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Oddities of the Star Wars Universe
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Author:  Ugavine [ Thu Jan 03, 2008 9:49 am ]
Post subject:  Oddities of the Star Wars Universe

Oddities of the Star Wars Universe.
Lets face it, it's a vast strange galaxy out there. So I like to come up with something odd yet everyday to drop into adventures eg. Gamorrean Tusk guards, wookiee fur shampoo, Barabel scale polish. So here's what a came up with a while back for a common household pet (RCRB stats). :D

Capsule: A Moogie is a common household pet, usually found in middle-class homes of the Core Worlds and Mid Rim. The Moogie has no natural habitat and cannot be found in the wild. Moogie were genetically created by Lurrian genetic engineers to fill the niche market of domestic pets for children.

Moogie stand no more than sixteen inches high, have small feet and hands, with no arms. Moogie have blue fur which is light in colour when young gradually turning to a dark blue as the Moogie grows old. Moogie have a life expectancy of around six years. Moogie are loving creatures and reports of vicious Moogie tend to be exaggerated or totally unfounded. They have no teeth or claws and can always be trusted even with young children.

Moogie trade has become big business in recent years with even large corporations of the corporate sector investing in Moogie breeding. Terror Corporation, most commonly linked with weapon manufacture, were recently fined by the Imperial Bureau of Non-Sentient Animal Care for unsanctioned breeding of Moogie along with other charges of animal cruelty and tampering with the Moogie genetic code in breach of the Lurrian copyright.

Personality Moogie are loving and friendly, especially with young children. They love to play and laugh, giggling when their tummy is tickled.

Language: None, though they can mimic a few words.

Example names: Moog, Moo-Moo, Blue

Age: Child 1-6 months; adult 7 months - 6 years; old 6years +

Species Traits

Size Tiny Sized: +2 modifier to Defense

Speed: Base Speed 4.

Domestic animal 2 (stats based on Herd animal)

Str 2; Dex 11; Con 8; Wis 8; Int 2; Wis 8; Cha 14

Defense 12 (size +2)

Vitality/WP 6 / 7

Fort +1; Ref +0; Will +0

Attack: Slam -3 (base +1, Str -4) - damage: 10% chance of causing 1 point of damage.

Skills: hide +2, search +2, entertain +4

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