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Author:  Lord_Nihl [ Wed Oct 24, 2007 7:46 am ]
Post subject:  Scenario Descriptions

hey all,
For my first session I decided to go about creating a fun game by using the idea of "storyarcs" 4-6 missions or sessions set in one time or place with a specific set of NPCs for the group to interact with and an overlying canon scenario that the group played a minor role in.

My first story arc was set 10 years before Geonosis and Jangon was being dubbed as the template for the clone army. Tyranus tests a bunch of candidates and Jango tracks down Komari Vosa.

The group initially did some things to help Jango, even though they didn't know it was him. They retrieved the entry codes to a Senators apartment complex on Coruscant so Jango could break in. They created a diversion in the lower levels of that complex so security wouldn't overwhelm him.

They roughed up the competititon a little by going on a hit and run mission.

i even included a side mission to Ziost where they came upon some Sith artifacts and bad guys they had to take down.

We even have a Wookie Jedi who rolled a 1 while trying to climb a tree and landed on his head.


Author:  Grand Moff Boris [ Wed Oct 24, 2007 9:56 am ]
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Sounds fun. Welcome to the Roleplay realm. :)

Author:  krayt_dragon [ Wed Oct 24, 2007 3:03 pm ]
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The first story arc in the campaign I'm planning begins on Tattooine two weeks before the Tantive IV is captured at the beginning of A New Hope. I use strict movie canon, but play fast and loose with the expanded universe canon, mostly because I don't read the books or play the video games and have only started to read the comics (mostly because of the minis game piquing my interest).

The PCs are an AWOL Imperial Scout who makes a living as a hunter/safari guide on Tattooine, his trusty sidekicks -- a feisty geomech droid, and a somewhat crazy Jawa salvager, and the twi'lek agent of the Rebellion who has hired them to lead her out into the Jundland Wastes in search of an escape pod.

In the escape pod is Admiral Ackbar, who in my campaign was a distinguished leader of Mon Calamari forces during the Clone Wars who fought alongside Kit Fisto against the Quarren separatists. After the Rise of the Empire, he was taken prisoner (due to his loyalty to the Republic and the Jedi, an the fear he would lead a Mon Calamari uprising in the face of Imperial slavery policies) and held in an Imperial gulag for close to 15 years.

Recently he was rescued in a daring raid by Rebel agents, but their escape ship was shot by a Star Destroyer as it made the jump to lightspeed, and was forced to come out of hyperspace over Tattooine, where all hands abandoned deck and it exploded. Now Ackbar and his rescuers are stranded deep in the heart of the Jundland Wastes. Which is where the players come in.

The journey into the desert requires making contact with a Jawa lord to secure salvage rights (a politeness, but a cost of doing buisness in the Wastes), and fighting off a Tusken Raider ambush.

Of course, the Empire has sent a Star Destroyer to investigate, and a squad of sandtroopers mounted on dewbacks has also headed into the wastes. The players have an opportunity to spot both the escape pod and the approaching Imperials, and race to retrieve the stranded rebels before the Imperials arrive.

It wouldn't be a climax unless the Imperials managed to cut off the escape of the rebels though, right? And of course they do, with overwhelming odds. As the rebels are pushed further and further back into a canyon, and things look most desperate the entire battlefield shifts as a giant, fully mature krayt dragon dives into the canyon, and starts laying waste to the Imperials, giving the suriving rebels and pcs an opportunity to escape.

When the heroes return to Mos Eisley, they meet Mamow Nadon and learn of his secret safehouse for rebels. They also learn that the Impeial officer leading the forces they faced survived, and his men are searching everywhere for the AWOL imperial scout's heavy duty landspeeder. The rebel agent who hired the scout offers to take the party with her as she takes Ackbar to Naboo, where her employer resides.

Imperials have suspended launch privileges, and no one is allowed to leave the surface, so the party must out-maneuver the Star Destroyer long enough to make the jump to lightspeed. Assuming they aren't blown to pieces, they make the leap and disappear into hyperspace. And so ends the first arc/act.

Author:  ChonChuuk [ Fri Oct 26, 2007 10:28 am ]
Post subject: 

Nihl - I like it. That is what we plan on doing. (The little story arcs, not your story arcs. :) )

And Krayt - that could be interesting. I am always fond of desert planets since I live in AZ. Anything on Tatooine or other deserts is good.

Author:  krayt_dragon [ Mon Oct 29, 2007 2:10 pm ]
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ChonChuuk wrote:
And Krayt - that could be interesting. I am always fond of desert planets since I live in AZ. Anything on Tatooine or other deserts is good.

Hah! Me too! I grew up moving between Tucson (AZ), Coachella Valley (CA), High Rolls (NM, a small town just outside of Albuquerque. I think part of why I fell in love with Star Wars as a kid was because it was really easy to identify with Luke, a rural kid trapped in the middle of a giant boring desert. And of course, when I ran around with my friends playing Star Wars it was very easy for us all to imagine ourselves on Tattooine, since everywhere I lived was nothing but hot, dry canyons.

Now I live in the pacific Northwest, which is like Endor.

Author:  Ugavine [ Mon Dec 17, 2007 6:49 am ]
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Sounds like some great adventures guys. Krayt, some of your movie tie-in bits.

The guys and I have just started role-playing again, so it's now minis one week and RPG the next. This time round I'm trying to move slightly away from the Epic save the galaxy adventures and try and give a real experience of living in the Star Wars universe. I want to visit seedy space stations (Darknon Station), glamorous space Stations (Kabray), famous locations (Coruscant & Tatooine) and just live Star Wars.

The two players are running three PCs each, but I've started two PCs seperate, effectively running two game together.

It's 10 years after the Clone Wars, with it's scars still being felt across the galaxy. The first group, 4 PCs, are crew on a huge bulk freighter running salvage from Geonosis back to the planet Argos in the Blood Drift* in the employ of the Trade Alliance. The Trade Alliance although many hundreds of years old was boosted by the collapse of the Trade Federation and is a Niemodian, Muun & Gran conglomerate based in the Blood Drift.

At the last minute the crew are joined by Director Gorn, the Niemodian who owns (or claims to, and has proof that he does) the freighter. Other crew member inclide six Muun Guards, four pilots, four ex-CIS commando's and two engineers. The Frieghter itself, Star Trader IV, is four miles long, but mostly compartmentalised containters hence the small crew. There is a tunnel that runs the length of the ship allowing crew to use mini-swoop bikes to travel the length of the ship quickly.

There's a murder. A Muun guard found dead. Things get worse and it turns out the salvage is anything but, it's a cargo of active battle droids. The PCs find themselves locked out of the command decks and it's soon evident that Director Gorn is behind events.

It turns out Director Gorn was sacked by the Trade Alliance and is now seeking revenge by crashing this ship into the Argos Capital City and killing millions including the Trade Federation Ruling Council. The droids are just a backup.

PCs manage fight off scores of droids, change the ships course and evacute before the freighter dives into the systems Sun. Despite destroying millions of credits of starship the PCs are commended for their actions, primarily due to one of the surviving Muun Guard turning out to be the son of one of the Trade Alliance Ruling council.

The other two PCs, well they were involved in a Resistence movement on the planet Garqi. Farmers were protesting about new high Imperial taxes, but the Empire responded with military force. Although nothing could be done to stop the Imperials here it has led to the PCs looking into starting a full fledged Rebellion against the Empire.

I can't say too much of what is planned as Dreadtech will no doubt read this, but I do intend to include Dark Lords, Jedi, Starship Combat, New Worlds, Old Worlds, aliens of all varieties and famous cameo's. 8)

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