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Sarlacc Battle
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Author:  Boba52 [ Tue Apr 06, 2010 7:46 am ]
Post subject:  Sarlacc Battle

Been trying to play this scenario for awhile now and boy, it did not disappoint. Wow, so much fun. All the credit goes to Brian (Batmite on the Wizo forums) This guy is crazy talented. He made the stats and the amazingly awesome Sail Barge of awesomeness. We had 5 players and Brian was like the ref since there were a ton of custom rules. He figured it would be too hard to play and answer all the questions at the same time. Basically, there were 6 squads. 2 Hero squads and 4 Bad guy squads. I don't remember them all exactly, but one hero squad was Lando Skiff, Han Scoundrel, and Chewie. Another was Luke COTF, Leia Slave, 3PO, R2 ES, and Biggs (was just thrown in to balance the points). Luke started on the Skiff with Han, Chewie, Lando. R2 on top of the Barge and Leia and 3PO next to Jabba. We had one bad guy squad randomly switch to the good guys (like they were being bribed) and that turned out to be my squad with Nym and company on a Skiff. This was AWESOME! In the end the bad guys were too much. Cad Bane was a tad overpowered for this scenario and the Heroes had horrible luck rolling deflect and evade saves and with Han and Lukes weak HP to begin with is was just too much to overcome. Some changes for next time would be someone lesser than Cad Bane, more movement cost to get into the Barge and more incentive for the the bad guys to come out into the sand, so the Sarlacc is more of a factor.

Here's the first draft of the rules. We changed a lot during play (like we made it so you could shoot the cannon and made up stats on the spot) so I will have to update a new one later.
The Great Pit of Carkoon

Team Battle over the Sarlacc Pit. Teams compete to be the last characters alive in the Dune Sea.

See other sheet for Force construction and Setup. What follows are the changes to the standard SWMB rules for this scenario.

Nikto Gunner on Desert Skiff

Ignore the Desert Skiff ability on the card and use the following rules.

1. If this character (the desert skiff) is defeated, characters on board are also defeated; each can make a save of 11 to avoid this effect. These passenger characters who succeed on this save are placed on the battle grid adjacent to the space previously occupied by this desert skiff)
2. Maximum of four figures on one skiff. Opposing figures can occupy your skiff.
3. All figures on a skiff are adjacent to one another and to the skiff. This means jumping to a opposing force’s skiff would make a figure incur Attacks of Opportunity for both the skiff and all opposing figures on that skiff.
4. Line of Sight to and from figures on skiff are drawn to and from the skiff’s base as though the figure is the skiff itself.
5. Characters pushed from the skiff land in an adjacent square of the pusher’s choice
6. Climbing into a skiff from the ground requires a figure to be adjacent to the skiff and give up a Attack action

Sarlacc Pit

Figures on the ground can become victims of the Sarlacc’s tentacles. The threat gets worse, the longer they occupy the ground. The Sarlacc’s tentacles can reach anywhere on the map.

1. A figure that begins its activation on a ground space must immediately make a Save 11. Success means you can take action as normal. Failure means you place you figure on the Sarlacc tile along the outer edge and your turn is over.
2. A figure that begins its activation on the outer edge of the Sarlacc tile must Save 11 or be moved to the center of the Sarlacc tile and end its turn. Success on the Save means you can take your turn as normal.
3. Figures that begin their activation in the center of the Sarlacc tile must Save 11 or become Defeated. Success on the Save means you can take your turn as normal.


Figures can replace their turn with a Jump action. The figure can move as though it had Flight during the jump.


Figures can make a standard attack against an adjacent enemy. If successful, the enemy is moved one square in a direction of the attacking character’s choice.

Figures on a skiff can push one another as well. If successful, the pushed character is placed adjacent to the skiff’s base.

Khetanna, Jabba’s luxury sail barge

1. Figures on the ground can climb onto the outer walk by giving up an Attack action while adjacent or beneath the barge. Place the figure on a nearby outer walk space.
2. Figures can scale the sides of the barge. It costs 4 squares of movement during a move
3. Figures Pushed from the upper deck are placed on the outer walk as close as possible from their starting space
4. Figures Pushed from the outer walk are placed on the ground as close as possible from their starting space
5. Figures can climb from the outer walk to the interior of the barge by climbing through windows. It costs two movements to pass through the window and then the figure can continue moving on the interior map. Figure can also move from the interior to the exterior with the same penalties. Figures should always pass through the wall and be placed on the corresponding space on the other side.


Author:  LoboStele [ Tue Apr 06, 2010 8:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sarlacc Battle

Holy crap, that looks awesome! Where'd he get the files for building the sail barge? Doesn't look like it'd be that difficult. Just print, cut, glue to some foamboard, etc. Very sweet. Sounds like the rule set was decent as well. :)

Author:  Ironlightsaber [ Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sarlacc Battle

Very nice work!

Author:  Fool [ Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sarlacc Battle

Excellent Job Chris!

Author:  terminento [ Thu Apr 15, 2010 7:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sarlacc Battle

Woah! I want to do my own sail barge too!
I couldn't thank you enough if you posted the templates!

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