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PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2007 5:10 pm 
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I just thought I'd share this... it is a campaign system I crafted, that has been fun for the limited experimentation my LGS group was available for. Just wanted to share in case anyone else had interest in such a beastie...

I apologize for the formatting... word tables don't translate well to web posts :( If anyone wants it, I can provide the word file... also can provide a region map I created with FractalMapper for use.

Note also that the powers do not include FU powers, but that's easy enough to rectify :)

Star Wars Miniatures Campaign System

The following represents an abstract campaign system intended to provide a strategic context to the SW Miniatures battles. The intention is to set up a way to create battles that aren’t just the same old “tournament styleâ€￾ games, and to have some carry-over from game to game… allowing for character improvement in some limited fashion.

The campaign will be based on a simple abstract planetary map, broken up into regions to create “risk-styleâ€￾ territory map. The map starts with all territories owned by someone… there will be no “attacking of neutrals.

Players will effectively create “squadsâ€￾ which will be their armies. These squads will move (based on the movement rules) and can attempt to take territory through defeating an opposing squad in battle. There will be scenarios for some battles, other than just the standard meeting engagement. Also, maps will be limited based on the territory.

The campaign is won by any of the following conditions:

• Any one player or alliance controls at least six capitals.
• Only one player remains with undamaged squads at the end of the Economics Phases of each turn.

Alliances are announced during the Initiative Phase, and work as follows:

• In the Initiative Phase, before any rolls are made, any factions wishing to ally must all announce their intention to do so. Once confirmed by all members, that alliance lasts one turn.
• An Alliance acts once during a turn… so if three factions all ally, they take each phase as one… so they all gather economics together, they all take actions together, etc. They may treat all territories of any alliance member as friendly territories.
• Economic points may be given to allied factions freely. There is no limit on how many of a faction’s economic points they can donate to another allied faction.
• If, during an Initiative Phase, a previous alliance breaks up (ie., one member decides not to participate anymore), any non-allied squads currently in territory that was one allied territory but is no longer must IMMEDIATELY retreat to an adjacent friendly territory. If they cannot, they are destroyed. Simply put, be careful who you ally with… and be even more careful who’s territory you go stomping through.
• If an alliance completes the victory conditions listed above, the alliance is judged victorious.
Each player will start with a single 150-point squad. Additionally, each player’s army starts with 100 points of experience, applied as desired. See experience below.

Players choose factions by some random fashion… either everyone rolls to see who chooses first, and then the first pick gets to choose what faction they wish (recommended) or everyone draws from a hat. Either way, determine who plays what faction. Note that the map positions are not fixed at campaign start. If less than 10 players begin the campaign, any inactive territories are considered inactive, and may not be attacked. Players select their starting location when they select their faction, and must do so by selecting a territory that is adjacent to another occupied territory (unless selecting first, of course).
The game revolves around a simple turn-based strategic game. Unlike many similar systems, this will not use a simultaneous “send in your ordersâ€￾ style… rather, each player will take their strategic turn in order, much as in the tactical game. Initiative will be generated each strategic turn, with the winner choosing to go first or last, and then the next person choosing similarly. This is explained below in the initiative section. Turns flow as follows… with each phase being completed by all players before proceeding to the next phase…

• Initiative Phase
Each player rolls a single D20, and then adds in any initiative modifiers (see initiative below). In order of lowest to highest, each player then selects their stance. Once this is completed, the players are ordered in turn order, based on this choice and their initiative roll. See initiative for details.
• Economics Phase
Each player collects points from their holdings, which represent their faction’s interest in the planet. Players then build new squads based on their income, or pay to rebuild their damaged squads. Note that damaged squads can take no actions, and cannot battle… if attacked, they automatically lose and must retreat.
• Action Phase
Each player, in turn, will take their action phase. Each player will complete the entire action phase before the next player begins theirs. The Action Phase consists of the following steps:
o Movement
The acting player moves squads, in accordance with the rules for movement. Note that all player movement is completed before any combat.
o Battle
After all movement is completed, battles are resolved. Note that each player can only initiate two battles per turn. There can be no ties… if somehow both squads are eliminated simultaneously, then both player “loseâ€￾ the battle, and the territory becomes unoccupied… any “losingâ€￾ squad must retreat from the territory.
o Strategic Movement
The acting player may move one squad from any friendly territory to any other friendly territory.

• Cleanup Phase
After all players have completed their action phase, any final cleanup is completed. Any troop who gained experience during the action phases gains that experience now. Note that this could mean that a character might have “gone up a levelâ€￾ mid-turn, but won’t gain the benefits until now. It is possible to “levelâ€￾ more than once during a single turn.

A “Squadâ€￾ for the purposes of the campaign game is any group of troops in excess of 75 points, but no greater than 150 points (note that reserves allow squads to temporarily exceed this limit, but these reinforcements are all temporary and these extra troops vanish at the end of any battle in which they appear). Squads can have two states… “activeâ€￾ or “damagedâ€￾. Any squad with over 75 points of troops is considered “activeâ€￾. Any squad with less than 75 points after all battle losses have been rolled for is considered “damagedâ€￾.

Squads must follow the faction restrictions regarding what figures they may be comprised of. These rules are under factions below. Note that a squad that is partially damaged but otherwise “activeâ€￾ may become invalid due to losses. If this happens, the squad is considered “damagedâ€￾ until it is returned to a correct and legal balance. A player MAY eliminate a troop or character in order to allow the squad to become undamaged. This is done during the Economics Phase.

The following factions are available for play in this campaign. Note that each faction has its own restrictions on percentage of available troops. As noted above, a squad that through losses becomes invalid is considered “damagedâ€￾ until it rebuilds to a legal state (or eliminates units voluntarily).

Old Republic Faction
Faction Percentage of Squad
Old Republic 50% or more
Fringe 0-50%

Republic Faction
Faction Percentage of Squad
Republic 65% or more
Fringe 0-35%
Note: Yoda, Jedi Master allows Wookies from any faction. They count as Republic for percentages.

Sith Faction
Faction Percentage of Squad
Sith 65% or more
Fringe 0-35%
Mandalorian 0-35%
Note: Ulic Qel-Droma allows the Mandalorian percentage to be exceeded in the squad he is in. In theory, you could have a squad with Ulic and the rest Mandalorians. Likewise, Exar Kun may have any number of fringe allies with Savage in his squad.

Mandalorian Faction
Faction Percentage of Squad
Mandalorian 100%
Note: Mandalorians are very restricted. However, they get special bonuses (see experience) to make up for it. Their lack of named characters should be readily offset by their ability to grow new ones.

Separatist Faction
Faction Percentage of Squad
Separatists 70% or more
Fringe 0-30%
Imperial 0-30%

Imperial Faction
Faction Percentage of Squad
Imperial 65% or more
Fringe 0-35%
New Republic 0-20%
Separatists 0-20%
Republic 0-20%
Note: Much like the Separatists, Imperials can cross-over a bit. Note that much like Qel-Droma for the Sith, Palpatine Sith Lord will allow an Imperial squad to have an unlimited number of Order 66 troops.

Rebel Faction
Faction Percentage of Squad
Rebel 65% or more
Fringe 0-35%

New Republic Faction
Faction Percentage of Squad
New Republic 50% or more
Fringe 0-50%
Imperial 0-30%
Rebel 0-30%

Yuuzhan Vong Faction
Faction Percentage of Squad
Yuuzhan Vong 70%
Fringe 0-30%
Note: No characters with a force rating may be selected by Yuuzhan Vong, nor may any characters listed as “Droidâ€￾ or “Cyborgâ€￾. However, Yuuzhan Vong may ally temporarily with factions that contain these types of characters. Yuuzhan Vong do get a significant bonus (see battle phase below) on their basic troop survivability. Also, they may certain upgrades for only 50 points for Yuuzhan Vong troops.

Fringe Faction
Faction Percentage of Squad
Fringe 50% or more
Rebel 0-20%
New Republic 0-20%
Separatists 0-20%
Republic 0-20%
Old Republic 0-20%
Sith 0-20%
Note: The most diverse faction, but unable to take more than 30 point troops from other factions due to their limited percentages . They do have some special skills as noted below in experience.

Uniques are handled similarly to the skirmish game. You cannot have more than a single “nameâ€￾ in your squad. However, you can have multiple squads each with a Darth Vader. However, each faction can have only ONE of any given specific unique in their entire army. So only one Mas Amedda in the Republic faction, only one General Windu (but they could have also a Mace Windu), etc. Each faction may have available uniques, so there could potentially be more than one Mas Amedda in the campaign at any given time.

This important concept from the tactical game carries over to the strategic game. It works much the same as the tactical game, in that the initiative winner may choose to go first, or last. However, as each phase is completed by all players in turn, the initiative can be even more important in some ways.

Each turn, all players roll a d20 during the initiative phase, and then add in any applicable modifiers. These modifiers are as follows:

• +2 for an Intelligence Officer (see strategic advantages below)
• +1 for each active squad that contains a character with the ability “Reconâ€￾ and is not adjacent to an enemy squad that contains a character with the ability “Disruptiveâ€￾
• +5 for the Imperial player if Grand Admiral Thrawn is in an active squad that is not adjacent to an enemy squad that contains a character with the ability “Disruptiveâ€￾
• -1 for each damaged squad a faction has.

Note that alliances are announced BEFORE rolling initiative, and must be finalized before those rolls are made. Once an alliance is made, that alliance acts as a single faction for the remaining phases. Thus if three players all agree to ally for the turn, they roll their initiatives, and *one* result is selected for the alliance to act on.

Each player rolls for initiative, and the highest total then selects whether to go “earlyâ€￾, or “lateâ€￾. This decision will affect their status for every phase, so it must be carefully selected… a player may not choose to go last in economics, and then first in the action phase. After the highest initiative selects their status, the next highest roll selects their option… “early or lateâ€￾. This is repeated for all players. Note that you will get players choosing the same option… in which case it goes in order of roll.

We have a group of nine players to start the campaign (no fringe player). They roll as follows (after all modifiers):
Imperial player rolls a 19
Republic player rolls a 17
New Republic player rolls a 14
Sith player rolls a 14
Rebel player rolls a 12
Yuuzhan Vong player rolls an 11
Old Republic player rolls an 11
Separatist player rolls a 7
Mandalorian player rolls a 2

• First, the Imperial player decides on whether to act first or last. In this case, the Imperial player elects to go “earlyâ€￾. As the Imperial player was the first to choose this, he will act first in each phase.
• Then, the Republic player must choose. The Republic player elects to go “lateâ€￾. As the Republic player is the first to choose this stance, they will act last each phase.
• The New Republic player, and the Sith player now roll again to determine who has the next choice. The New Republic player wins the roll-off, and selects “earlyâ€￾, so they act 2nd in each phase now.
• The Sith player likewise chooses “earlyâ€￾, so the Sith player will act 3rd in each phase.
• The Rebel player selects “lateâ€￾, and as they are the 2nd to choose that option, they will act next to last… with only the Republic player acting after them.
• The Yuuzhan Vong player and the Old Republic players now roll off. The Old Republic wins the roll-off, and elects to go “earlyâ€￾, so they will follow the Sith player each phase.
• The Yuuzhan Vong now elect to go “lateâ€￾, and will act right before the Rebel player.
• The Separatists now elect to go “earlyâ€￾, and follow the Old Republic.
• Finally, the Mandalorians get the spot between all the others, regardless of whether they choose early or late.

Thus, the final ordering ends up being:
New Republic
Old Republic
Yuuzhan Vong

Thus, each turn the player order will change, and players will have to use strategy with their initiative decision to determine the optimal place for them in each turn’s order.

Each turn, players will gain points to be spent on squads as well as on special strategic advantages (see below). Points are generated by controlling territories. Each territory has its own number of economic points that it generates each turn.

New squads can only be built at the player’s capital. Note that due to stacking limits (see movement below), this means that a player can never purchase more than two squads in a turn (and even then only one if the capital has a squad guarding it). New squads are placed immediately when purchased, and may be used that turn. Likewise, strategic advantages purchased are available for use immediately after purchase.

Squads can be reinforced while away from the capital, however they must be able to trace a line to the capital free of enemy territories. In other words, squads that are cut off cannot be reinforced. Such squads are at great risk of being destroyed if they lose a battle.

Points not used are carried over from turn to turn… any points unspent at the end of an economic phase are simply noted and can be spent in subsequent economics phases. This will be commonplace, as sometimes players will not have sufficient points to build a new squad or buy any more strategic advantages.

Strategic Advantages
There are a number of special upgrades players may purchase or gain by possession of a special territory. Unless otherwise noted, a strategic advantage lasts until specifically lost due to some event. For example, the Intelligence Officer upgrade lasts until assassinated by an opposing Special Operative.

• Intelligence Officer (cost: 200 points) – maximum of one/faction
The Intelligence Officer gives a +2 bonus to strategic initiative roll.
• Special Operative (cost: 100 points – 1 use) – maximum of one/faction/turn
Special Operatives may attempt to eliminate any one special upgrade in an opposing faction. For example, a Special Operative might try to assassinate a Logistics Officer. In all such cases, the Special Operative is expended in the attempt. The target of the attack rolls an 11+ save on a d20 to avoid losing the upgrade. Additionally, a Special Operative may attempt to disrupt an enemy territory that is adjacent to a friendly territory. If successful (save 11+ as above), any squads in the enemy territory may not move OR be reinforced this turn. However, other squads are not restricted from moving into the affected territory (potentially to reinforce or invade).
• Fortify Territory (cost: 200 points) – no limit on number of territories, one per territory
The designated territory is fortified (see territories below). Note that a territory cannot be fortified more than once, and that all capital territories start fortified (but may have their fortifications removed by a special operative).
• Logistics Officer (cost: 200 points) – maximum of one/faction
The Logistics Officer generates 50 points of income every turn.
• Minefields (cost: 200 points) – no limit on number of territories, one per territory
A territory can get a minefield. The effect is that prior to a battle, the invading force must make an 11+ save for each troop. Any failed save will deal 10 points of damage to that troop prior to the start of the scenario. Note that this damage may not be avoided by deflect/block, but is reduced by damage reduction and the 11+ save can be rerolled by expending force points (which would then not be available for the battle). Shields do function for this.
• Training Officer (cost: 200 points) – maximum of one/faction
The Training Officer may apply 50 points of experience to any one troop (including a unique) each turn. Note that this takes place during the Cleanup Phase, as with other experience awards.
• Transport Shuttle (cost: 100 points – 1 use) – no limit
A player may pay for transport shuttles to move squads from any friendly territory to any other friendly territory. This takes place during the economics phase, so a squad so moved may then take an action, as normal. This allows squads to potentially deploy to the front and combat from the capital. Note that a damaged squad can be moved in this fashion… potentially to rescue that squad from potential destruction.
• Medical Officer (cost: 200 points) – maximum of one /faction
The Medical Officer gives a +1 to the post-battle chart for eliminated troops.

Troops gain experience during this campaign. This can potentially allow regular troops to turn into powerful characters that rival some of the most powerful “uniquesâ€￾ in the game. Experience does NOT change the point value of a given model, which means that some troops may become tremendously powerful when measured against their point value. However, if a model dies, all experience is lost once repurchased (including for named characters)… so if an experienced model dies in battle, that save at the end of the battle will be critical.

Experience is gained simply… when an enemy troop is eliminated, the troop that struck the killing blow gains experience points equal to the points cost of the eliminated troop. So, if Exar Kun slays a Stormtrooper, he will gain 5 experience points. Likewise, if a Stormtrooper shoots down Exar Kun, he will gain 84 experience points.

Mandalorians serving with the Mandalorian faction (not Mandalorians in the employ of the Sith Faction) gain experience at double rate. Thus, any experience awards in the cleanup phase, including from a Training Officer, are doubled. Obviously, this will make Mandalorians grow quite quickly.

Accumulated experience points are spent during the cleanup phase. They are spent to purchase improvements to stats or to purchase new abilities, as per the following chart:

Stat Upgrades
Stat Bonus Experience Cost
Hit Points +10 100 points
Defense +1 50 points
Attack +1 50 points
Damage +10 (can only be purchased once) 150 points
Speed +2 (+4 without attacking) 100 points
Force 1 (to a non-force user) 150 points

Force Upgrades (only for force users)
Stat Bonus Experience Cost
Anticipation 50 points
Force +1 100 points
Force Absorb 100 points
Force Alter 100 points
Force Defense 150 points
Force Heal +10 100 points
Force Leap 100 points
Force Renewal +1 250 points
Force Stun 100 points
Knight Speed 100 points
Lightsaber Assault 100 points
Lightsaber Block 100 points
Lightsaber Deflect 100 points
Lightsaber Riposte 100 points
Lightsaber Sweep 100 points
Lightsaber Throw 100 points
Master of the Force +1 350 points
Master Speed 150 points

Ability Gained Experience Cost
Accurate Shot 200 points
Advantageous Attack 100 points
Advantageous Cover 100 points
Ambush (Savage characters only) 100 points
Black Sun (makes this character a Black Sun) 50 points (Fringe only)
Bodyguard 150 points
Bounty Hunter +2 50 points
Careful Shot +2 50 points
Crowd Fighting +2 50 points
Charging Assault 100 points
Charging Fire 100 points
Cunning Attack 150 points
Cyborg (only non-Cyborg or non-Droid) 50 points
Damage Reduction 10 (2x2 or larger only) 200 points
Dark Armor (Imperial only) 100 points
Deadeye 100 points
Deadly Attack 100 points
Demolish 50 points
Disruptive 150 points
Door Gimmick 50 points
Double Attack 150 points
Draw Fire (droid only) 100 points
Duellist (works against non-force users) 100 points
Empathy 50 points
Evade 150 points
Flamethrower +10 150 points
Flight 150 points
Flurry Attack 200 points
Force Immunity (non-force users only) 150 points
Furious Assault 150 points
Fringe Reinforcements +10 (Fringe only) 150 points
Gregarious 100 points
Gunner 50 points
Grenades +10 50 points
Heavy Weapon (+10 damage, can’t move and fire) 50 points
Industrial Repair +10 50 points
Jedi Hunter 150 points
Lightsaber (adds +10 melee to a non-LS) 150 points
Lightsaber Duelist (must be a force user) 100 points
Loner +2 50 points
Melee Reach 2 150 points
Mercenary (Makes this character a mercenary) 50 points (Fringe only)
Mighty Swing 100 points
Mobile Attack 150 points
Momentum 100 points
Opportunist 150 points
Override 100 points
Paralysis 150 points (50 points for Yuuzhan Vong)
Parry 150 points
Penetration +10 100 points
Personal Bodyguard (Must name a unique) 50 points
Poison +10 100 points (50 points for Yuuzhan Vong)
Quadruple Attack (replaces Triple Attack) 150 points
Quick Reactions 100 points
Recon 150 points
Regeneration 10 (Non-droid, non-cyborg only) 150 points (50 points for Yuuzhan Vong)
Repair +10 50 points
Satchel Charge 50 points
Self Destruct +10 100 points
Separatist Reinforcements +10 (Separatist only) 150 points
Sniper 100 points
Stealth 100 points
Spotter +10 50 points
Synergy (Must name a unique) 50 points
Triple Attack (replaces Double Attack) 150 points
Twin Attack 200 points
Vicious Attack 100 points
Wall Climber 100 points

Movement Phase
The first part of the Action Phase, the Movement Phase is where all squads are moved, potentially initiating battles. Squads are moved one at a time, and each squad must stop movement when it enters a territory not controlled by the acting player, even if that territory is unoccupied or occupied only by damaged squads.

Squads may move a number of territories equal to the speed of the slowest maximum rate of movement of any troop in the squad (include potential force usage in this, so any troop with a force rating is counted as having a speed of 14), divided by 4 (round to nearest on any fractions). Thus, a normal squad will move 3 territories per turn. Note that ultra-slow units (Jabba, Ephant Mon) may reduce a squad to a speed of 1 territory per turn. If a squad has transport (Skiff) it may transport an appropriate number of troops (two small or medium, one large), thus improving the speed of those units to be equal to that of the transport. So Jabba and Ephant probably ride in Skiffs 

Note that stacking restrictions are only checked at the completion of each phase (see stacking below). Thus you can move through full territories in order to move into a territory beyond.

You can only move into two enemy territories in any given turn. This is not a balance restriction, but rather is done so that no one player can monopolize the action and slow down the game for the rest of the players. Note that this is true of an alliance as well, so an alliance cannot generate more than two attacks in a turn, regardless of number of members.

Territories have a stacking limit of 1 or 2. This means that only one or two squads may be in that territory at the end of any given phase, as appropriate. Note that you may move up to two squads into a stacking-limit-2-territory with two enemy squads occupying it, allowing up to four total squads to be there… albeit only until the battle is resolved.

Stacking limits only are checked at the end of the main game turn phases. Thus, stacking is checked at the end of the Initiative, Economics, Action, and Cleanup Phases. If at any time a player is found to be overstacked at the conclusion of a phase, that player must eliminate squads until such time as the stacking limit is observed.

Battle Phase
The Battle Phase is initiated when a player moves a squad into an enemy territory. Given stacking restrictions, the largest battle possible in this campaign is 300 points vs. 300 points. This is intentional, in order to ensure that battles are manageable.

If a battle takes place in a Fortified Territory, the defending player gains several advantages:

1) The defender may choose the mapboard on which the battle is fought.
2) The defender may add up to four tiles to the mapboard. However, those tiles may not make any part of the board completely inaccessible… blocking all but a one square wide path is legal, however.
3) The defender sets up first, but may set up ANYWHERE on the map.
4) The attacker sets up last one one of the two board edges after seeing the defender setup. However…
5) The defender may move up to two troops to a new location after seeing the attacker setup, AND…
6) The defender automatically wins initiative on the first turn. There is no roll (so no chance of reinforcements for either side).

If the battle is in an unfortified territory, battles are handled as normal with one exception… the defender always chooses the mapboard upon which the battle is fought.

Battles are fought until all troops on one side are eliminated or have fled the map. To exit the map, a troop must simply run off the map on the side they entered on (or in the case of defending troops in fortified territories, the side opposite that which the attackers entered from). Note that troops that flee the map still roll on the post-battle results, and may still be lost (perhaps they are too embarrassed to live on…).

After battles are completed, every troop which was “killedâ€￾ or that fled the battle must roll on the post-battle chart, as follows:

Post-Battle Results Chart (roll d20)
Die Roll Effect on lost/fled troop
1-10 Troop is eliminated
11+ Troop is restored to life or remains alive
Apply a +3 modifier if the troop fled the battle but was not killed.
Apply a +2 modifier if the troop is a non-unique Yuuzhan Vong faction troop.
Apply a +1 modifier if the faction has a Medical Officer.

Once a battle is resolved, the losing side must retreat from the territory. If there are no friendly territories adjacent to which the squads may move, the squads are eliminated.

After the Post-Battle chart is consulted, if a squad is too battered, it may become damaged. If a squad is less than 75 points in active troops after the chart is consulted, that squad is damaged and becomes inactive. A damaged squad may not fight and must retreat if attacked.

Strategic Movement Phase
After all battles are resolved, the acting player may move any one squad from any friendly territory to any other friendly territory. This is identical to a Shuttle Transport, but is free… however, it takes place after all combats, so it is mostly for retreating damaged squads to safety.

Cleanup Phase
During this final phase, troops gain experience points, as per the experience system. Any new abilities purchased become active at this time. Careful records should be kept of any modifications to any troops or characters. Note that these records are public… squads are not concealed in any way. A sheet is provided to players for record keeping (see next pages).

I game, therefore I am.

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I'm interested in this. It could be a very fun way to fight a long campaign.

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PM me if you'd like a copy of the word doc :)

I game, therefore I am.

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