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 Post subject: Alternate gameplay: Leader Plus Generics
PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2007 12:02 pm 
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Each player selects a faction and one unique from that faction that will be designated as their "Leader". Then fill the rest of the squad with the generic troopers of that faction (see list below) up to 60 pts. Basic game rules apply with the exception that at the end of every phase, if your Leader is still in the game and you managed to destroy at least 1 enemy figure that phase, you can bring in 1 generic trooper of your faction to your squad as reinforcements. That figure starts the next round in your starting area. Player who eliminates all opposing figures is the winner

Rebel - Rebel Trooper
Imperial - Stormtrooper
Republic - Clone Trooper
Separatist - Battle Droid (x2 for the reinforcements)
New Republic - New Republic Trooper
Yuzhaan Vong - Yuzhaan Vong Warrior (or now Advance Scout, maybe)
Old Republic - Old Republic Soldier
Sith - Sith Trooper
Fringe - Any non-unique followers of your choice (7 pts for reinforcements)

King of the Hill - When we played we just all started in the Geonosis Arena. In the center of the Arena we placed a marker. If any player had their Leader as the only adjacent figure to the marker at the end of a phase, that player could deal 10 unavoidable damage to any figure on the board.

Bacta Tanks - We also placed 2 markers on the sides of the Arena that were there to represent Bacta Tanks. If any figure started a phase adjacent to one of the Bacta Tanks, they healed 10 HP.

Just a fun game some friends and I tried out a while back. Works best with 3-4 players. Don't think it should be too unbalanced by the new sets (with the exception of maybe Vader, IC making the Stormtroopers a little too hard to kill and the exclusion of Mandalorians as they have no Uniques under 60 pts). Higher point starting values could probably be used too, but we wanted to keep the higher point beatsticks from being taken as the Leaders.

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