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Ordered Cards
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Author:  The Madman [ Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:53 am ]
Post subject:  Ordered Cards

Alternate play-


This system is taken from the table top Wargame: AT-43(Rackham games)

It’s a Unique Hybrid-combination of the DDM mechanic and Warmachine

Basically you have squads with commanders &/or a hero and corresponding cards to track ability uses and wounds/damage
The squad(s) benefits from the CE like we are familiar with and moves as a whole unit.

Squads are classified by their abilities, either class 1 troop; 2 specials/heavy weapons; 3 Elites/Armor

Based on troop size and other factors you get commander points to spend on special “Orders”. Orders allow special actions and alternate abilities as related to a table top wargames

Play goes like this:
after initial set up, each player orders his cards FACE DOWN,(Card details are only printed on one side) in the order in which they want to activate their squads/units based on what they wish to accomplish. Opponents do this simultaniously.

Since SWM has detail printed on both sides of the card- a set of single color Opaque card sleeves would be needed

I want my armor units to move in and attack if possible, followed by my troops (again attacking if possible) then my Specials to remain in place to fire special weapons

My opponent will order their cards and respond in kind at the same time I do

If I read my opponents move correctly, my squads will be successful; if not… I then suffer damages, and would need to spend command points to issue “Orders” to change my card order of play. My opponent would do likewise

Play could be done in a similar fashion to the above, where squad building would be done in Units… being able to take full advantage of the new “Squad” abilities along with hero’s and other commanders and character cards would be ordered in “Units” and played as above


Build squads as normal, ordering characters cards individually and playing more “In the Blind”. Tempo character like San Hill & Dondonna could really make things interesting!

“Command Points” could be easy to determine based on build points, ¼ # of characters, the # of commander effects in play or # of hero/unique pieces on the field
The possibility for this is really quite large and flexible.

Author:  LoboStele [ Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ordered Cards

As we were talking about it last week at the LGS, I really like the general idea of this, and could make for a fun play-style. Needs to be fleshed out some more, as I'm really not familiar with how AT-43 is played, and I don't really follow some of the ideas here yet. But I think it's got some potential. Just the idea that you have to decide the order in which you activate your pieces at the very beginning of the round is a VERY interesting tactic.

The first question that comes to my mind at this point though, is how do you differentiate between non-Uniques? Would you need to have all your various Ugos with numbers on them, and then corresponding numbers on the cards? Also, would require you to have a card for each piece on the map, which many of us don't bother with sometimes for things like Ugos, Mouse Droids, etc.

Author:  The Madman [ Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ordered Cards

that's some thing that could be answered from the AT-43 rule book
a squad is a certain number of pieces/points

a "Sqad" of troopers are 6 pieces and cost 30 points
additional units are 5 points... heavy weapon units cost 12... see where it's going?
kinda "duh!"

but how it would translate for mixed units for SWM would indeed need some fleshing out; we'd have to look at the actual rules...

as the mechanics for table top wargames are somewhat diffrent from the SWM mechanic and closer to the DDM mechanic, the need for Mouse droids are irelivant
the CE is determined within the squad; something like "... all units must be within 2" of each other..." thus the discriptor from above :
and moves as a whole unit

indeed the options need some translation but I think the rules set are solid and simple enough to do-
they may not emcompass ALL the figures we have available though...

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