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 Post subject: Re: Fixing Huges
PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2011 3:16 pm 
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Intelligence Operative

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Disturbed1 wrote:
1) In your earlier suggestions, you didnt mention almost ALL of the pieces you think should get DR 20 also have Weak Spots. That inclusion makes me much more accepting of your idea.

GeneralGrievous wrote:
Also the ATAT is absolute junk even with the damage reduction 20. It's not that powerful especially when most teams have an auto-included jedi that can get past the DR, examples:

2) This quote indicates you didnt get my point. Im not saying the ATAT is great or even good. Its a scenario piece, not meant for tournament play. The reason it was given DR 20 and nothing else in the entire game was is because its armor was unmatched in anything else on the ground (that we have in scale for SWM anyway). Also, yes, people can play w saber weilding characters against the ATAT and itll go down quick, but how many lightsaber wielders were in the Battle of Hoth? One, being Luke, obviously. How many did he take down with his lightsaber? None (I credit the one he blew to the grenade, personally).

3) Yes, many factions have ways around it aside from sabers, but the options are often not very good, and even if you dohave decent options then they become almost auto-include in many cases just in case you would run up against something with DR 20.

As I said though, your 'Weak Points' idea sounds pretty good to me to comliment the heavier DR if it was to be applied, so good work on that idea.

Thanks, I hear you about DR20 reresenting the armor of the walker in scenario play, but even then that ability translates well into the normal game. I will Agree that it is lame to have to include a counter to DR20 in your squad, but most factions already do to begin with, namely jedi, but the Vong's master shaper is an auto include already so they at least have one huge counter (I still think they should have an ally wide CE for machine hunter), just have to give the mandalorians a cheap 30 or less anti huge piece to bring in with jaster.

I don't think the game would suffer for including damage reduction 20 especially with weak point to give the other teams a chance to kill.

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