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Author:  AdmiralMotti89 [ Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Gamers Mini List

Here’s the list from the thread here; I just took the character requests since special ability requests really don’t lend themselves to list-making nearly as well. There is probably a bit of crossover from bloomilk. The number next to each name is how many times it was requested; I only put up characters onto this list who were asked for 2 or more times, the rest of the list I have but felt it wasn’t worth the room to post. I also posted it in that thread but it won’t hurt to be here.

Chewbacca NR x14
R2-D2 (NR) x14
C-3P0 (NR) x11
Jabba the Hutt x10
Luke Skywalker (NR) x10
Mace Windu x10
Darth Tyranus (commander) x9
Jango Fett x9
Mon Mothma x8
Boss Nass x7
Carth Onasi x7
Natasi Daala x7
Darth Nihilus x7
General Grievous (fighter) x7
Starkiller x7
Ackbar (NR) x6
Jan Ors x6
Kyle Katarn (rebel) x6
Nute Gunray (Sid/Maul affinity) x6
Separatist Living Characters x6
Bail Organa x5
Borsk Fey’lya x5
Darth Zannah x5
Guri x5
Prince Xizor x5
Rebel Trooper Commander/Booster x5
Saul Karath x5
Watto x5
ARC Captain x4
Ben Kenobi x4
Cassus Fett x4
C-3P0 Ewok Deity x4
C-3P0 (Republic) x4
Darth Traya x4
Emperor Palpatine (melee) x4
Ewok Commander x4
Jerec x4
Malakili x4
New Republic Troopers (or boost to those we have) x4
Rohm Mohc x4
Thrackan Sal-Solo x4
Vandar Tokare x4
Vergere x4
Vilmar Grarhkh x4
Adi Gallia x3
Amidala’s Handmaiden x3
Anakin, Padawan x3
Black Sun Vigos x3
Celeste Morne x3
Chazrach x3
Chief Chirpa x3
Eeth Koth x3
Kenth Hamner x3
Naboo Pilot x3
San Hill x3
Separatist Huge improvers x3
Soontir Fel x3
Ziro the Hutt x3
Agen Kolar x2
Assaj Ventress x2
Calo Nord x2
Darth Wyyrlok x2
Death Star/Navy Trooper commanders x2
Dexter Jetster x2
Dorsk 81 x2
Dutchess Satine x2
Even Piell x2
Felucians x2
Figrin D’an x2
Freedonn Nadd, Spirit x2
GenoHaradan x2
Gryph x2
Han Solo (Hoth)x2
Jek Porkins x2
Kal Skirata
Lord Kaan x2
Mara Jade (Fringe) x2
Nomi Sunrider x2
Peace Brigaders x2
Quinlan Vos x2
Rancor x2
Rhys Dallows x2
Ric Olie x2
Tion Medon x2
Ulic Qel-Droma (OR) x2
Zam Wesell x2

Author:  Engineer [ Mon Jan 03, 2011 3:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gamers Mini List

Thanks a lot for the summary.

Author:  billiv15 [ Mon Jan 03, 2011 7:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gamers Mini List

Thanks for making the list!

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