeled me at range. I focused on taking out one ship at a time, while he sort of spread out his fire power. So, I think by actual points, I would've met the 300 points first, but he did have the last pieces on the board.

Overall though, it felt fairly balanced, though I agree with Dean that the pieces like the Falcon, Outrider, Slave I, etc. are just totally useless. If you get too close to the big ships like the ISDs, they blast you to pieces in one turn. But those pieces don't really fare much better against the fighters either, IMO. Their armor is SO low that practically anything hits them, and it's not that far of a stretch for them to get one-shot killed. Maybe we were just playing them wrong. Seems like you'd want to use them mostly for hunting down subs/fighters, but when capital ships can target them at up to 3 squares away, it makes it pretty tough for them to get even remotely close to the battle without getting pummeled.

Again, take these things with a grain of salt somewhat. We didn't know what we were doing half the time, so it's quite possible we missed things entirely.

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