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GM Aid: Player Reward Cards
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Author:  Lackey [ Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:16 am ]
Post subject:  GM Aid: Player Reward Cards

I've been a little put-out that the RPGA isn't supporting the players for the Saga Edition as much as I would hope. With the recent announcements that the Reward Program is going to be geared more towards GMs, I decided that my players should receive something as thanks. As a result, I designed my own Player Reward cards to issue out to my players. These cards are based (and actually include the previously released reward cards) from the text of the reward cards that was released by RPGA.

I thought I would share these cards with the community should any other GMs want to reward their players. For distribution of these cards, I gave every player one card for Christmas as a present from their GM and then I had each of my groups select a MVP after the completion of each episode. The MVP selected gets to draw from a handful of cards that I have printed.

My players really seem to enjoy this extra benefit and none of the cards allows for any one use to really alter gameplay that much. All cards are only available for use once per game session like normal D&D Reward Cards. Below is a link for the reward cards and a brief summary of each card. My plan is to develop a new group of 9 cards each year, so if anyone has any suggestions for future cards, please let me know!

2009 Player Reward Cards
The Force is Strong - Spend a Force Point to gain an additional die (d6) for determing the result of a Force Point roll.
Never Tell Me the Odds - Spend a Force Point to re-roll an attack. You must keep the second result.
Great Shot Kid! - After hitting with an attack, use this card to gain an additional die of damage used in the attack.
Stroke of Genius - +5 bonus to any Knowledge check
You Weak-Minded Fool! - Spend a Force Point to gain a +5 bonus to your Will Defense against one attack.
You're Braver Than I Thought - Spend 1 Force Point to gain a +5 bonus to your Reflex Defense against one attack.
What a Piece of Junk! - +5 bonus to any Repair or Mechanics check.
Stay On Target - Spend 1 Force Point to improve the Weapon Range on a single attack by 1 (Medium Range would become Short Range).
Extra Second Wing - Spend 1 Force Point to gain the use of an exrta Second Wind for the day.

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