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Star Wars, Out in the Black [the Serenity adventure]
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Author:  The Madman [ Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:43 am ]
Post subject:  Star Wars, Out in the Black [the Serenity adventure]

Well, the last job went smooth…

Layin’ back in the freight room hammock is a hell of lot nicer than the old spacers led you to believe. ‘Sides, who needs a closed-in bunk when you and you mates can keep an eye on the goods, and this close to the engine couplings, you get a nice little ‘swing’ going and can rock yer’self to sleep easy.

To the average onlookers you’re probably just another ‘roustabout’ or deck hand… but they can’t see the real you. In another year you’ll likely have enough credits to go out on your own; pilot, trade negotiator, smuggler, hired soldier, field doc or skilled mechanic.
Just a little while longer…
Working the ‘Rim aint so bad…

2 hours into the over-watch shift:
The impact and hyper drive warning klaxons are blearing. The internal lights are out and only the yellow hazard lights are flashing. Panicked voices and mixed messages from the onboard computer and the cockpit are echoing in your sleepy mind.
Your hammock straps are knocked loose, sending you crashing headlong to the deck with a painful thud;
Somewhere in the distance of the cargo bay you hear:

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