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Marmalade Hoth
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Author:  Sithborg [ Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Marmalade Hoth

First, major props go to Boris the Dwarf, as I am modifying his scenario. Hopefully use this page as the go to resource on the Marmalade Dog website.

1200 pt. Rebels vs. Empire battle
Rules of the game: While this event will follow most of the standard Star Wars Miniatures rules, there are a few changes in the way this game will be played compared to the standard skirmish style of play, as explained below.

Instead of each team building a squad to bring to the table, each team works as a group controlling the Rebels, while trying to rack up more victory points than the other teams. At the end of the event, the victory point scores will be tallied and a winner will be announced. Victory points are scored in one of two ways:
1. A player scores victory points equal to the point cost of an Imperial piece that player defeats. For example, if a player defeats a 12 point Elite Snowtrooper, that player scores 12 points.
2. Damaging the AT-AT. The four All Terrain Armored Transports are the exception the point cost system described earlier. Instead of scoring 200 points for defeating the AT-AT, each player scores 5 points for each 10 points of damage they deal to the colossal vehicle. These points are awarded after damage reduction has been applied. In addition, a player who deals the final crippling blow to the AT-AT scores an extra 50 points. So, if a player dealt all 300 points of damage to an AT-AT, that player would score 200 points (300/10=30, and 30x5=150).
Each team shares control of the Rebel force. Each round, one player from each team rolls initiative. The team who wins initiative goes first, with play continuing clockwise around the table, but alternating between the Imperial forces (one team will take a phase, then the Empire gets two activations, then the next team in clockwise rotation, then the Empire, etc.), meaning the Empire will have phases before some of the teams. However, the Imperial forces will never activate first. Just as in the standard skirmish game, each round is played in phases, with each team choosing to activate two characters at a time.

The following additional rules are in effect:

1. No more than 6 characters may be activated in a single phase. In other words, two characters will activate each phase, and no more than four other characters may be used to combine fire during the two characters’ turns of those phases.

2. Characters that have special abilities such as Reserves or Recon may only be used by the team who last activated that character in the previous round. It is up to each team to remember if they activated such a character during the last round.

3. Each player has 3 minutes to complete his or her phase, and once a piece is moved, it may not be moved back. Players who take longer than 3 minutes to complete a phase forfeit the rest of that phase. Be thinking about your move ahead of time; in fact, be thinking about 2-3 possible moves in case someone ahead of you steals your play.

4. Characters attacking targets more than 20 squares away (generally more than 1 map away) have -6 attack against those targets.

5. For each character with Gunner aboard an AT-AT, it gets +4 Atk.

6. Range for Special Abilities and Commnander Effects of characters aboard the AT-AT is counted from the AT-AT.

7. The wall terrain lines covering the printed Golan Turrets are still considered when determining Line of Sight.

8. Characters aboard the AT-AT can avoid defeat when the AT-AT is destroyed with a successful save 6. Place adjacent to the Destroyed AT-AT tile.

9. Troopers may "rappel" off the AT-AT. On their their turn, replaces their turn, may place on the base of the AT-AT. Defeated with a failed save 6.

That's all for now. Now for the squad compositions.

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