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Bloomilk's mini list
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Author:  AdmiralMotti89 [ Thu Dec 23, 2010 6:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Bloomilk's mini list

I figured I might as well post this here, it's the list from BM's "What do you want to see":

http://www.bloomilk.com/Forums/default. ... sts&t=8090

Here’s the list of all 10 pages. I don’t think I missed too many characters, especially not any that were requested more than once. Special Abilities, Force Powers, and CE’s a pretty sloppy, I tried to group by similarities but since this was a thread for pretty much any and all ideas it’s rough to keep those efficiently (Why write them down if reading them on here is barely quicker than just browsing the thread? lol). A lot of things I had to interpret, and to be honest, if things were sloppily, inarticulately, or lazily done (not to pick on anyone but I ignored external links), I usually skipped them, so guys and gals if I missed your ideas or the gist of them I’m sorry. Regardless, I definitely got the most popular ideas down,. Hope this is useful!


Characters (x2, x3, etc. means how many times it was requested)

Carth Onasi x5
Celeste Morne x5
Chewie (NR) x5
Darth Nihilus x5
Amidala’s Handmaidens x4
C-3P0 (NR) x4
Marka Ragnos x4 (Darth Krayt RM)
R2-D2 (NR) x4
Rancor Keeper (Malakili) x4
Starkiller (TFU II) x4
Boss Nass x3 (Possibly Imperial Inquisitor)
Chief Chirpa x3
Darth Bane x3
Darth Zannah x3
Lord Kaan x3
Sharad Hett x3
Ysalimiri x3
Arca Jeth x2
Bail Organa x2
Bastila Shan (Sith) x2
C-3P0 (for ewoks) x2
Captain Tarpals (Kaadu) x2
Carnor Jax x2
Cassus Fett x2
Darth Maleval x2
Duchess Satine
Ewoks in AT-ST x2
Incinerator Trooper x2
Jaden Korr x2
Jar-Jar (General) x2
Kam Solusar x2
Kal Skirata x2 (RCTS)
Kenth Hamner x2
Saba Sebatyne x2
Saul Karath x2
Sebulba x2
Odan-Urr x2
Tenel Ka x2
Ulic Qel-Droma (OR) x2
Vandar Tokare x2
Vima Sundrider x2
Admiral Ackbar
Adi Gallia
Airen Cracken
Bane Malar
Battle Droid Pilot
Battle Droid Gunner
Borssk Fey'lla
Calo Nord
Darca Nyl (Nom Anor)
Darth Maul
Darth Maul on Speeder
Darth Tyranus
Darth Vader (Sith)
Door Button (allows open or closed)
Eeth Koth
Ewok Shaman
Exar Kun (OR)
Fambaa Shield Generator
Finis Valorum
Felucian Chieftain
Felucian Dark Warrior
Ganner Krieg
Gian Speeder (Snowspeeder)
Hal Horn
Imperial Jumptrooper
Imperial Senate Sentinel
Jabba the Hutt
Janus Greejatus
Kir Kanos
Kyp Durron
Ludo Kressh
Luke Skywalker (NR)
Luke Skywalker (Pilot)
Mace Windu
Mandalore on Basilisk
Moegid (Verpine Tech)
Natasi Daala
Nimbus Commando
Nute Gunray (With affinity for maul/sid)
Prince Isolder
Purge Trooper
Quinlan Vos
Rianna Saren (Iktotchi Tech Specialist)
Sateen Vestswe
Stormtrooper (Melee from TFU)
Tycho Celchu
Wes Janson
Wolf Sazen
Zett Jukassa


-Stable Footing for Huges/ other boosts for huges x6
-Improved Empathy-type abilities x5
-Bounty (Choose 1 ally, some characters get some bonus vs. it) x3
-Help for Heavy Weapon x3
-Boosting allies’ defense temporarily (Jedi Defense) x2
-Door control for Sith x2
-More LS Combat Forms x2
-An extra card with selectable abilities for main characters (such as Jedi Exile), gives RPG feel.
-Formational Logistics: Enemy characters using Strafe Attack or Galloping Attack are limited to attacking X characters per round on their Strafe Attack or Galloping Attack, where X equals 1/2 of the attacking character's Speed.
-Cover Fire (Replaces turn; until the start if this characters next turn, this character may make an attack of opportunity against any legal target that moves into his line of sight. Characters with flight cannot ignore this special ability. )x2
-Hatred (Sith) (If the opponent's squad contains at least one Sith character, then this character gains -4 attack and +10 Damage.) x2
-Can Make AoO’s vs Flight
-“Squad” abilities more playable
-Defense against Cloaked
-Boost for OR grunts
-Preventing doors form being overridden within 6 sq
-Defense against Flight
-Armor/Shield help for Huges
-Improved Avoid Defeat
-Improved Override
-Temporary Speed Boosts
-Grappling hook (movement breaking)
-More types of Blaster attacks (such as sniper shots, etc.)
-Improved Flamethrower
-More Mines
-Door Fixers (from Satchel charge)
-More gunner abilities
-Anti-commander bonuses
-Risky abilities (Gambler’s Luck style)
-More unpreventable damage (like Overwhelming Force) or with combined fire x2
-Increased range for SA’s (Like yammosk’s ability)
-Booming Voice for droids
-Prideful: This character is +2 attack and -2 defense against enemies with a lower point cost.
-Ability allowing different CE’s each round from one Character
-Combined Fire For Melee
- For Savages: When this character defeats an enemy, it regains 20 HP.
-Shien Style
-Vaapaad Mastery (roll 20 target is defeated)
-Riposte (essentially) for non-melee
-Pimp: Pheremones but only for female characters (High-five to crazybirdman)
-Submission: After rolling a save, this character may subtract 8 from the total.
-Thud bug Swarm (30 damage, save 11 for 10)

Force Powers

-Force Pull x2
-Boosted “Use the Force”
-Force Manipulation (Force 2. Make one enemy within 6 square re-roll any die roll)
-Improved Levitation
Insubordinate: This character is not effected by commander effects. - Starkiller

Commander Effect

-More for Pilots (could also be SA) x3
-CE’s on droids work on non-droid, and/or vice-versa x3
-Also an ability where ONE droid is now subject to CE’s
-Boost for “Soldiers”
- Allies gain Betrayal and Internal Strife
-Race/Species Specific CEs
-Speed 8 Wookiees
-Swarm/Gang bonus Multiplier
-Ewoks with Self-Destruct
Battlefield Promotion: If an allied (Faction X) commander, within 6 squares of this character, is defeated; this character gains their commander effect for the rest of the skirmish

Author:  Ruhk [ Thu Dec 23, 2010 6:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bloomilk's mini list

thanks for putting all that in one place. handy.

Author:  Engineer [ Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bloomilk's mini list

Thanks for doing this again. It does help in character selection (and is used).

Author:  Cerous Mutor [ Mon Feb 28, 2011 3:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bloomilk's mini list

simpley for the effort this must have taken, on both compiled lists!

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