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Chapter 1 Of My Story
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Author:  Capin_ahab [ Sun Mar 23, 2008 9:55 am ]
Post subject:  Chapter 1 Of My Story

Chapter 1 The Escape

"This is hell" Said Kalin Mckartned a tall duros mercenary, whom was captured by the Empire for treason. His cell mate and his partener in crime Jack Thanse who was a tech specialist and was imprisoned for the same reason. He was a normal sized slender Zabrak who was adored by all he met. Kalin says "He has a certian way with women." Jack said "ah dont worry Felina will rescue us soon enough" "aww bull theres no way she can get in here and rescue us without Roan and his knights knowing. We have no chance." Just then Kalin heard the sounds of blaster fire. With a spine tingling scream. Just then he looked out the cell window and geuss who it was. Felina. KABOOM the main reactor was blown apart. Felina set a det pack and they had about 5 minutes to get off that condemed ship. About 30 seconds after the reactor was destroyed the cell door was shot 3 times. One shot for each hinge. The door creaked and fell, the second it hit the ground the jail birds started running. Felina shouted over the panicked troops screams "should we get the other prsioners?" "Well if we wanna become dead and proabably Mynock food then sure. Of course not now run!" As they ran a susprise was waiting for them. by Kalins Ship The Blazer Stood Roan Fel and 2 Of his elite knights. Roan said in a gruff voice "Kill them hold nothing back." Kalin had thoughts racing through his mind. he could have stood and fought after all he had his gun back. His more logcal option was to shoot a cable wire that he found at the air lock. this would pull him to it so he could hit the switch. as soon as he did that he would tell the others to jump in and he could shoot the cable to get into the ship. But where is the fun in that. Kalin decided to fight and signaled the others by shootong a Knight in the head and blowing a hole in it the size of a gundark hand. (The gun is a c3-75 a powerfull hand cannon) as soon as he dropped to the floor Felina drew her blaster and started shooting, all of her shots were deflected but who was trying to hit him. each shot hit the thin walls of the auxilary hangar. Holes were created and the air was running out. About 3 seconds after Felina shot Jack shot twice killing the Imperial knight. Roan Decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. He charged up and got Jack in the neck. Needless to say what happened after that to Jack. Then Kalin Shot a fuly charged Shot at Roan He delfected it but he decided he couldn't win this battle, because he was running out of air. so he darted away and hopped into his 2 person fighter. the co pilot was his daughter Marsiah Fel. She had the ship ready to go when Roan killed the three but alas he had to retreat. so Kalin and Felina ran to the Blazer and took off Kalin thought about going after Roan, but decided he was in enough trouble already.

Author:  DarkLordVerjal [ Sun Mar 23, 2008 6:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Chapter 1 Of My Story

This thread better suits this section. Good story Ahab.

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