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 Post subject: Star Wars: Battlefront
PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2009 6:44 pm 
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Last night, Myself, FiveVee, and WackyWayne tried out a new gametype that is friendly to any number of players. After a little thought, we made some adjustments and I came up with a name for it based on what it is similar to. I give you, Star Wars: Battlefront:

The Map: This can really be played on almost any map, but for a really good game you will want something with several well-defined areas. Maps like Rancor Pit will see the game ending too early, but something like Ruined Base would be great for this. If you have more than 4 players, you should find two such maps and put them together.

At various places around the map, choose a number of rooms or small areas equal to the number of players. These are your starting spawn points. These should be well seperated from the other spawn points, and normally toward the edge of the map (though with an odd number of players, putting one in the center is cool)

After that is accomplished, choose a number of 2x2 areas equal to the number of players -1. These should be spaced far apart and not more than one too close to a player's spawn point. These will be your victory points. I recommend marking these somehow (last night we used post-it notes and drew the squares on top of those)

Here's an example of Ruined Base
The purple represents starting zones, the gold; victory points.

Squads: Each player should build a 100 point team. There are a couple special rules to note here:
Diplomat: Characters with Diplomat lose that ability for this gametype.
Droids: Only unique and separatist non-unique droids may capture command posts. Non-unique droids of other factions (including fringe on a separatist team) may not be used to capture command points, although they can still be played. All living characters can capture command posts.
Reinforcements: The ability Reinforcements does not operate the same in this gametype as it normally does. Instead of instantly bringing in more troops, you instead add a number to the ones listed below to call in Reinforcements. For example, if you bring Lobot and choose 7, you bring in 15 points of Reinforcements on a 5, 7, 10, 15, or 20.
Override: Non-unique characters with Override lose that ability for this gametype.
Emplacement: These may NOT be placed on VPs, but other than that, the map is your oyster.

Set-up: Each player should roll a D20. From highest to lowest, choose a starting zone. The game is played normally from there.

Victory: The first team to get to 25 points wins. Points are not gathered for defeating enemy characters or sitting in the gambit zone (which doesn't exist in this gametype anyway), but at the end of each round, you score one VP for each Victory Point you have a character on uncontested (does not have any enemy characters on it)

Reinforcements: On an initiative roll of 5, 10, 15, or 20, you may bring in 15 points of non-uniques from your faction, fringe, or a mixture of the two. These points can not be stored, and follow all the same rules as Reserves (which is still a legal ability in this game, and works the same). These pieces may be brought in in your starting area at the start of your first turn of the round.

The Premise: This gametype forces players into a very competitive game, where you have to hold several VPs to gather points quickly enough to win, yet the other players are attempting the same thing. The three squads that were played last night were Commando Luke, a Commando STL, a Pathfinder, and 5 Veteran RCs, played by WackyWayne. He called in reinforcements 4 times, if memory serves, and started off the strongest, with 3 VPs (we had 4 in our game, this was before dropping the number) by the end of round 2. FiveVee played Shaak-Ti, Old Wedge pilot, R2-Sensor, a Wookie Soldier, and a VRC. I believe he rolled reinforcements 3 times, and brought in a rebel pilot each time. He got the last VP, and started pressuring Wayne for another by round 5. I played Vader LotF, Lobot CLO, a HBG, and a uggy. Only pulling reinforcements twice, I pulled in a mouse droid and two uggies to replace the one I'd lost by then first, and two stormies second. I ended off the strongest, after Vader stomped both Luke and Shaak in single combat and taking a total of 80 damage between the two of them. However, I had a VP for only a single round, then Wayne rolled reinforcements again and blew my stormies away. The game lasted a while, but we were playing it where you had to hold 3/4 of them for 2 rounds to win, instead of gathering VPs. If we were doing it that way, the game would have been WW at ~15, FV with ~4, and me with a whopping 1 when we ran out of time and the store closed.

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