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Ultimate Missions: The Force Unleashed
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Author:  LordZero [ Wed Dec 26, 2012 2:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Ultimate Missions: The Force Unleashed

Hello It's I LordZero from the WOTC forums, if anyone remembers. not sure if anyone here posted on or in the WOTC forums for Star Wars Minis. I haven't played since 2009 but my new found friend is really into D&D but nobody has come up with a good Fantasy Scenario so we've started over like six times now. So I'm taking control and since everyone knows D&D in my group and loves Star Wars I've converted D&D into a Star Wars roleplaying game. I found all my minis and I remembered I had started a Force Unleashed Scenario or Campaign book. I was thinking about posting my scenario here but I'm not sure if anone would give it a try or not or even remember it. Also is this the only place that still or may talk Star Wars miniatures or are there other places now that WOTC is dead?

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