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V-Set 3 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See
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Author:  Disturbed1 [ Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

Sithborg wrote:
10. Do some interesting things with Sith non-Sith, or the Troopers and Assault Droids.

The Gloom Walkers!!!

Also, someone said a Chewbacca that scares Mouse Droids, like in Ep 4.... +1 from me. That could be really cool, lol.

Author:  Cordova [ Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

Some non-unique NR Jedi.

Luke was meant to have rebuilt the order, but we only have 2 NU Jedi....??

Some thing like:

Jedi Swordmaster (NR version of OR Battlemaster, even just a copy & paste...)
Jedi Tutor - affinity with Younglings?


Something like
Kenth Hamner, Grandmaster

Affinty - Non unique Republic and Old Republic characters with a Force rating may be in the same squad as this character.

Author:  Sithborg [ Sat Nov 06, 2010 8:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

-Character List (Recomended Mini) (pt 1)
Master Thon (Boma)
Arca Jeth (VSA Redeemed or CS Eeth Koth, or similar)
OR Ulic Qel-Droma
Tott Doneeta (Twilek Scoundrel)
Jump Trooper
Empress Teta (Leia, Prisoner ?)
Vima Sunrider (Leia Skywalker/Young Jedi Knight)
Revan "Redeemed" or vanilla Revan (VSA Unleashed)
Jedi Weaponsmaster
Covenant Shadow
Q'anillia (Jedi Guardian)
Raana Tey (Shaak Ti)
Feln (T'surr)
Vandar Tokar (Yoda CS)
Old Republic Pilots (Corellian Pirate)
New Carth
Beast Riders of Onderon (Dactyllion/Boma)
Old Republic Troopers (Kota's Militia)
Xamar (Kit Fisto)
Kerra Holt (Jaina Solo/Young Jedi Knight)

New Krayt, Nihl, Talon
Darth Desolous (Utapaun Warrior)
Darth Phobos (Nightsister/Mystril Shadowguard/Komari Vosa)
Darth Wryyylok (Mas, Chagrian Merc Commander)
Sith Bladeborn (Dark Side Enforcer)
Better Krath Wardroids (Krath Wardroid/Dark Trooper Phase I)
Freedon Nadd, Sith Spirit
Sith Tyrannus
Karness Muur (Imperial Inquisitor)
Krath Cultists (Disciple of Ragnos)
Aleema (Marisiah Fel)
Lord Damian (Master Draay)
Lord Odian (Sith Lord)

Unique Commandos
New ARC Trooper
Police Droid (ASP Droid)
Shock Trooper (GAW Clone Trooper Sergeant)
Kaminoan Cloner (Kaminoan Ascetic)
New Anakin Padawan
Nubian Handmaiden (Echani)
Sabe (Queen Amidala)
Chancellor's Red Guard (Royal Guard)
Geonosis Trooper (ARF Trooper)
Twi'lek Freedom Fighter (Twi'lek Rebel Agent)
Mace Windu, Hero of Dantooine
Scubatrooper (Clone Trooper (Universe))
Sharad Hett (Elite Sith Assassin Droid)
Repuclic Threepio (RS)

Quinlon Vos, Falling Jedi (Quinlon Vos)
Dooku with a Sep CE
Quarren Isolationist Leader (Quarren Assassin)
Trandoshans, Aqualish, Neimodians, Muun species
Elite Sep Commandos (Mandolorian)
New Sep Jango Fett
Pre Vizla (Jango Fett) (likely Affinity)
Assassin Probe (Probe Droid)
Baby Assassin Probe (Mouse is best, but the Treadwell will suffice)
Bio-Droid (Crab Droid)
Elite Commando Droid
Rocket Super Battle Droid (SBD (UH))
Greivious's Guard (Bodyguard Droid)
Magnaguard Commander (Bodyguard Droid)
Dark Acolytes
Vader (Anakin SA/Vader SA)
Sith Probe Droid (ASN Assassin Droid)
Sep Cad Bane
TC-14 (C-3PO or Death Star Protocol Droid)
Sep Argyus
Tactical Droid (Juggernaut War Droid)

Author:  Sithborg [ Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

Mini's pt 2

Rebel Kyle Katarn (Kyle Katarn)
Jan Ors
Mon Mothma
Bail Organa
Luke, Rebel Heroe
Threepio Ewok Diety that boosts Ewoks
General Lando (Hero of Tanaab)
Random aliens
Some more Rebel Mon Cals

100+ pt Vader
Cloned Emperor (Darth Sidious, DLOTS)
Rohm Mohc (Darktrooper Phase III/Darktrooper/Ozzel)
New Darktroopers
Prophet of the Darkside (Inquisitor or Dignitary)
Jerec (Sith Lord/Dark Jedi Master)
Brakiss (Emperor's Hand)
Lumiya, Emperor's Hand
Temple Guardians (Elite Senate Guard)
New version of Royal Guard and Sentinels
VSA, Sith Stalker (Sith Marauder)
Shadowtroopers (Elite Sith Assassin)
Elite Sandtrooper (Heavy Stormtrooper RS)
Scouttrooper (Kashyyyk Trooper)
Interrogator Droid (ASN Assassin Droid)
Emperor's Elite Troopers (Stormtroopers)
AT-ST Pilot (Death Star Trooper)
Navy Commando (Navy Trooper)
Regent Veed (Veed)
Carnor Jax (Emperor's Shadowguard)
Marisiah Fel with Imperial Knight

New Republic
Leia Solo, Chief of State (Leia, Senator or Diplomat)
Mon Mothma, Chief of State
Admiral Gar Stazi (Duros Mercenary)
Saba (Trandoshan Scavenger)
Good Mara Jade Skywalker
More GA Troopers (Hoth or Commandos)
Borsk Fey'la (Bothan Spy)
NR Troops (Rebel Troopers)
Kol Skywalker, Force Spirit
Master K'kruhk
Cilghal (Nahdar Vebb)
Finn Galfindrian (Zayne Carrick)
Training Droid (Darktrooper Phase I)
Admiral Ackbar, SC
Mon Calamari Ranger (Mon Cal Knight)
Lowbacca (Wookiee Soldier)

Jango, Mandalore (Jango, BH)
Boba Fett, Mandalore
Cassus Fett (Mandalorian Trooper promo)
Neo Crusaders (Mandalorian Trooper)
Mandalorian Protectors (Human Blaster for Hire)
Duchess Satine (Echani Handmaiden/Queen Amidala)
Mandalorian Police (GA Trooper)
Mandalorian/Satines Guard (Coruscant Guard)
Mando Ulic Qel-droma

Yuuzhan Vong
Duros Infiltrators
Human Infiltrators
Coral Slaves (random aliens)
Harrar (PV Priest)
Vong (Taung Warrior)
Chazrack (Trandoshan Scavenger)
More Peace Brigade (Fringe pieces)
Firebreathers (Mustafarian Flea Riders)
Slayers (YV Jedi Hunters)

New Guri
New Jabba
Jabba's Palace Aliens (Weequay, Gamorean, Nikto, Klatoonian)
Rav (Nym) Pirate booster
More Pirates (random aliens)
Devronian Black Sun Vigo (Devronian BH)
Ishi Tib Black Sun Vigo (Ishi Tib Scout)
More Black Sun (random aliens)
Fringe Nom Anor
Thracken Sal Solo (Han GH)
More Peace Brigade (random aliens)
Bando Gora (Gundark/Rakghoul/Felucian)
Celeste Mourne (Bastilla Shan/Komari Vosa)
Leebo (ASP Lifting Droid)
Uro'ur'r'rrr (Tusken Raider RS)
Morrigan Corde (Mira)
More Ewoks
Fringe Mara (RS)
Fringe Talon Karrde
TO-DO (Gonk Droid), maybe with saber attack, lol

Author:  Weeks [ Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

New Jabba and new Jabba centered subfaction like crime syndicate.
New Jango
Fringe Mara Jade
C-3po's head on a battle droid (maybe with disruptive and draw fire 30hp and then just battle droid stats) :3p0:
New Boba Fett
updated Han of Hoth (maybe cunning +20 cause im getting sick of smuggler)
Ben Kenobi
a Mission Vao that has a gun
A unique OR shooter that doesnt suck (i dont care who)
new ARC troopers (like 25 points too those guys are awesome)
the ARC trooper Captain guy from the old cartoon series
A grevious that can accually fight jedi and not get pwnd
Ewok Leader
Luke of Hoth update (either luketaun or HPU)
tychu celchu (and for that matter the rest of rogue squadran, for Rebel and NR)
Updated Krayts sith (all of them they suck now)
GO-TO (ability that takes away 10 points of rienforcements for you opponent OR gives you 10 points of rienforcements that will lessen the power of Lobot who is everywhere)
More non-unique Wookiees

Fringe Pathfinder
Rebel Trooper Boost
OR jedi trainer
a Vong shooter of some kind

Author:  coffeebean [ Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

-i would love to see a force power like this:

Sith Mind Trap (Force 4, Replaces Turn: 20 damage to 1 enemy character.)

would be a great way to deal with squads that depend on a hidden commander, or booming voice.

-a reprint of nym, he would make a great fringe commander that could boost factions that need help.

-supreme chancelor palpatine, with diplomat and 130 hp. and better force powers.

Author:  Segastorm [ Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

I'd love to see an amida's decoy that allows for an interesting new type of swap or making it so that some version of Padme(Maybe even a new one) can just charge with no fear of death.

Author:  jedispyder [ Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

Segastorm wrote:
I'd love to see an amida's decoy that allows for an interesting new type of swap or making it so that some version of Padme(Maybe even a new one) can just charge with no fear of death.

How bout giving Padme this:
Decoy (Whenever this character would be defeated, with a save of 11, it instead immediately returns to play in your starting area with full Hit Points.)

Author:  kezzamachine [ Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

Wow. There is some cool stuff here already... *dang*

An awesome-melee Rebel Luke (I know, I know... something that will be good 1on1 but won't change the game... and I just love Luke - sorry!)
NR 3PO, R2, Chewie, Lando
Chazrach! Sounds uber.
Force Pull would be awesome.
Satele Shan from the SWTOR trailer
Galen from the TFU2 trailer... woah. (and, I guess, some of those big Imperial Droids too?)
I like the sound of a 3PO with Ewok Commander Effect... but is that worth a Top60 spot?!
+1 for Rebel/NR Mon Mothma
+1 fo' the Rebel Kyle
+1 for Ben Kenobi

(I'm sounding awfully Pro-Rebel... again apologies... look I'd trade all these away - and probably a limb or two as well - to see an uber-Rebel Luke)

Ooo... and I love Billiv15s idea of the non-unique Hutt! Bring it!

Y'all rule.

Edit: Oh! and a Shada D'ukal
Oh pleeeease for a Joruus C'boath
Admiral Da'ala
More decent CEs for Pilots!
a better Jag?

Author:  Segastorm [ Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

Okay....this is what would be interesting to me in future V-sets

Darth Phobos , but maybe not since there isn't too good of a PROXY for her
Darth Desolous
Some of the Keshiri sith from the series "fate of the jedi"
Something to do with Celeste Monroe and the Talisman (MAy not have the name right)


A Mando Jango fett
Dutchess Satine


A new Palpatine
A new Obi-Wan
A new Cody
212th units (Obi-wan's group of clones)
Maybe a training sergant for all clones, not just the commandos
Maybe a non-unique Jedi trainer

A playble Dooku
A new Ventress
A new Grievous(Maybe, Seps might need another boost from him)
Some of the other separatist generals( Like Lok Durd)

Maybe a better Galen for them would be nice, but not needed
Another Kazdan(He's just awesome)
Remakes of Kazdan's sroids
A new Juno(With possible affinity for IMperials)
More felucians
A new Kota?

Useful Stormtropper units
A palpatine (Maybe one with possible affinty for republic)
A new guy representing the Starkiller clones(Don't have TFU2 yet)

New republic
Ben SKywalker
Kenth Hamner
A NR Luke that's more useful
A better 3PO so people don't hate him
Another R2

Some source for rerolled saves maybe

A new Xizor and more Vigos (This is to please a friend)
Jedi hunters and bounty hunters (TO please a different friend)

Just a few Ideas I have in my head

Author:  gunther [ Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See


Qui-Gon Jinn, Force Spirit


Darth Zannah
Darth Bane
Darth Vader (for the sith faction)
New Ulic and some good Krath to go with him
New Exar Kun


Starkiller in armor ( after dark side end of first game)


Dash Rendar


New Nom Anor

Author:  burning_kazuki [ Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

I hope I could see a Tyber Zann and Urai Fen.

Tyber Zann should have the ability to bribe non-unique fringe pieces or so :P

Make them both complimenting each other, like bodyguard, rapport, etc. Heck, you may consider giving him a crazily superb CE, BUT the squad must not have any other faction pieces except fringe. Make pure faction fringes playable to a certain extend. :P

Nothing wrong too to remake a upgraded Starkiller figure in Force Unleashed 2 with dual sabers.

Rianna from Star Wars Lethal Alliance is also very makeable, since Aay Vida is quite the obvious Recomended Mini.

Han Solo's trained generic rogues and scoundrels in SW Battlefront : Renegade Squardron too can be made, with Han Solo rapport and some cool weapons. Maybe another commander Han Solo could help as well.

New Pilot (or Pirate...or both) Nym, Adi Galia, Sol Sixxa, Vana Sage, Rhys Dallows from Star Wars Starfighter and Jedi Starfighter will be cool too, with CE's or abilities that make Pilots more playable and sneaky. More generic/unique Pirates please, I want to see more of Hondo Ohnaka in the table! :P

I can give more ideas, input and playtesting if you need my help :)

I like putting characters from games into SWM...seems more marketable for both sides. :P

Max Rebo and his band, Figrin D'an and his band. They both can be great support pieces just for the luls.

As for CE's, we had enough attack/damage boosting CE's already. We need something different, like improved version of older CE's or original ones. Maybe CE's that give more speed?

Or maybe make more CE's/abilities that disrupt the opponent instead of boosting your own squad can give more variety. Like a total opposite of Nom Anor's CE's where opponent's pieces blow up instead of yours? Ability/CE's that ignores opponent's cover save?

We actually could learn some stuff from DDM, like the Commander Rating that the Initiative roll thing, or some more one-shot only auto damaging abilities.

Author:  burning_kazuki [ Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

Double Post

Author:  Lord_Ball [ Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

One I'd like to see is Lord Kaan (Ferus Olin would make a fine RM for him)

here was my take on him feel free to use these abilities if you do make him "official" (stats were kept in line with Hoth)

Various Pirate types are a must and make for easy non-uniques!

Author:  Azavander [ Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See


Bounty - Target a unique opponent character during set up, that character has -4 defense when targeted by a fringe ally as long as this character is in play


Kina Ha was a female Kaminoan Jedi Master, she was a wizened and distant Jedi, surviving Order 66 and living on Mandalore during the Dark Times

Author:  JHART [ Mon Nov 08, 2010 12:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

Some abilities I would like to see, and who should have them.

Special modifications: Huge allies gain stable footing, Huge allies that do not have savage gain DR 10, Huge allies with mounted weapon gain accurate shot.

Belongs on a cheap fringe NU. Dark hellion swoop gang member would be a good base mini.

Heroic Shield Support: Unique allies gain the Shields 2 special ability as long as this character remains in play.

On an old republic shop keeper. The OR's equivelent of soresu or Evade in the other light side factions. Unlike soresu or evade, shields would not be broken by OR's faction wide Mettle. It also has some usefull sinergy with OR's bodyguards.

I would also like to see:
A Rebel General Solo that gives Bravado as a CE.
A NR R2-D2, familiy heirloom that has Rapport, Characters whose name contains Skywalker cost -1.
New AT-AT stats, so it could be used. Maby an immobilized AT-AT that has Emplacement.
Stats for the sep droid tanks.

Author:  Segastorm [ Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

From some friends of mine

SOme better non-unique clones

From me

From Republic Heroes
Sabotage droid
Sergant Kano
Sergant Boomer
Commander Ponds
Kaminoans that represent their cloning expertise
A better Darth Maul
More gungans (Especially Boss Nass)
A rebel Obi-Wan that represents him when he's training Luke is lightsaber basics
Rouge Jedi, you know, a jedi in hiding during the galactic civil war
Kento Marek (Starkiller's Dad)
Is a separatist commando possible, if so, make it so/better (that would be awesome)
Maybe some cloud city guys from the force unleashed, like Chop'aa,Kleef, their thugs, and even a new Lobot/Lando
Some imperials from TFU one, Like the imperial jumptrooper, or the imperial heavy trooper with the staff that can shoot lightning
Valin and Jysella Horn
Maybe a mini with an ability representing the wierd disease that makes the jedi go crazy (I did not finish the Fate of the Jedi series)
Nauta Wan(One of the NR jedi that got infected)
Some of the force-sensitive Kel-Dor from book one of Fate of the Jedi
A new Jabba the hutt
Ziro the hutt
Some more of Kota's militia
A new living version of Quo-Gon
Dex(Obi-Wan's friend from attack of the clones that seems to get important information that no one else knows)
New nightsisters
Maybe some type of elite magnaguard
A version of Dath Sidious when he was being trained
Maybe some sort of securi droid that has abilities that represents it's security abilities?

Author:  benfrohlich [ Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

These are figs I would like to see redone, and some ideas for stats for them:

Jango Fett - Sep
45, 120, 20, 12, 20, Flight, Bounty Hunter +4, Twin Attack, Mobile Attack, Affinity (Mandalorians)
Durge - Sep
40, 100, 20, 10, 20, Flight, Bounty Hunter +4, Double, GMA, Regeneration 10
Darth Nihilus
55, 140, 22, 14, 20, Melee, Triple, Renewal, MotF 2, Drain Life 3, Sith Hatred 2, Sith Hunger
Master Windu
80, 150, 23, 19, 20, Melee, Triple, GMA, Vaapad Mastery, Renewal 2, MotF 2, LS Defense, LS Riposte, Shockwave, Shatterpoint
Ulic Qel-Droma - Sith
61, 120, 20, 14, 20, Melee, Double, Shien Style, Charging Assualt, Renewal, LS Block, Master Speed, Indiscriminate Rage, Same CE
General Grievous, Jedi Hunter
45, 120, 20, 10, 20, Melee, Twin, Parry, Jedi Hunter, Wall Climber
Emperor Palpatine, Sith Lord - Imp
62, 120, 20, 14, 20, Tactician, Affinity(Order 66), Melee, Triple, Deceptive, Renewal, Assault, Lightning 20, CE: Order 66 get Jedi Hunter
Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master
65, 120, 22, 14, 20, Melee, Triple, Renewal, MOTF2, Leap, LS Defense, Throw 2, Master Speed, Mettle, Same CE
Darth Maul - Sep
45, 150, 20, 14, 20 Deadly, Melee, Rolling Cleave, Quad Attack, Rage, Renewal, Assault, Defense, Riposte
Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith
- Sep
65, 120, 20, 14, 20, Melee, Triple, Tactician, Lightning 2, Force Renewal 2, LS Defense, Assault, Same CE
Calo Nord
31, 80, 18, 10, 20, Bounty Hunter +4, Double Attack, Avoid Defeat, Intuition, Grenades 40
Darth Zannah
40, 100, 18, 12, 20, Melee, Soresu Style Master, Double, Renewal, Sith Sorcery, Corrupt 20, Drain Life
25, 100, 18, 12, 30, Jedi Hunter, Stealth, Flamethrower 20, Stun Mortar, Self Destruct 20
Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter
70, 140, 23, 16, 20, Melee, Triple, Dark Armor, Jedi Hunter, Djem So Style Mastery, Renewal, Assault, Grip 2
Corran Horn
50, 120, 20, 14, 20, Melee, Triple, Reach 2, Mettle, Renewal, MotF 2, LS Block, Absorb Energy, Jedi Mind Trick
Lord Hoth
60, 140, 22, 14, 20, Melee, Triple, Impulsive Jedi Hunter, Renewal, MotF 2, LS Defense, Anticipation, Indiscriminate Rage
Obi-Wan Kenobi - Rebel
40, 100, 18, 12, 20, Double, Melee, Soresu Style, Renewal, Force Alter, Force Heal 30, Jedi Mind Trick
Chewbacca - Rebel
40, 160, 18, 14, 20, Double, Bodyguard, Charging Assualt +20, Mighty Swing, Impulisve Reprisal, Affinity (New Republic)
Luke Skywalker, Jedi - Rebel
35, 100, 20, 14, 20, Melee, Double, GMA, Djem So Style, Mettle, Renewal, LS Defense, Use the Force, Affinity (NR)

Author:  Segastorm [ Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

A yuuzhan vong firebreather
A new version of the Emperor's shadow guard
Some excuse for tempo control for the OR maybe
A new Darth Bane
Some of the IG-88 copies (Like IG-88B, or IG-88C)
A new Aurra sing if I didn't say that
Kul Teska Maybe(from republic heroes)
Some sort of turret for the seps, just because
Those tactical droids you always see with seps on the battlefield(At least I see them in the Clone Wars TV show)
The king of Toydaria
Separatist negoiator
A new Aayla Secura
Commander Bly (Leader of the Star Corps squadron)
More Star Corps units
A new ANakin representing more of when he was a padawan
and Lastly, but most greatly....each of the 7 lightsaber styles used as an ability, with something like..Juyo experience, Juyo style, and Juyo style mastery

Author:  kamikaze13 [ Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: V-Set 2 - Minis, Force Powers and Abilities You want to See

I can't watch the Clone wars TV sires, have there been any episodes with Darth Maul's brother yet? He'd make a cool mini

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