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Star Wars with no d20 experience
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Author:  Markedman247 [ Fri Oct 17, 2008 5:30 am ]
Post subject:  Star Wars with no d20 experience

Well, what advice would a seasoned GM give to a beginner, like myself, in running the Saga edition if they were never fully imersed within d20 RPGs?

To give you a history, I love Star Wars and want to run it. However, I have never ran a d20 games. Games that I play are easily converted to non-d20 systems. However, Star Wars is more robust and working it out to run in the systems I am familiar with (Deadlands, Savage Worlds, Red Dwarf, etc.) don't use the d20s. Also, I don't like Dungeons and Dragons (or D&D) in the slightest. Although I may come off as a bit brusque, I have never had fun in that system or that universe. Nor could I stand the "D&D or nothing" mentality that seems to run rampant in my region. If it isn't D&D, then it doesn't matter.

For example, I ran a game that some people had fun with and some didn't. Why? Not because of my story telling and not because of my method of introducing NPC that I can have fun with, but because "it wasn't D&D."

Now what does this have to do with Star Wars? Well, it appears that 4th ed. is closely resembling Saga-from what I heard. But, I cannot find numerous Star Wars players. If I do find a group, its usually full or on hiatus due to "internal matters." It also doesn't matter that I am a person that has to play the game to actually get the jist. Although I can read theory all I want, without practice , I won't be able to run the system.

So, to sum up, how does one run this system if they have never been exposed to it? How does one unlearn what I have learned without teaching? Should I just shamble through a clumsy session?

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