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Author:  nebraskankilla [ Sun Dec 30, 2007 2:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Rules

I did somthing like this...

I had a paper with lists of all the planets and how many points they produce with extras to certain factions so Genocious would produce 150 points each turn for the Seps but only 100 points for anyone else.

Each Squad was listed as a pice of paper named 1,2,3 ect.
Then on another paper the squads were listed.

Each beginning squad was 100 points and your "home base" squad was 300 points

You get 2 beginning squads in the adjacent planets to your home base (or the closest ones)

To attack you had to roll an 11 or higher to get past the Guarding Ships (16 for Home Bases)

Each squad can only attack once a turn

At the end of your turn you add your production value of a planet to the squad on that planet if there wasnt one there you make a new squad.

Once a character was added to the squad it cannot move form that one to the next.

Then you have 1 move at the end of your turn where you can move 1 squad to a friendly planet and merge with the units there.

It took a week for us to play and once I lost Hoth (I was Rebels) I couldnt get enough points to stop him.

Home Bases
Republic- Coursant
Sep- Genosis
Rebel- Hoth
Empire- Endor

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