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Triplanetary: A Star Wars RPG Adventure
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Author:  LoboStele [ Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Triplanetary: A Star Wars RPG Adventure

OK, once again, I'm hoping to show people what fun you can have with the RPG areas of the forums here. I recently started a brand new SW RPG campaign with some friends. We've only played one session, but it was a lot of fun. The basic idea for our campaign was inspired by the TV show Firefly: a group of outcasts and outlaws, trying to earn a living in the Outer Rim of the galaxy.

So, I'm going to update this thread whenever we play and advance our story. The whole thing is going to be done like a journal/data pad entry from my character's view point.

My character is a Kel Dor Scoundrel, Level 2 right now. I won't reveal much about his past right now, as I think some of those things will come out as we play. All I'll say for now is that he was a soldier involved in some of the aftermath of the Sith Civil War.

Author:  LoboStele [ Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Triplanetary: A Star Wars RPG Adventure

Begin data log entry.

My name is Tal Saran. Well, at least, that's the name I go by. I'm a Kel Dor, but don't necessarily lump me in with the rest of my kind. The Dorin are often known to be 'justice seekers' or law enforcement types. Sure, I don't like to see wrong things happen to people, but mostly, I just try to keep my own skin intact.

I'm the captain of a Hammerhead-class tug. Basically just a giant engine with a high yield tractor beam for towing larger vessels around when they break down. I call her the Old Renegade, and I don't do much towing anymore, what with the war being over and the lingering skirmishes becoming fewer and fewer. Thank the stars for that. She's a good ship though, and has turned out to be quite capable for the various forms of business we've embarked on. When she's not pulling along some other giant ship, well, she moves with enough speed to knock you on your shebs if you aren't strapped in.

As for my crew....well, they're an unusual bunch. My unofficial first mate, Ting Ting, is a Gungan, and a rather odd one at that. Then again, most Gungans are rather odd. Anyway, he sort of came along with the ship when I 'acquired' her, and, well, he's turned out to be more useful then I expected. He's really not very smart at all, but what he lacks in intelligence, he makes up for in speed, strength, and bravery. He may get us into more trouble than I'd prefer, but he's helped us out of enough rough spots to keep me from killing him myself so far.

My pilot is young Togruta, named Kaahna. At first, she 'joined' the crew as a stowaway on the Renegade. When I found her, she was lucky that we needed a pilot, otherwise I probably would've just turned her in and hoped for some sort of reward. Turns out, she's pretty decent. A bit reckless, but then again, that just means she fits right in with the rest of us here in the Outer Rim. Not sure she's much, if any, formal training, but she seems to have a knack for it.

I've also got a pretty stellar mechanic, Alura, and great doctor, Kyle, on board. Alura's got us out of more tight places than I can remember with a quick flick of her hydro spanner. She's come to know this ship like her own child. I wish we had more creds to buy decent replacement parts, but she certainly makes do with what we can get our hands on. Luckily, the crew hasn't needed too many replacement parts of their own, and Kyle hasn't had too much work to do. In the meantime though, he's become some what of a versatile man, and earns his keep in whatever way he can. But, he makes sure we stay healthy, that's for sure. Why, he even tackled and sedated Ting Ting once when he was being too thick-headed to realize he needed some patching up.

And lastly there's Chuck. She's the muscle. Well, I mean, she's really not large at all for a human, but you'd think otherwise if all you saw was the business end of her heavily modified blaster rifle. I'm not sure where she got that thing, or who she killed to get it. I just know that she's my best friend in a fire fight. In a lot of ways she's not much more than a mercenary for hire, and I needed somebody with her rather unique skills on a job a while back. But she stuck around afterwards. She probably won't come out and say it, but I think deep down she enjoys being a part of this crew.

Lately we've doing most of our work pretty near to 'home', the Triplanets system. It's not much, even by Outer Rim standards, but enough goes on to at least support a few crime syndicates and occasionally attract the Republic's attention. Karnak is the main planet we frequent, though it's not much to look at, and mostly consists of rock plains and canyons. The other major population centers in this system are the city Pell, built into a large asteroid in the mining belt, and Gateway Station, a large orbital platform that sits in the upper regions of the Arondan gas giant. It's a pretty nice place for a group of scoundrels like us.

End data log entry

Author:  LoboStele [ Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Triplanetary: A Star Wars RPG Adventure

Begin data log entry. 50 years after the destruction of Malachor V and the end of the Sith Civil War.

We recently accepted a job, actually a completely legal one for once. We had to fly to Coruscant, pick up some cargo, and bring it back. Pretty straight forward. Apparently one of the local crime bosses, ahem, 'magistrates', is planning a meeting with a Republic representative of some sort, and wants to present him some gifts. Well, I figured if we're going all the way to Triple Zero to pick up something, might as well make the trip fully worth it and haul something on the way there too. So we found an extra job smuggling some pharmaceuticals to a corporation located on the capitol planet.

So, I instructed Dog, our loader droid, to bring the crates of meds up into the cargo bay, and Ting Ting and I walked down to the nearby cantina to finish up some business. Well, I had to finish some business, Ting Ting just wanted a drink before we left planet side. Business was simple, just needed to chat with a contact. Unfortunately, Ting Ting decided to chat up a female at the bar. I doubt it mattered that she was of such a different species that it never would have worked out. Ting Ting usually didn't notice the difference either, whether he was sober or not. But whatever it was he said, next thing I knew, we were both dashing out the front door.

Luckily, the street back to the hanger was pretty short. Blaster shots rang out behind us. I took a couple of wild shots, but was really more concerned with just getting to the ship. A quick comm to Chuck and we quickly had some cover fire help to make our way safely up the ramp and onto the ship. Kaahna tried to fire up the engines, and of course, they didn't respond at first. I heard her saying something later about using Ting Ting's head as a hammer, but whatever the case was, we were quickly rising above the city and heading for cold space.

End data log entry

Author:  LoboStele [ Fri Jan 30, 2009 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Triplanetary: A Star Wars RPG Adventure

Begin data log entry. 50 years after the destruction of Malachor V and the end of the Sith Civil War. 3 days since leaving Karnak.

The trip to Coruscant was basically uneventful. The hyperdrive on the Old Renegade is a bit old, but she holds together just fine, and makes good time too. When we arrived on Coruscant, I could have sworn that Kaahna had no idea what she was doing. It was like she'd never had to fly in any sort of traffic before. Somehow, we barely made a safe landing on the corporation's private landing platform, and a group of eight security personnel came out to greet us. Not exactly what I would call a welcome party.

Turns out, the company had switched hands, and they didn't feel like paying for the meds we just brought half way across the galaxy. Now, they still wanted the meds of course, just didn't want to hand over the creds for them. Since Coruscant is the last place where I wanted to get into trouble with any sort of security or law enforcement, I very calmly tried to go back to the ship, and talk them into letting us just go on our merry way.

Then Ting Ting did what he usually does. Lucky for me, I'm used to it. Also lucky for us, the Sec guards weren't. Arms flailing, waving his atlatl around, and hollering at the top of his lungs, he threw himself at the nearest guard. Chuck and I both opened fire, and a lucky shot brought down the captain in the first volley. Alura may not be the best with a blaster, but she was at least another body to help even numbers, and she managed to wing at least one of them. Kyle saw the commotion from the ship's monitors inside and quickly activated the concealed anti-personnel laser cannons on the belly of the Renegade. Ting Ting continued to wail on the one guard he had latched on to, and the other guards turned all their attention on him.

With some incredibly smooth talking, and fate apparently on our side, and we were able to convince the guards that with their leader and another guard dead, and one more in the grip of our maniacal Gungan, it would be in their best interest to just put their weapons down and leave. Which they did. Reluctantly, Ting Ting released the guard he was holding, who incidentally had soiled himself in the meantime. We returned to the ship and headed off to meet our primary contact on Coruscant and finish our job here.

A strange thing happened on the ascent from the landing pad though. The ship starting rising, but then Kaahna appeared in the cargo hold and started complaining about the smell of charred Gungan, as Ting Ting had received a few singe marks. I immediately asked who was flying the ship! Kaahna said she engaged the autopilot, and that's when I knew things were going to be bad. This ship's autopilot was never programmed for flying in Coruscant type traffic, or so I thought. As we dashed to bridge, the ship lurched violently, as if it was taking evasive action, all on it's own. Somehow, we avoided a massive collision with a public transportation vessel.

I quickly shoved Kaahna into the pilot's chair, and she grabbed the control yoke, eyes wide. I started to wonder if she really was qualified to be a pilot. But then the creepiest thing I think I've ever heard happened. Something in the ship spoke. It claimed it was the ship's artificial intelligence. Well, I had never installed one, and certainly was curious as to why, after all this time, it was just now revealing itself. After some varied conversation with it, and among ourselves concerning what to do about it, we decided to just let it go for now, and we'd have Alura, or some other people check it out.

The AI couldn't tell us much. It said it's name was 'Slave', and that it's former owner had programmed him into the ship. He said his former owner had been searching for some sort of Sith vessel with an experimental hyperdrive system. Sounded like a load of osik if you asked me, but when we tried to inquire more, Slave insisted that he couldn't reveal any more information to us. Kriffing thing was partially encrypted or something. The only good thing Slave was able to do for us was reveal a few things about the ship I hadn't discovered, like a couple of extra hidden compartments we could use for smuggling, and then some sort of sub-light ion drives, custom installed and very well concealed. You'd think with a smuggler for a captain, and a pretty good mechanic on board, it would've been hard to keep something like a pair of extra engines hidden. But whoever this former owner was, he either had a ton of credits, or he was one incredible starship builder. Turns out, these extra engines pack quite a punch. I'm anxious to try them out at some point.

With these new revelations, and new puzzles laid before us, the crew decided that Slave didn't seem like much of a threat to us. So we pressed forward to go pick up our cargo. An old friend of mine was our contact here on Coruscant, and went by the name Den. We touched down near Den's place, and he met us in person, with the cargo. I can't say I was thrilled to learn that whatever was in those containers was alive, and didn't sound friendly. I don't usually do live cargo. But, a job is a job, and this one was paying pretty well, so we set Dog to loading them up, and then the crew followed Den down to his favorite cantina. For some reason, Kyle refused to come. Doesn't like Coruscant for some reason. Not quite sure why, but I know my crew each has their own past to deal with, so I don't press the issue.

During the course of our evening of catching up and sharing old stories, Den mentioned a rumor he had heard: towards the end of the war, a secret Sith warship was stranded in the middle of an asteroid belt. As he continued to talk about it, we realized it sounded strangely similar to the tale that Slave had told us. Too similar to be simply a coincidence. At that time, I didn't really know what Den wanted with the ship, or if he was telling us an interesting story he'd heard, but he gave us some coordinates, and promised to make it worth our while if we could bring back anything of value for him.

We reviewed the coordinates, and it wasn't too far off our route back to Karnak. And we had a week or so to spare before our cargo delivery deadline, so we said we'd at least check it out.

Before we left the cantina, I asked Den if he'd be interested in the extra pharmaceuticals we had on hand, since the earlier deal had gone poorly, but he didn't want them. He suggested a contact he knew, and Chuck tried to talk them into working something out with us. The only way they would take the meds, and pay us for it, which was important, was if we helped them with some vault-cracking job. Alura is good with just about anything mechanical, but wasn't comfortable with that idea, and based on this contact's reputation, ultimately we decided to pass.

I commed Kyle to see if he knew of any local contacts in the medical field that might be interested. He gave me a couple names, but he insisted that I make the call and the arrangements. I was a bit skepical, but I called the contacts. Turned out, they refused to even consider an arrangement unless I told them how to find Kyle. Well, that didn't sound too pleasant, and I may not be the best being in the galaxy, but I stick up for my own crew, that's for sure. So that conversation ended quickly.

Our final option was to contact a local med center, through somebody Den knew. For some reason, probably because we thought it would be a good laugh, we decided to let Ting Ting handle this negotiation. I don't know why in space they believed him, but he pulled it off, and soon we were off to get paid at least something for the stuff we hauled here from halfway across the galaxy. It didn't end up being as much as we were hoping for, but it would pay to keep the ship running and the crew happy.

So, cargo of some sort of live animals loaded up, coordinates for this mystery ship plugged into the navi-computer, and fresh creds in our pockets, we headed off from Coruscant, and back into deep space.

End data log entry

Author:  LoboStele [ Fri Mar 13, 2009 1:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Triplanetary: A Star Wars RPG Adventure

We FINALLY got together again to play this campaign. Had some scheduling problems getting everybody together, and then at the last minute one day, my wife (who plays Kaahna) was sick, and since we usually host the session at our house, we didn't end up doing it that night.

But, we have had another session now. This is becoming a really interesting campaign!

[spoiler="Triplanetary Story, Part 4"]Begin data log entry
50 years after the destruction of Malachor V and the end of the Sith Civil War
5 days since leaving Karnak
1 day since leaving Coruscant

Well today had to be the most dangerous, and yet intriguingly strange unplanned stop we've ever made. The Old Renegade was quietly flying along through hyperspace as we headed back to Karnak to deliver whatever those animals are in the crates in the cargo hold. Kaahna sat quietly in the pilot's chair, where she typically is. Chuck was asleep in her cabin, with her blaster cannon undoubtably nestled beside her. Alura was in the engine room, as usual, tinkering and repairing things. Ting-ting was playing some sort of odd game in the cargo hold. I slept quietly in my cabin. Kyle was...well, I have no idea actually. Not that it mattered though, as we were all very soon after headed in the same directions.

The Renegade lurched out of hyperspace all on it's own, almost like we'd been pulled out of it. The involuntary drop back to realspace did a real number on the ship. My poor ship. Alarm klaxons immediately went crazy. Good thing I'd already been sleeping for several hours, and I habitually sleep with all my clothes on, even boots. The ships artificial gravity and inertial dampeners went haywire from the sudden drop out of hyperspace, and I struggled to make it up to the bridge. When I got there, the sight wasn't pleasant. Kaahna was wrestling the controls to stop the ship's spinning movements. I immediately asked Slave, the ship's computer, to give me a damage report, and it was just as I feared. Hyperdrive was blown. Not only that, it looked like the stress from being pulled out of hyperspace had caused so much strain to the hyperdrive, that something had exploded and there was now a leak in the engine room.

I ran from the bridge to the back of the ship, passing Chuck along the way. Well, I ran as best I could with the gravity and dampeners still only half working. Pressure sensors on engine room door confirmed the near vacuum on the other side. A quick check over the ship's comms confirmed my fears. Alura was not answering, which means she was likely still in that room whenever the hyperdrive blew. I quickly donned a space suit and entered the engine room to survey the damage. Apparently, a part on the side of the hyperdrive had exploded, and shot right through the hull of the ship, leaving a hole several centimeters wide. I knew where the patch kit was, but it took me several minutes to get the patch to even somewhat hold. It was still hissing, and venting some air, but it was holding enough for me to at least pressurize the room, and look for Alura. Sure enough, she must have known the drive was about to go, and she'd holed herself up inside a storage cabinet. Luckily, it had held pressure just enough to keep her alive. I carried her back out to the cargo hold, and Kyle finally decided to show his face, so he took her off to the medical bay. I returned to the engine room, and with a bit more time, finally managed to stop the air leak in the hull.

End data log entry[/spoiler]

Author:  LoboStele [ Fri Mar 13, 2009 1:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Triplanetary: A Star Wars RPG Adventure

This is more from the same night of playing. I just thought it made sense to split it up in terms of how I was writing the story out.

[spoiler="Triplanetary Story, Part 5"]Begin data log entry
50 years after the destruction of Malachor V and the end of the Sith Civil War
5 days since leaving Karnak
1 day since leaving Coruscant
2 hours since dropping out of hyperspace in the middle of nowhere

Alura is going to be fine, thank the stars. I sure wuoldn't be able to keep this ship running. I went back to the medical bay to check on her, and Kyle had her awake and lucid already, even if she was still a bit shaken up. She explained that getting pulled from hyperspace had caused a motivator coil on the drive to blow. There was no way we were making any more jumps without a new coil, and unfortunately, it was not something we had on board.

It was at that point that I remembered what I'd seen out the viewport from the bridge. I'm not sure if it's what caused us to fall out of hyperspace, but it had obviously caused a lot of other ships the same problem. Before us was a giant field of wreckage. Ships of all sorts and sizes, with one particularly massive capital ship at the heart of it all. My first thought was perhaps it was this ship Den and Slave had talked about, but I've triple checked the coordinates, and it shouldn't have been the same spot. And after a few sensor sweeps, we didn't detect any one aboard any of the ships. That still puzzles me actually. It looked like the aftermath of a giant battle.

So, we decided that our best chance for finding a suitable replacement coil probably was on the big capital ship. Not to mention that there might be some things worth 'freeing' from the ship as well. So, I instructed Kaahna to carefully maneuver her way toward the ship. Even before this though, crazy Ting-Ting had already decided he wanted to go to the big ship and find some treasure or something, so he had let himself out the airlock with his space suit and jet pack on, and had set off for the big ship himself. Chuck decided to tag along to keep Ting-Ting safe. It was a good thing Kaahna and I arrived at the capital ship when we did, because Chuck and Ting-Ting had resorted to bashing or shooting things, trying to get a door open and get inside the ship. Luckily, working with computers and terminals is something I happen to be quite good at.

Once we were inside the ship, we began our exploration. We followed a set of hallways, and slowly made our way towards the aft end of the ship, figuring that was our best bet for locating the engine rooms and finding some spare parts. It was about that time that we saw something move towards the end of the hallway. I wasn't sure what it was at first, but it had certainly looked humanoid. I tried to be cautious, but good old Ting-Ting went rushing head long down the hallway towards it. It was only 1 human. If it could have been called that anymore. And it was wearing a very old version of a Sith military uniform. Like, hundreds of years old. Very strange.

We tried talking to it, but it ignored us and kept walking. Eventually, Ting-Ting just grabbed it, shook it around a bit, and yet it still didn't react, it was almost like it wasn't even alive anymore. It certainly didn't look too alive. Seemed like it hadn't had a good meal in weeks, as it was extremely gaunt and skinny. Poor Ting-Ting gets frustrated so fast though, and eventually whacked it over the head with his atlatl, and the human collapsed to the ground.

We quickly ran off, making our way the opposite direction this human had been going, when we heard more of them. Three more came around another corner, carrying a large computer core between them, all wearing those same uniforms. They walked right past us, as if we didn't even exist. Ting-Ting decided to try his hand at 'agressive negotiations' with them again, and they dropped the computer core in the middle of the hallway. This things died with so little effort, I was really starting to worry what was going on here.

At that point a door whisked open back along the hall where we'd encountered the first Sith crew member. Six more of them entered the hallway, and headed straight for the first one we had killed, and what I saw next still makes my stomach turn. It was as if they were harvesting the corpse. They bagged up everything, then continued down the hallway to where we were. We ducked into a side room, where we could keep an eye on things. They harvested the three corpses we'd just killed, and then walked right past the computer core that lay there, and continued on aft.

We followed them. They brought their bags to some sort of locker room, and emptied the contents into the storage lockers. Well, tried to. The room absolutely reeked. We quickly got out of there and continued to head aft in the ship. I still can't figure out how those things seemed to not even know we were there. It was almost like they had no functioning senses or something. Kaahna seemed to be particularly disturbed about something on this ship. Kept asking "Did you hear that?!" I'm wondering if she's altogether sane or not. She's a good pilot and a great shot with that rifle of hers, which she soon had a chance to demonstrate.

As we finally came towards the aft end of the ship, we found a massive control room. Hundreds of these shriveled humans milled about the room, performing different tasks. What really surprised me were the silver armored troops spread out around the room. Sith Troopers. With modern armor. Something really strange was going on here.

I decided to use a bit of Stealth to sneak around the room to the other side, and see if I could figure out where the engine rooms were. I made it to the hallway on the far side of the room, but there were two more Sith Troopers guarding a door down the hallway. It was about that time that I heard Ting-Ting shriek from across the giant room. Apparently, he had stepped in something that used to be one of these humanoids, and desperately wanted it off his feat. He scrapped the remains off his foot, and slung it into the middle of the room. The Sith Troopers spotted Ting-Ting at this point, and immediately new something was going on. But the glob of corpse that landed in the middle of the floor triggered some sort of response in the rest of the humanoids, and they begain to swarm to that point. Chuck and I both identified the value of that distraction, and that our cover was blown, and opened fire on the Troopers. Kaahna used her Stealth to sneak up behind too of them and hit them both across the back of the head. She then swung her rifle around and jammed it's barrel up under one Trooper's head, yanked the trigger, and watched his helmet go flying.

A couple shots came too close for comfort, but we all survived, and then engaged the two Troopers who were guarding what I thought was the engine room. They put up a tougher fight, and whereas the four of us had just easily finished off 6 troopers in the previous room, these 2 took quite a bit more effort. We finally landed killing blows on both, and then opened the room.

I was not expecting what we found inside. A short human, quite unkempt, but not nearly as gaunt and 'undead' looking as the rest of the humans on ths ship. He stood and through his broad smile, immediately started blathering about thanking us for saving him. He went on and on about how it "was soon his turn" and he was glad we rescued him "from the Six." I still have no clue what he was talking about. He was, however, able to direct us to the engine room, though he demanded something in return. He had a friend on board, who was being held on the bridge of the ship. Nothing's ever easy...

The engine room was nearby, so we quickly found three of the motivator coils we needed and headed to a set of turbolifts. At this point, something must have been clouding our collective judgment or something, because we decided to let Ting-Ting take all 3 of the coils, and head back to the ship by himself, while the rest of us went with this old guy to find his friend.

I found out later that Ting-Ting had somehow found his way by blind luck into some sort of fighter hangar bay, got into one of the fighters, and miraculously flew the fighter back to the Old Renegade without crashing in the process. I'm still not sure I believe it or not.

So we ascended the turbo lift, and arrived at the bridge. It looked like many other Sith capital ships. I've had a chance to see a couple over the years. The old man spotted his friend at the far end of the bridge, We started out of the turbolift, and immediately blaster-fire rang out around us. Six war droids came from the aft end of the bridge and opened fire with an enormous volley. Chuck and I returned fire, quickly taking down two of the droids. One of them managed to wing me pretty good in the process, and Kaahna had to provide me some cover.

As I huddled back behind the cover of the turbolift, I saw the two 'friends' at the other end of the bridge...locked in a duel with lightsabers. The old man that we'd rescued had a brilliant green blade, silhouetted by the crimson red blade of his 'friend'. The duel did not last long, and the older man was clearly more capable, and quickly defeated and killed his opponent. I turned and helped Chuck take down the last of the War Droids, and then we all got back into the turbolift, including our old friend.

I demanded to know what was going on, and the old man told us that his friend had been fully turned and there was nothing he could have done different. He said 'The Six' were controlling the beings on this ship through his friend. I still don't understand it. But this man is obviously a Jedi. Part of me doesn't know what to trust about him, but my first instincts were to help him, so I hope that's a good sign.

Things did sort of turn to chaos as we made our escape though. The old man directed us to the main Hangar which wasn't far from the bridge. I commed Kyle and told him to swing around the Renegade to that bay and pick us up. Some Sith Troopers stormed into the hangar right behind us, and with the protection of the Renegade's anti-personnel laser, we barely made it on the ship.

As we sped away from the giant debrs field, fighters swarmed out of the capital ship. I still don't know exactly how much damage they did to the ship. Alura, despite her recent near death experience, was right back in the engine room as soon as she was able, and she quickly had the new motivator coil reconnected and the hyperdrive ready to go. Kaahna punched in the Karnak coordinates and the starfield turned to lines and then mottled space.

I still have a lot of questions that need answers. But for now, I need more sleep.

End data log entry[/spoiler]

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