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My V-set: Galactic Diversity
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Author:  Sithborg [ Thu Sep 15, 2011 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My V-set: Galactic Diversity

Odd, never copied the Wookiees.

Wookiee Elite Trooper
RM: Wookiee Warrior
Cost: 24
HP: 80 Def: 15 Atk: +8 Dam: 20
SA: Double Claw Attack, Momentum, Mighty Swing, Rolling Cleave

Wookiee Chieftan
RM: Wookiee Trooper
Cost: 28
HP: 100 Def: 17 Atk: +9 Dam: 30
SA: Melee Attack, Melee Reach 2, Cleave, Affinity (May be in a Republic, Rebel, or New Republic squad)
CE: Whenever a Wookiee ally defeats an adjacent enemy, they may immediately move up to 3 squares. Wookiee followers within 6 gain Final Shot.

Yoda, Friend of the Wookies
RM: Yoda, JM
Cost: 59
HP: 140 Def: 22 Atk: +12 Dam: 20
SA: Unique, Melee Attack, Double Attack, Ataru Style Mastery
FP: Force 2, Force Renewal 2, Master of the Force 2, Lightsaber Defense, Lightsaber Throw, Force Valor, Force Defense
CE: Allied Wookiees gain Bodyguard. Wookiee allies who end their move within 6 of this character, gain +10 Dam against adjacent enemies for the rest of the turn.

Wookiee Rebel
RM: Wookiee Scout
Cost: 24
HP: 90 Def: 16 Atk: +7 Dam: 20
SA: Double Claw Attack, Rend +20, Advantageous Cover

Chewbacca, Galactic Hero
RM: Chewbacca, RH
Cost: 44
HP: 150 Def: 17 Atk: +11 Dam: 20
SA: Double Claw Attack, Momentum, Bodyguard, Protective +30 (+30 Dam when an injured ally whose name contains Jaina, Jacen, or Anakin are within 6), Synergy (+4 Atk for each ally whose name contains Solo within 6)

RM: Wookiee Soldier
Cost: 32
HP: 110 Def: 16 Atk: +12 Dam: 20
SA: Unique, Melee Attack, Double Attack, Synergy (+4 Atk and +4 Def when within 6 of an ally whose name contains Jaina, Jacen, or Anakin), Repair 20, Industrial Repair 20, Mighty Swing
FP: Force 4, Lightsaber Deflect

Author:  R5Don4 [ Thu Dec 08, 2011 7:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My V-set: Galactic Diversity

So when can expect the PDF of this bad boy to be published?


Author:  R5Don4 [ Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My V-set: Galactic Diversity

1. Wookiee Elite Trooper -RM Wookiee Warrior, The Force Unleashed #28
2. Wookiee Chieftan -RM Wookiee Trooper, Knights of the Old Republic #12

3. Darth Maladi -RM Yuuzahn Vong Shaper, Legacy of the Force #59
4. Massassi Warrior -Taung Warrior, Masters of the Force #40

5. A'Sharad Hett, Warleader -RM A'Sharad Hett, The Dark Times #4
6. General Jar Jar
7. Gungan Grenadier
8. Onoconda Farr -RM Rodian Diplomat, Masters of the Force #10
9. Sharad Hett -RM Elite Sith Assassin, The Dark Times #2
10.Tion Medon of Utapau -RM Tion Medon, Revenge of the Sith #51
11. Yoda, Friend of the Wookies -RM Yoda, Jedi Master, Revenge of the Sith #24

12. San Hill, Muun Banker -RM San Hill, Revenge of the Sith #37
13. Shu Mai -RM Kaminoan Ascetic, Universe #20
14. Quarren Isolationist Noble -RM Quarren Assissin, Rebel Storm #54
15. Quarren Isolationist Warrior -RM Quarren Raider, #56

16. Admiral Ackbar, Fleet Commander -RM Admiral Ackbar, Universe #43
17. C-3PO, Golden Diety -RM C-3PO, Ewok Deity, Imperial Entanglements #2
18. Mon Calamari Officer -RM Mon Calamari Mercenary, Rebel Storm #53
19. Wicket, Ewok Adventurer -RM Wicket, Alliance and Empire #57
20. Wookiee Rebel -RM Wookiee Scout, Revenge of the Sith #23

21. Janus Greetjatus -RM Imperial Dignitary, Imperial Entanglements #14
22. Sim Aloo -RM Imperial Inquisitor, The Dark Times #19

23.Chewbacca, Galactic Hero -RM Chewbacca, Rebel Hero, Universe #45
24. Lowbacca -RM Wookiee Soldier, Rebel Storm #20
25. Mon Calamari Ranger -RM Mon Calamari Knight, The Clone Wars #15

26. Dathcha -RM Jawa, Rebel Storm #51
27. Dune Sea Bantha -RM Tusken Raider on Bantha, Universe #30
28. Duros Smuggler
29. Ewok Archer -RM Ewok Warrior, Alliance and Empire #43
30. Ewok Sentry -RM Ewok Scout, Imperial Entanglements #31
31. Chief Chirpa -RM Logray, Ewok Shaman, Imperial Entanglements #34
32. Cradossk -RM Bossk, Rebel Storm #56
33. Elite Bespin Guard -RM Antarian Ranger, Jedi Academy #12
34. Elite Utapaun Soldier -RM Utapaun Warrior, The Clone Wars #40
35. Greedo, Bounty Hunter -RM Greedo, Rebel Storm #55
36. Guri, Enforcer -RM Guri, Universe #19
37. Jabba Desiljic Tiure -Jabba the Hutt, Rebel Storm #50
38. Jawa Salesmen -RM Jawa Scavenger, Imperial Entanglements #32
39. Jawa Salvager -RM Jawa Trader, Alliance and Empire #48
40. Lando Calrissian of Cloud City -RM Lando Calrissian, Rebel Storm #52
41. Paploo on Speeder Bike -RM Commando on Speeder Bike, Rebel Storm #4
42. Peace Brigade Captain
43. Peace Brigade Pirate
44. R'kik D'nec -RM Jawa Scavenger, Imperial Entanglements #32
45. Rodian Bounty Hunter -RM Rodian Scoundrel, Alliance and Empire #52
46. Trandoshan Hunter -RM Trandoshan Elite Mercenary, The Dark Times #36
47. Trandoshan Slaver -RM Trandoshan Mercenary, Alliance and Empire #55
48. Tusken Hunter -RM Tusken Raider Sniper, Bounty Hunters #48
49. Ugloste -RM Ugnaught Boss, The Force Unleashed #59
50. Ugnaught Engineer -RM Ugnaught Tech, The Force Unleashed #60
51. Ugnaught Slicer -RM Ugnaught Droid Destroyer, Imperial Entanglements #38
52. URoRRuR'R'R -RM Tusken Raider, Rebel Storm #57
53. Utai Worker -RM Veractyl Wrangler, Champions of the Force #60
54. Utapaun Militia -RM Utapaun Soldier, Revenge of the Sith #52
55. Verpine CommTech -Verpine Tech, The Force Unleashed #26
56. Xizor, The Dark Prince -RM Prince Xizor, Universe #25

57. Mandalore the Ultimate, Recruiter -RM Mandalore the Ultimate, Knights of the Old Republic #55
58. Taung Crusader -RM Yuuzahn Vong Warrior, Universe #60

59. Duros Infiltrator -RM Duros Explorer, Alliance and Empire #40
60. Executor Nom Anor -RM Nom Anor, Universe #57

Author:  R5Don4 [ Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My V-set: Galactic Diversity

For what is worth here are my notes Scotty, I completely understand the need to go extra heavy on the CE's to fix Wizards missed opportunities

AKA: Oh, it's going to be one of THOSE planets.

1. Wookiee Elite Trooper compared to the WEW lower D but more Beef and can really hit for the big damage if he gets based for 6 more points. Could really use MR2 to bring him over the top
2. Wookiee Chieftan [color=yellow]spreading that Wookiee love around, my first thought is to introduce this guy to Chewbacca for that Final Shot CE

3. Darth Maladi love the plague
4. Massassi Warrior even with the really low D this guy seems like a lot of damage potential for the points

5. A'sharad Hett, Warleader this is pretty cool, Niman cancels Exile
6. General Jar Jar don't worry I'm not missing seeing these stats
7. Gungan Grenadier
8. Onoconda Farr interesting piece, turns the Snow Bunny into a killing machine. Other than flavor I can't see the benefit for puting this guy in a Sep squad. Whorm beefed up Rodians?
9. Sharad Hett Quick Reflexes is interesting. Sophie's Choice that the Hetts can't be in a squad together without hindering each other
10.Tion Medon of Utapau I like the Clever Sep Affinity with Commanders getting Cloaked. This guy seems pretty expensive even with his outstanding CE, I mean he costs more than Thrawn and this guy is no Thrawn if you know what I'm saying
11. Yoda, Friend of the Wookiees to me this guy seems too much like a redo of the original YJM blended with GMY. I would have preferred something more original. Maybe shave off some of the extras to bring the point cost down a bit.

12. San Hill, Muun Banker well this guy is very different from the old San that I like, I don't know he could ever get out of old San's shadow though
13. Shu Mai custom made to make Spider Droids better, mission accomplished?
14. Quarren Isolationist Noble bringing the "cannon ce" to the non-unique living Seps. Are there enough followers that could make this CE worth using?
15. Quarren Isolationist Warrior I don't see why this would be unit would be used over the Chiss Trooper. 2 more points for 20 more HP, 1 more D and 3 more attack... I guess it is worth it

16. Admiral Ackbar, Fleet Commander I know this guy does a lot and is way better than the old one but I think his cost is too high for what he brings to the table in the factions made up of super cheap commanders
17. C-3PO, Golden Deity well needed tweak that brings a lot of flavor
18. Mon Calamari Officer A CE the Rebels really could use
19. Wicket, Ewok Adventurer he's a bit better than the original, but 21 pts better? C'mon tinker with him a bit to get him under 20 pts, right now he costs more than Dash RS or Luke RC or Han Smuggler, that is lot to pay for the chance you might get some more ewoks and Pathfinder
20. Wookiee Rebel I like that he doesn't have Melee, but because of his big potential damage output you will want to get him up to the front at the right time, and you can combine fire to help him land his shots and get off Rend

21. Janus Greetjatus In a nutshell Fringe hate, Palpatine love :emperor:
22. Sim Aloo Same song different verse, and synergizes with the above, well that is 68 pts of the squad, what else did you have in mind? I just wish these guys had something to do other than stand around and block. I love to play the Imperial Dignitary because he can attack and when he hits which usually happens on a Crit that it is 30 damage, makes your opponent think twice before allowing that AOO. Sure these guys can shoot with Thrawn's Opp CE but clearly you are trying to get away from Thrawn in every Imp squad with these units. You want squads with Palpatine without Fringe so give them an option

23.Chewbacca, Galactic Hero when one of the Solo kids is injured around this guy watch out, he is shooting harder than an AT-ST! Nice touch giving him Bodyguard so you can mitigate the damage and burn through those beefy 150 HPs.
24. Lowbacca this guy needs the Wookiee SA. What is he supposed to use Industrial Repair on?
25. Mon Calamari Ranger the potential to do 60 at range is nice but will he hit?

26. Dathcha needs Jawa SA or Jawa in the name might be better (pretty obscure character). R2 was popped by one beefcake of a Jawa
27. Dune Sea Bantha pretty high cost for such a pitiful D
28. Duros Smuggler
29. Ewok Archer Accurate shot or Sniper would make these guys a whole lot better. As is best played with Imps. Oh and here is where the numbering goes off
30. Ewok Sentry good for a bit of Ewok diversity
30. Chief Chirpa endless ewoks with Gang ok, there is a reason to play Ewoks again, take that Rodian Brute
31. Cradossk Now this guy I really like. Very good representation of the leader of the BH Guild
32. Elite Bespin Guard wow, now this guy packs a punch
33. Elite Utapaun Soldier has Extra Attack instead of Double so he can really lay the hurt on with original Tion's CE. Why not just give him Twin? So you can play him with Whorm and make him shoot for 6? Maybe give him Evade so he can benefit from TBSV instead of Ambush
34. Greedo, Bounty Hunter Oota Goota is fantastic- love that. Inaccurate is equally hilarious.
35. Guri, Enforcer She's got a pretty rockin CE and she's not so bad herself
36. Jabba Desiljic Tiure my fave of the set. Not so sure about Crime Lord but I love the concept. It encourages Fringe pure squads which as a rule could probably be much better in at least one faction
37. Jawa Salesmen Droid Salesman is interesting. I see it starting a progression of trading in heavily damaged beefcake droids for slightly less expensive beefcake droids. This is a winner. Repair 30 prolongs the pain.
38. Jawa Salvager is this guy supposed to be the safety net for the Salesman?
39. Lando Calrissian of Cloud City Internal Strife is classic on this character. All around great job.
40. Paploo on Speeder Bike Should really be Rebel IMO- did you just want to give Fringe/every faction Disruptive other than Nym? I get the no Flight because that would be pretty broken.
41. Peace Brigade Captain
42. Peace Brigade Pirate
43. R'kik D'nec Now this is a beefy Jawa! (needs Jawa SA and didn't you mean for the RM to be KotOR Jawa Scout?). This guy seems a bit much, wasn't he the Jawa fanning Jabba with a big leaf in RotJ? Who knew he was actually there to whoop ass?
44. Rodian Bounty Hunter I suppose he could have his uses
45. Trandoshan Hunter Enough beef to actually make Regen worth having
46. Trandoshan Slaver yes Net Gun is more appropriate but it is the EXACT same as Stun Mortar except it isn't Range 6. Good choice, this guy would actually use it where BTH would rather lay down some hurt.
47. Tusken Hunter what is the deal here exactly with Blaster 10? Don't want him hanging around with Czerka Scientists or is it something more?
48. Ugloste needs Ugnaught SA. I like the flavor of the CE
49. Ugnaught Engineer not sure about this guy, a mildly threatening repairman. At least give him Satchel Charge.
50. Ugnaught Slicer Yes, I can't get enough Shatterbeam, especially on a 9 point Fringer
51. URoRRuR'R'R I like him but I'm not sure he will help his Tusken brethren survive long enough to use CE, maybe if they are all being screened by that Dune Sea Bantha... hmm I see you have thought about this...
52. Utai Worker oh come on leave off the Empathy, don't murder the original mini
53. Utapaun Militia pretty good for 5 pts in the right squad
54. Verpine CommTech More Relay Orders is always good, don't really know what he's got going for him over a MD though
55. Xizor, The Dark Prince hey! a scary Xizor nice job.

56. Mandalore the Ultimate, Recruiter not loving the name and I think you should drop the Conscription altogether to bring the point cost down. My nickname for the original mini is Mandalore the Ultimate Waste of Points, so I see what you are trying to do here, jazz up the original but let it be what it is and make something new.
57. Taung Crusader very scary little beefcake you've got here

58. Duros Infiltrator Infiltrator seems a bit on the broken side when combined with all his other SAs. If he is a Duros why is he Force Immune and Thud bug. Also I feel that Ooglith is really powerful ability that shouldn't be on non-unique. Conceptually it really stirs the pot, which I like but it should have more built in weaknesses to compensate for the tremendous advantage.
59. Executor Nom Anor this guy steals everything from the original Nom except the CE. You should at least leave him Plaryn Bol to differentiate between the two, (and that SA never worked for me anyway). I'll reserve further comment on him until I see the stats for the two PB units

Author:  Sithborg [ Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My V-set: Galactic Diversity

Thanks for the feedback. A few things:
On Wicket, he has Reinforcements, which you bring in at the start of the game, not Reserves, which is why his point cost is so high.
Most of the species stuff that was left off is likely a mistake.

Weird, I thought I had the complete stuff here.

Author:  R5Don4 [ Mon Jan 30, 2012 8:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My V-set: Galactic Diversity

Ahh Reinforcements that makes much more sense.

Well thanks again, I really enjoyed this set and it inspired me to make my own, which I found to be so much fun that I made 2 more (a double set actually) and a couple of mini sets.

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