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PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 4:27 pm 
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A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...


Over a Millennia since the reign of the Sith Lord Darth Krayt,
The Jedi Order has spread throughout the galaxy.
The Galactic Senate is under the control
Of the Jedi Council to ensure stability.
Master Zaine Skywalker,
The last descendent in the Skywalker line,
Maintains the principles of the Jedi order
As it was under Grand Master Luke Skywalker.
But all is not peaceful in the galaxy.
A new threat lurks, waiting, watching, for vengeance.
The Sith Order, under the control of Lord Reysan Aura.
Assaulting key Jedi planets,
The Sith bolster their ranks, converting captured Jedi
To the Dark Side of the Force.
The Sith's decisive, unsuspected attacks
Cripple the Republic and the Jedi Order.
Now the Order scrambles to resue their stranded Knights
From certain doom.
Meanwhile, a lone Jedi team
Mounts a daring assault on Sith Lord Reysan Aura's flagship:
The Juggernaught.
The Jedi all share a single hope:
That they might end the conflict now, before it pans into the third
Galactic Jedi Civil War.......

The entirely male Jedi strike team boards the Juggernaut unnoticed, led by Master Verjal Lumis, a human with long black hair and a tunic to match. Lumis was followed by the dark brown Wookiee Zane'aryyyk, Raine, another human, S'yn, the Kel Dor, Jatne Kive, the Mandalorian Zabrak as well as two other humans, Dulac Gaz and Barcus Malore. There was an eigth, another human, Nayon Askar, whom had elected to stay behind and guard the ship the Jedi had come in on, the Always Vigilant."Okay guys, we do this as fast as possible.. Keep your senses open, and stay alert." Lumis draws his saber. As the Jedi advanced down the hangar deck, they hear the distinctive sound of boots on metal."There they are, get them!" The Jedi turn around to see several squads of Sith soldiers approaching. The Sith open up on the Jedi. SNAP~HISS. Lumis thumbs on his saber. Blaster fire rings out and the corridor fills with smoke. The screams of the unfortunate Sith troops echo down the halls as the Jedi reflect the blaster barrage right back at their attackers. Soon all that remains is the hum of glowing lightsabers and several dozen smoking, charred corpses on the ground. "There goes the element of surprise. Alright, lets move!" Verjal shouts to the team.
The Jedi take a corner, and dash down a straight corridor to the main elevator. They reach their goal unhindered, and the turbolift begins to take them to the Command Deck. After several moments the tubrolift whines and begins to screech to a stop. The doors slowly hiss open, and the Jedi are met with the voice of a middle-aged Rodian female. "Well, well, well.Verjal Lumis, Raine, Dulac, Barcus and S'yn. And who is this? A walking carpet? The Jedi really sent their top kath hounds after us, huh? We're flattered. However, I'm sorry to inform you that my master is not here. Although it won't matter, because soon Gladius will be going super nova, taking with it this fleet and all of your silly little Republic friends." The Rodian Sith apprentice laughed, and a double-bladed lightsaber snapped to life, the red glow illuminating the otherwise pitch-dark bridge. Then there more snaps. And some more. In front of the Jedi was a wall of red.
SNAP~HISS. "Don't worry, I'll be quick" Verjal Lumis lunged towards the Rodian, and the Jedi charged towards their dark counterparts...
* * * *
Master Verjal Lumis's lightsaber waned as his adversary fell to the deck, minus all important limbs and several vital organs. Around him, the Jedi were finishing up their opponents as well, having won easily. Except for Raine. He was still fighting his opponent, a tall, imposing Nautolan.
"Need any help?" S'yn asked.
"Nah, I got him." Raine parried a blow to his left, then slashed out at the Nautolan's face. The Sith ducked, and slashed out at Raine's legs. There was a sick hissing as Raine screamed out in pain, then the sound of a blaster bolt whizzing through the air. As Raine flew backwards, he craned his neck to see Dulac holding a blaster pistol, aimed at the Nautolan's head, where there was now a smoking hole. Raine cursed, and began breathing deeply. His right leg had been severed at halfway up the thigh, and the left was singed badly and slightly cut.. Had the Sith sliced just a centimeter or two higher.... Lumis winced, and watched silently as Dulac, the team's healer, used the Force to stop the flowing blood and seal up the wound. Dulac asked if Raine was okay and then, upon receiving the affirmative, patted him in the back and hoisted him up over his shoulder. Raine was about to thank him when suddenly the deck rocked. "Uh-oh..." he began. "I gotta bad feel-"
"Don't even say it, ner'vod." Jatne replied.
"Hey guys? Is it just me, or is this deck getting really hot?" asked S'yn.
"S'yn is right... I don't think that Rodian was lying." Verjal said.
"Oh, oh! Look at Gladius! Is it-" Dulac observed.
"Krif! It's going nova! We gotta get out of here, now!" The deck shook and rumbled. Zane'aryyyk punched the turbolift button, to no effect. The Wookiee roared in annoyance, and peeled open the turbolift doors.
"Looks like the power's down..." Raine said. "We'll have to jump."
"What about you?" grunted Dulac.
"I'll be fine."
"There's no time. Go, go, go! Jump!" Jatne screamed at the Jedi, kicking open the doors the rest of the way. His lightsaber flew from his belt and he caught in his hand. There was a hissing noise as the Zabrak Jedi soared through the shaft. Barcus and Dulac were next, followed by Verjal and Raine. Zane'aryyyk leapt last. As the Wookiee cleared the hatch, the entire bridge exploded, erupting into flames, cremating the bodies of Sith littered about the deck. "What was that?!" shouted Barcus.
Zane'aryyyk growled in response, his lightsaber snapping to life and filling the corridor with blue light.
"Those schuttas planted a bomb!" S'yn exclaimed angrily.
"We'll curse out the Sith later, we gotta move! How's Raine?" Verjal replied.
"I've been better..." The Jedi took off down the corridor. After rounding a corner, Dulac looked around and said, "Ummm..... hey, guys? Do we even know where we are? 'Cause we want to get back to our ship.... and I don't remember passing this hall on the way up.."
"Sithspit! Dulac is right." S'yn groaned.
"Well, we don't have time to turn around now." Jatne pointed out. "We have to keep going, hope there's another hangar with a servicable ship on this floor. Just trust in the Force."
"What about Nayon? We can't just leave him there." Dulac grunted.
"I'll comm him, tell him it's a trap. I'll let him know he should bail at the first sign of trouble, and standby to pick us up in a different hangar. " S'yn said, taking out his comlink. He punched in a button, and the screen filled with static. "Dammit! They're jamming us. We'll have to hope it works better in the hangar."
"Great. Now what?" Barcus groaned.
"Like Jatne said, just trust in the Force." Dulac replied.
"I dunno man." Raine said. "I'd really rather have a schematic to trust in too."
"Shut up! We have to keep moving." Lumis reprimanded. The Jedi dashed down hall after hall. As they whirred past another corner, they came face to face with a Sith officer, running out of a door. The door hissed shut as the officer cleared it, although said hissing was not heard over the sound of burning flesh as Jatne brought down the officer in a single decapitating blow. Zane'aryyyk kicked the door then roared angrily.
"stang, it's locked." S'yn groaned. The Kel'dor inserted his lightsaber into the door and began to draw a circle in the middle. As he did this, the clattering of boots on metal was heard, and a squad of Sith Troopers rounded the corner.
"Krif, we got company! Cover S'yn and Dulac!" Verjal ordered, charging up at the Sith Troopers. Lumis swung his lightsaber in a downward arc, relieving two men of their lower torsos. Jatne dispatched a third with a kick to the neck, and the fourth toppled to the ground gracefully as Barcus's lightsaber slid from the trooper's chest.
"I got it!" S'yn exclaimed.
` "Alright, move!" The party dashed through the opening, a turbolift just meters away, when suddenly the pitch-dark corridor lit up with something streaking red. Dulac cried out in pain and dropped to one knee, Raine sliding off his shoulders. Dulac's blaster pistol flew from his holster as he craned his neck and fired a wild shot. It connected with a sergeant's face, and the noncom fell backwards, head smoking.
"Sithspit! More of them!" Dulac shouted, clambering to his feet as Jatne and Barcus dashed off to meet with the converging squads. Dulac looked down at the unconscious Raine. "I can't carry him... S'yn, Verjal. Zane, you three get to the hangar. I'll help Jatne and Barcus. We'll catch up with you later." Verjal soberly nodded, as he and S'yn hoisted Raine in between them. Zane'aryyyk opened the turbolift hatch, stepped in and cut a hole in the floor of the elevator. The Wookiee disappeared in a flash of blue light. A moment later, Raine was resting on Verjal's back. The two of them vanished as well. S'yn clamped a hand on Dulac's shoulder, gave a firm nod, and then leaped as well.
S'yn landed at the bottem of the shaft, rolling out of the hole just before the turbolift plummeted downards, sailing through the spot where he had been a second earlier. He approached Verjal, and the two of them carefully placed Raine between them, whose eyes were beginning to flicker open.
"Ow..." the wounded Jedi mumbled.
"You'll be fine." Lumis replied. "But we have to get out of here."
"Right-o. Just.... lead the way."
The Jedi hobbled down the hallway, with Zane'aryyyk several paces ahead on point.
"Damn Reysan.... we almost had him, too." Raine muttered.
"We'll catch him, old friend, don't worry."
"Where are we?" S'yn asked.
"I think we're heading towards the engine room. Below that is the main hangar. We forcefully make our way below the deck. We can radio Nayon to pick us up there."
"How do you know this stuff? Did you spend hours studying the schematics Master Lorn gave us?"
"Didn't you?" Verjal's tone was deadpan. S'yn couldn't tell if he was being serious or not, so he didn't respond.
The party continued in silence for another twenty minutes. Eventually, they reached a humming noise. Zane'aryyyk growled.
"Okay. Are you sure?" S'yn asked. Zane growled again. "Okay then." The Wookiee pointed his lightsaber downwards and began cutting through the floor. Five minutes later, the four had dropped through the hole and were approaching the center of the hangar when they heard something behind them. The Jedi turned around, and saw a tall, dark-cloaked man with a clean shaven head and tanned skin, a long scar running down the side of his face. The man held a double-bladed red lightsaber, the dark red glow mixing ominously with the glow of Zane's blue. Verjal's face remained flatlined, and he let go of Raine. "Get him out of here." he commanded S'yn. Verjal and Zane took up defensive postures in front of their retreating comrades. Verjal's lightsaber buzzed to life as he stared upwards into the Sith Lord's eyes. "Reysan Aura."
"Verjal Lumis." The Sith waved his hand, and the decking in front of S'yn and Raine rose up and splintered. The Grade A durasteel sheets flew toward S'yn and Raine, impaling the former and hitting the latter in a head. S'yn dropped to both knees, breathing raspily, and fell over sideways, the shrapnel perilously close to the heart. Raine was knocked unconscious immediately, a large gash on his forehead and bits of skull showing. Reysan raised his fist again and was about to bring the durasteel crashing down on the wounded Jedi when a blaster bolt flashed across the room, and hit Reysan in the arm. The Lord whirled around angrily, and the durasteel crashed to the floor harmlessly. Jatne Kive, Barcus Malore and Dulac Gaz stood in the open doorway. Barcus's left arm appeared to be pockmarked with blaster wounds, and blood was running down Jatne's face, but otherwise they appeared to be unharmed. Dulac fired off a few more shots at Reysan, but they all went stray. Reysan took a firm stance in the ground, and pushed forward with one fist. The wall of the ship behind Dulac jutted outwards like a horizontal spike as Dulac flew backwards.... straight into it. There was a soft gasp, then a clattering noise as Dulac's pistol hit the deck. The dead Jedi's head hung limp at his side, an open gaze on his face, eyes wide with surprise, mouth gaping open. The room was silent, save for the slight pattering of Dulac's blood dripping to the deck. Then Barcus screamed something incomprehensible and charged forward at Reysan, green lightsaber flashing, a look of sheer rage on his face. Reysan laughed softly and sidestepped the mad lunge, then brought his saber down on Barcus from behind, slicing the Jedi vertically in half. Both halves toppled sideways to the ground and the deck at Reysan's feet began to fill with blood. Reysan laughed again, then shrugged. "Next?" he chuckled.
"I'll kill you!" Jatne roared, then jumped through the air, slashing out at Reysan's face. The Sith Lord easily brought his lightsaber up in a parry, then kicked Jatne away. The Zabrak crawled backwards to his feet, then composed himself and began circling the Sith Lord. "GO!" Jatne shouted to Verjal. "That star could blow at any moment! I'll keep this son of a bitch busy, radio Nayon and get the HELL OUT OF HERE!" Reysan laughed again softly.
"You think it's funny, Reysan?" Jatne snarled. "In another ten minutes, we'll both be galactic dust. You're a dead man, chakaar." Jatne feinted a blow to Reysan's left, then swung low directly at the Sith Lord. Reysan blocked, and swirled his lightsaber around gracefully, throwing Jatne backwards. Reysan jammed the lightsaber into Jatne's chest.
"Give up." The Sith Lord growled. "You can't beat me. Surrender now and I'll let you live."
"No. We're both dead anyways. Surrender is betrayal. We fight. We conquer. Or we die."
"Such noble words, from a dying race. You are doomed."
"We'll see."
"Would you really die for these Jedi? For nothing?"
"I'll kill you. That's worth it."
"Are you sure?"
"Aliit ori'shya taldin, chakaar. Hettir!"
Reysan laughed. "Indeed." The Lord swung out at Jatne's face, and the Zabrak barely managed to duck. Verjal sighed and nodded once, then flashed out his comlink. "NAYON! This is Verjal. We're in the hangar one above you. Gladius is about to explode, and Reysan has us pinned down. Get. Us. Out. Of. Here. What? No! NOW! JUST GET YOUR ASS UP HERE, DAMNIT!" Verjal snapped shut the comlink, and turned around to look at Zan'aryyyk, whom had been attempting to help Raine and S'yn. "Nayon's on his way! Zane, patch them up quickly and get them ready for IMMEDIATE transit!" The wookiee growled at Lumis. "NO! I don't care! Either you get them on that ship, or they die here!"
"Gee..." Raine coughed, and spat up blood. "Way to...." he coughed again, "keep the morale up." Raine broke into a coughing fit, blood coming up every once and a while, then groaned and lied back. The wookiee roared in annoyance. And then, as if on cue, a small freighter appears outside the hangar field door, then hovered in. The Always Vigilant opened fire on Reysan with it's single turret, but most of the shots went awry. Reysan turned to the ship and glared. He began charging forward at Lumis, determined on preventing the Jedi from getting away, but Jatne was quicker. He used the Force to leap in front of Reysan, intent on parrying the blow, but Reysan simply twitched his blade slightly to the left, taking of the Zabrak's left arm from the elbow down, as well as his right wrist. Jatne screamed and toppled over, Reysan slashed him again across the chest, then turned his attention to the Jedi. Verjal was charging towards the ship, shouting at Nayon to go. The ship began to lift off, the hatch closing. Verjal's pace double, with Reysan on his heels. The Jedi surged the Force around him, then jumped towards the closing opening. Reysan reached out to try and grab Lumis, but the Sith's hand slid down the Jedi's leg and succeeded only in yanking off Verjal's boot. The Jedi disappeared into the ship.
"WAIT!" Nayon shouted over the roar of the engine as Verjal stumbled to his feet, helped by Zane. "What about Jatne?!"
"THERE'S NO TIME! GO!" Verjal glanced out the cockpit window, at Jatne's form writhing on the ground, struggling to get up, or reach his lightsaber. Reysan roared in anger, then began walking towards the Mandalorian Zabrak.
"WE CAN'T JUST LEAVE HIM!" Nayon shouted. In the hangar, Reysan came to halt, looking down at Jatne. SNAP~HISS. The crackling of Reysan's blade reverberated into the cockpit of the Always Vigilant as his double-bladed lightsaber flashed to light, the red light a taint in the darkness, as bright and ominous as the red of a laigreks eye.
"GO!" Reluctanly, Nayon Askar hit the throttle, and the Always Vigilant backed out of the hangar. It turned around, and began to hum. Nayon paused for a noticeable second, then hit the button to jump to hyperspace. The hyperdrive whirred, then buzzed, and the freighter was gone, into hyperspace, leaving behind a crippled Sith flagship, an entire Republic fleet, and what was left of the Sith fleet. And then Gladius expanded, and bursted, incinerating the fleeing Republic and Sith fleets alike, overwhelming The Juggernaut, and it's crew, the Sith Lord and the dying Jedi. It's true. In space, no one can hear you scream.

Written By:James (Basilisk89)
Directed By:Zack (DarkLordVerjal)

This my the written version of the first gameplay of my RPG with friends. Somethings changed for a better improvisational book effect.

Verjal Lumis:Zack (DarkLordVerjal)
S'yn: Kevin (SynGates8791)
Zane'aryyyk: Cameron (friend)
Raine: Pat (friend)
Nayon Askar: Kyle (friend)
Jatne Kive: NPC
Dulac: NPC
Bracus: NPC


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