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 Post subject: Interestic Topic #9: RCM Booster Design
PostPosted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 11:40 am 
Big Bad Brad
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This one is more for fun than any real discussion. Use MM or BM's open booster function (I set MM's to All sets) pull a booster. Those pieces are your RCM's for you to create a figure and a stat for. I'll begin:

ROTS Destroyer Droid, RS Gamorrean Guard, DT ARF Trooper, ROTS Zabrak Fringer, UH Kaminoan Ascetic, UH NR Trooper, COTF Sith trooper.

Taun We (UH Kaminoan Ascetic)
Republic-29 points
HP: 50
Def: 13
Atk: 0
Def: 0

Unique; Melee Attack
Affinity (May be in a Mandalorian squad that contains a character whose name contains Fett)
Clone Mother (Allied Commanders with Order 66 count as a follower for the purpose of Commander Effects. Allies with Order 66 ignore Order 66 for the purpose of enemy Special Abilities)

Commander Effect: Allies with Order 66 gain Regeneration 10. Characters whose name contains Boba Fett gain Regeneration 20.
Zabrak Black Sun Thug (Zabrak Fringer)
Fringe 15
HP: 40
Def: 16
Atk: +8
Dam: 10

Black Sun
Strong Willed

Force 1
Old Republic Sniper (NR Trooper)
Old Republic 14
HP: 30
Def: 14
Atk: +7
Dam: 20

Accurate Shot
Careful Shot +4

Zann Consortium Droideka
Fringe 40
HP: 60
Def: 15
Atk: +10
Dam: 20

Advanced Shields 2
Double Attack
Ion Cannon (+20 Damage against non-living characters. That character and any adjacent non living character are considered activated, save 16)
Wheel Form
Gamorrean Warlord (Gamorrean Gaurd)
Fringe 18
HP: 70
Def: 14
Atk: +6
Dam: 30

Melee Attack
Rolling Cleave
Stupid (Ignores descriptors for the purpose of benefitting from allied commander effects.)

Allied Gamorreans gain Stupid.

Stupid's a little off, but I wanted them to benefit from CE's that normally wouldn't affect them without getting by the range requirement. Shouldn't be too much of a problem with stacking as, technically, you are replacing Black Sun or Echani Handmaiden with Gamorrean Allies.
Covert Op Clone Trooper (sith Trooper)
HP: 20
Def: 14
Atk: +6
Dam: 20

Covert (May set up anywhere on your half of the battle map)
Order 66
Order 66 Hunter (+4 attack and +10 damage against characters with Order 66)
Aquatic Assault Stormtrooper (ARF Trooper)--hardest one
Imperial 9
HP: 10
Def: 16
Atk: +5
Dam: 10

Breath Mask
Speargun (Enemy characters within 6 squares who are hit by this character's attack may be moved 2 squares closer to this character)

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