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Bounty Hunter War [Shadows of the Empire]
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Author:  The Madman [ Sun Dec 16, 2007 11:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Bounty Hunter War [Shadows of the Empire]

The Bounty Hunters War
by The Madman

The Rebellion is in dire circumstance-
Still reeling from their crushing defeat at Hoth, and their narrow escape from Bespin, the Rebellion suffer personal torment as well, Luke Skywalker is seriously wounded-
Han Solo- one of the Rebellions greatest leaders has been captured and incased in Carbonite and is being delivered to Jabba the Hutt

Worse still, with the Rebellion forces on the run, they face not only their Imperial antagonist- but hired Bounty Hunters as well. From across the galaxy, these ruffians and semi-professional, soldiers of fortune, stalk the Rebel heroes across the galaxy hoping to cash in on the Imperial offer of high credits. Boba Fett, has in his possession the imprisoned Han Solo, and must be on guard from other jealous Bounty Hunters.

Amidst the chaos of fleeing Rebels, and lost heroes, an upstart lord of the underworld, leader of the criminal coalition, Black Sun; Prince Xizor adds his ego to the mix.
In an attempt to seek revenge against Darth Vader, and embarrass Jabba the Hutt, he has personally gotten involved in:
“The Bounty Hunter Warâ€￾

Special Build:

150 points (Faction Rules need not apply)
Player may choose ONLY characters that have the “Bounty Hunterâ€￾ SA, Prince Xizor or any other character which contains the “Black Sunâ€￾ Title or SA

Figures Named Baba Fett, (et all) Are excluded from players choice

Author:  The Madman [ Tue Dec 18, 2007 11:44 pm ]
Post subject: 

Anatomies of a theme build

First- have a theme
Any will do-
    Famous Pairs
    Hero Build
    Force Users
    Melee Only

Second- have one that is “do-ableâ€￾
Trying to run an all “Nautaloidâ€￾ squad is doable- but with only 2 figs in the whole series it’s going to be a little uneventful-

Next- know the Breakdown of the build- what your goals are and what kind of restrictions (if any) do you want to impose and what are the consequences…

Let’s run:
(Research on your own Shadows of the Empire and what happens in the Bounty Hunter War comic)
Build: Pieces with Bounty Hunter Special ability
Pieces with “Black Sunâ€￾ Special Ability
Pieces with “Black Sunâ€￾ in their Title
Prince Xizor
No version of Boba Fett may be used

Why limit the format to these stipulations?
Theme builds are meant to be run on a THEME, it’s “No funâ€￾ if you can always throw Boba Fett or Aurra Sing at EVERY challenge- the point is to build on a THEME.
Choose options that event the newest player can accommodate. The Build we’ve chosen does just that.

What does the Build allow?
Because 1) Most Black Sun pieces have “Stealthâ€￾ it makes for a sure challenge, only 1 other BH piece has Accurate Shot: Zuckuss. Most of the newest set, includes BOTH options
2) To circumvent the Stealth Special Ability, the Player will have to consider putting in Prince Xizor (40 points)
3) With the option to put in so many unique pieces, playing better bounty hunters with Black Sun Support is a must.
4) Since there are such great Vigos available who could resist not using the Bith BSV or the Rodian BSV?!

This all helps “Forceâ€￾ players to build a more rounded and Aggressive squad.

Example Squad:
    Prince Xizor-
    Zam Wessel –
    Bith Black Sun Vigo
    Abysian Black Sun Thugx2
    Aqualish Assassin x2
= 150points
This squad is very Stealthy, has 2- 3 Excellent shooters, Cunning and Opportunist fighters; Evade when near the Vigo, and Plenty of other options for hitting their target- Kohuun Infestation and Grenades 20.

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