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Month-Long Campaign Scenarios - The Technology War.
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Author:  lt_murgen [ Thu Sep 13, 2007 6:36 am ]
Post subject:  Month-Long Campaign Scenarios - The Technology War.

The Technology Wars: A Star Wars Campaign in 4 scenarios


The Clone Wars are over. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has become Emperor Palpatine. The Jedi are in flight. All over the newly founded Empire, corporate interests and member governments seek to curry favor with their ‘new’ leader. His unbridled interest in the machinery of war has set off a frenzy, as everyone scrambles for the newest, latest technology and to feast off the vast sums allocated for the Imperial Army. The fortunes are so vast, the stakes so high, many would, and will, kill for their share.

The Players:

Corellian Security, represented by the Old Republic. The Corellian system was not spared the ravages of the Clone Wars, despite Garm Bel Iblis’ attempts at neutrality. The various corporations backed one, or both sides, with the internal politics of the Diktat being a microcosm of the larger conflicts in the galaxy. Now those that backed the CIS seek to recover their investments, and their lost prestige.

The Corporate Sector, represented by the Sith. The Corporate Sector profited greatly from the Clone Wars. Credits flowed in as rapidly as raw materials could flow out. Flush with funds, the directorate seizes the opportunity to overtake the positions once occupied by the techno-union, the banking clans, and the trade federation.

The Imperial Army, represented by the Imperial and Republic forces. With the Jedi disgraced, many of the military officers find themselves in positions of power. Some are political appointees of Palpatines. Others are career military officers from the member worlds. All seek technological advancements for their forces as a way to boost their careers.

The hold-outs, represented by the Seperatists. The leadership of the CIS is dead. But many who believed in the ideals, or at least the profits, of the CIS still fight on. They see advanced technology as their only hope, now that their once vast factory resources are gone.

The nascent Rebellion, represented by the Rebellion, the New Republic, and the Republic Jedi. Stunned by the slaughter of the Jedi, and by the usurping of power by Palpatine, there are those on the edge. Political outsiders, seeking to protect themselves, jedi and those who harbor them, and others see Palpatines obsession with technology as a dangerous road. They will do everything in their power to keep matters from becoming worse.

The Fringe: There will always be people seeking to profit from the powers that be. The Hutts, Black Sun, and others mobilize their agents to seize valuable technology, for re-sale to the highest bidder.

Special rules for the duration of this campaign:

1- No Vong may be played, except for Nom Anor. He counts as a Fringe character.

2- New Republic and Rebel figures are considered allies, and can be in the same force.

3- Madalorian figures are considered either Corporate Sector or Corellian Security, and can be in either force.

4- The Republic forces can be in the same army with Imperial forces, with the exception of the list below.

5- The following list of Republic figures should be considered Republic Jedi: Aayla Secura, Agen Kolar (all versions), Alderaan Trooper, Bail Organa, Barriss Offee, Captain Antilles, Depa Billaba, Even Piell, Flash Speeder, Gungan Cavalry on Kaadu, Gungan Infantry, Jedi (all varieties), Ki-Adi-Mundi, Kit Fisto, Luminara Unduli, Mace Windu (all versions), Mon Mothma, Naboo Soldier, Obi-Wan Kenobi (all versions), Padme Amidala (all versions), Plo Koon, Qui-Gon Jinn (all versions), R2-D2 (all versions), Saesee Tiin, Shaak Ti, Stass Allie, Yoda (all versions)

6- The following list of Republic figures should be considered Fringe: Chewbacca of Kashyyyk, Polis Massa Medic, Quinlan Vos, Tarful, Wookiee Berserker, Wookiee Scout.

Author:  lt_murgen [ Thu Sep 13, 2007 6:37 am ]
Post subject: 

Scenario 1: Mechis III

Background: One of the first pieces of legislation the new Imperial Senate passed was a ban on all forms of combat programming for droids. This sweeping ban was backed by the threat of seizure of the assets of the offending companies. Some companies, however, still haven’t paid attention to the change in tone that accompanied the birth of the Empire.
Word has leaked that a small technology firm has refined the gungan shield technology into a portable generator. Generators had fallen out of favor as the weapons of war became more powerful than they could handle. This new one, however, significantly closes the protection gap. The company maintained a small R&D facility on the factory world of Mechis III, which they have abandoned. Now various groups scramble to bring the specifications back…. At all costs.

Map: The starship, from the Revenge of the Sith Ultimate Missions book.

Build: 150 points.

Special Rules:
1. Due to the noxious atmosphere, all figures are assumed to have some form of filter or vapor mask. This reduces all figures with Flight special ability to -2 move when flying.

2. These masks also prevent communication. All commander effects are limited to 6 squares.

3. Due to these limitations, Gonk droids have been outfitted with communications relays. Their generators are powerful enough to cut through the electronic static of the factory world. A commander within 6 squares of a Gonk can communicate to any ally withing 6 squares of that Gonk. This can be ‘chained’ through multiple Gonks.

4. With their limited intelligence, Gonks cannot distinguish which signals to pass along, and will act as relays for both allied and enemy commander effects.

Objective: Near the center of the map is a room marked turbolift. This is actually the company’s data-core. To win this scenario, a player must have a figure spend 4 full rounds without any action in that room, including making attacks of opportunity. This represents downloading the specifications.

The winning faction gains Shield 10 for all non-unique units with Battle Droid, Commander, Mercenary, Soldier, or Trooper in their names.

Author:  lt_murgen [ Thu Sep 13, 2007 6:39 am ]
Post subject: 

Scenario 2: Islands of Fresia

Background: The Z-95 headhunter has been around since before the Clone Wars, and was one of the design influences for the ARC-170. But many planetary defense forces found the Z-95 outclassed by the newer droid fighters by the end of the war. Incom has numerous small facilities scattered across the islands of Fresia, their corporate homeworld. These facilities are working on developing a newer fighter from the lessons learned on the Z-95 and ARC-170.
Corporate spying has uncovered that one such facility is working on enhancing pilot survivability. Comparing their designs to Koensayr’s recently introduced Y-wing, they have created an advanced design for a compact prototype propulsion system. It is to be designed into the pilot’s couch and allow for maneuvered descent. Their first tests showed these jets to be far superior to existing personal jetpacks.

Remembering the advantages wielded by the aerial troopers, the factions move to collect the first samples of this new technology. Small teams are dispatched to this isolated lab to collect the prototypes.

Map: Jedi Praxeum, from the Attack on Endor Scenario Pack.

Buid: 100 points.

Special Rules:
1. The starting area for player 1 is the upper left corner of the hanger. The starting area for player 2 is the upper right of the hanger.
2. The lab has its own security forces. They must be set-up adjacent to one of the water squares in the center of the map. Each player places 2 figures until they are all placed.
3. Security forces act in the following manner: They act last in each turn. Players each move 1 figure per turn. You are allowed to attack either player’s forces, but not other security forces.
4. The defense forces are the following (107 points):
a. E522 assassin droid (or equivalent security droids)
b. Bith Black Sun Vigo (representing the leader of the security team)
c. 2 Quarren raiders
d. 2 Aqualish Assassins
e. Bo-shek (representing the lead technician) In this scenario, Bo Shek loses industrial repair and gunner, but gains Flight 8.

Objective: There is a small 4x4 room on the map opposite the hanger. To win this scenario, a player must have a unit spend 1 full turn inside that room. That unit must then reach their start area. Alternatively, that unit may lose its attack action to ‘transfer the goods’ to another, unit.

The winning faction may grant Flight 8 to one unit in all following scenarios.

Author:  lt_murgen [ Thu Sep 13, 2007 6:40 am ]
Post subject: 

Scenario 3: The Badlands.

Background: Tattooine has had a long history of colonization and abandonment. The desert conspires to bury all traces of those who would try to scratch a living from its sands. These lost structures make excellent, out of the way, testing grounds for new military technology- particularly with the sand people being so accommodating and providing targets for live fire testing.

These same sand-people recently raided a Merr-Sonn outpost, killing the scientists and guards there. However, they did not gain access to the sealed weapons locker. This took the kind of expert attention that only money could provide. Now, the group assigned to recover the new weapon must make its way out of the Jundland wastes with its prize.

Map: Rancor Pit, from the Attack on Endor Scenario Pack, or Jundland Wastes, by Voringarth, available at http://www.swminiatures.com/tags/downloads/maps/page/3/

Also required: skiff tile from Rebel Strike, Ultimate Missions

Build: 200 points

Special Rules:
1. The players roll to determine who is attacker and defender. The starting area for the defender is the small group of buildings on the rancor pit map, or any corner on the Jundland wastes. The defending player also needs to place the “Skiffâ€￾ tile from the Rebel Strike Ultimate Missions.
2. This skiff tile has the following abilities: HP 80, defense 13, Flight, Speed 8. Attack +0, Damage 0, Desert Skiff ability. One figure from the defending team must be onboard the tile at all times, to act as its driver. If the driver is defeated, the skiff stops.
3. Select one figure on the skiff. This figure gains Grenade (Replaces attacks, range 12: 20 damage to target and each figure adjacent to the target, save 11)

Objective: To win this scenario, the defending player must get the skiff completely off the opposite edge of the map. The attacking player must either eliminate the other squad, or take over the skiff and pilot it off the edge of the map.

In all future scenarios, any member of the winning side with grenades (range:6) is replaced with grenades (range:12)

Author:  lt_murgen [ Thu Sep 13, 2007 6:41 am ]
Post subject: 

Scenario 4: Retribution

Background: So far, the technology war has been a shadow war- small groups moving in secrecy to seize tidbits of advanced technology. With each new introduction to the Emperor, his pleasure and favor flows more to that group. The Emperor cares about results, not methods. With that level of freedom, open conflict is inevitable.

The two leading contenders in the war have decided to eliminate the other, and test their newest toys along the way.

Map: Any, determine as normal

Build: 300 points. Each army must include 1 unit with the Rigid special ablility.

Special Rules:
1. Each side can equip up to 50 points of units with a special EMP cannon. This can be one or more figures, but the total cost for those units cannot exceed 50 points.
2. EMP Cannon: 30 damage to any target with cyborg, droid, or rigid special abilities. The attacking figure cannot move and use this special ability in one round.

Objective: Eliminate your opponent.

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