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Are my Players Characters to Strong?
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Author:  DarthBane53 [ Wed Jan 18, 2012 5:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Are my Players Characters to Strong?

Ok, so I have been playing DoD with my group (me playing 1 character and the two other playing 2 each) and we have just finished the second DoD mod. For the most part the characters seem pretty ok, par a few. The main concern is my brothers Jedi (can I use that term :maul: ?) I allowed him to be yodas species, I found a website with like 200 different races that seemed legit, thats how Im a whipid and hes a yoda. So any way this species gives him a pretty decent bonus to use the force checks so everytime he uses a force power he usually gets 25-35, which are insanly high tolls and do massive effects, now I dont think thats compleatly unfair because I let him pick that race. But also I allowed him to be a dark side character, this is where I think he gets overpowered...he is constantly using these powers and reeking havock on NPC's, he chucks em across the room in to other guys doing mass damage to both as well as fearing any boss so they become vegetables the entire encounter. At level 5 he has a dark side score of like 16. The party has only ever had 1 guy go unconscious and never had any real trouble. Is there any reccomendations as to what I should do or how I should tackle this problem. Thanks! Also how do I figure out how many credits the PC's get? Unlike D&D theres no easy access rewards page which shows amount of xp and or credits per mod. I have just told them to level up twice per mod (as per DoD should work) another problem this seems to add is it basically gives the PC's unlimited force, as before, any suggestions are welcomed.

Author:  TreebeardTheEnt [ Thu Jan 19, 2012 5:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Are my Players Characters to Strong?

Because of the way skills level vs a characters BAB advance, the character will be powerful at lower levels. At some point BAB, and thus attacking characters will be the better and more reliable option (I don't remember what level). Since the character is playing a race that the mod was not designed for you may need to modify the encounters to accommodate the change.

The mods are more or less designed for the characters to level two times each, so despite not understanding the XP that is correct. I have made an excel sheet that calculates the XP and credis that I have attached that should help you make the necessary adjustments to make the game more challenging.

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