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It's All About Mara v.200
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Author:  Demosthenes [ Sat Jan 30, 2010 1:13 pm ]
Post subject:  It's All About Mara v.200

This is what I have so far:

--NR, 200 Points--
45 Mara Jade, Jedi
23 General Wedge Antilles
23 Jarael
15 Lobot, Computer Liaison Officer
13 Chagrian Mercenary Commander
13 Galactic Alliance Scout
10 Luke Skywalker, Force Spirit
9 General Dodonna
3 Mouse Droid

(154pts. 9 activations)

Lobot helps with Door Control and potential Reserves (maybe bring in Bith Black Sun Vigo). Chagrian gives Mara Jade +20 damage on Crits (and she has Deadly Attack). Wedge gives everyone Evade and Mobile. Galactic Alliance Scout is there for Spotter. Luke FS is there to give Mara Mettle and Force Renewal 1. Dodonna helps me not to get out-activated.

So what else does the squad need? :mrgreen:

Author:  jedispyder [ Sat Jan 30, 2010 1:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: It's All About Mara v.200

First off, welcome to the boards!

I wouldn't use the Galactic Alliance Scout, it's too fragile. Use the Jawa Scout for Spotter 20 (gains 20 HP, 3 Def) for 3 points less. I know the GAS is neat because of Door Gimmick, but he's just not worth it. You could also use Garindan for Spotter 30 for 12 points (same Def but also gains 20 HP).

Since you're using Jarael, I'd use the TBSV to give her GMA. He's also a good shooter at +13 for 30 with Opportunist. Also think about using Dash RS and Jagged Fel. Dash is a great end of round piece and if you lose Mara early (it's happened to me) it's great to have backup in him and Jarael. Also there's the possibility of new Zuckuss which would help Mara get to her target set up.

Other pieces you can throw in are Wicket for his Traps and a Human Bodyguard for Lobot to make sure you can get Recon safely without risking losing him.

I'd also think about holding off on the Chagrian Mercenary Commander and using him for Reserves instead. There will be times where your opponent (or at least smart players will, lol) will bait you so you move Mara out of the Mousie's Relay Order range . So you don't want to be too reliant on a CE that's within 6. Same with the Spotter 20 pieces, be careful with their placement. You can always set them up last in the round (like most players do) but if you lose init you may be in trouble.

Author:  jonnyb815 [ Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: It's All About Mara v.200

too much tech. You need at least 3 beats at 200. I would go kyle,mara then kol or dash/Fel.

Author:  thereisnotry [ Sat Jan 30, 2010 7:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: It's All About Mara v.200

If the OP wants to make a highly competitive squad, then yes, he should probably have 3 main attackers. However, if he's just trying to make a squad to max out Mara, then this squad works well.

The Jawa/Garindan suggestion is an excellent one.

I'm not really convinced on the effectiveness of Jarael (especially without the TBSV), since a primary use of Jarael is to stun enemies, which you don't want to do in a Mara-focused squad. perhaps those 23 pts could be better spent elsewhere. Maybe a couple of Human or Twilek BGs, or else find a way to work in Bomo Greenbark (he's great with Wedge) with Wicket (Traps is a pain, and he dies easily to help Bomo).

If you end up sticking with Jarael (and therefore add the TBSV), I'd definitely find a way to add Kol Skywalker...for 38pts and GMA, he's an absolute beast. And yeah, that would give you 3 beats. :)

One other option, if Disruptive is important, you drop Lobot for Talon Karde, who also has Recon and Fringe Reserves (20, not 30)...and with Wedge he becomes a pretty reliable scrub-killer (mobile twin, and evade for when he uses Recon). That would mean dropping override, though. Anyway, you have a number of viable options--that is exactly why NR is one of my favorite factions. :)

Author:  jedispyder [ Sat Jan 30, 2010 7:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: It's All About Mara v.200

I was thinking Jarael + TBSV would work if you use Dash RS. Stun someone and then have the TBSV + Dash to clean up. So the Jarael/TBSV/Dash will be the interference to help Mara advance. While they may not be "beatsticks" they still are pretty good backup pieces in a squad like this (IMO at least). Kol also works out great, just think it'd be good for a non-Melee interference piece in case you go up against a Parry-centric squad.

Author:  thereisnotry [ Sat Jan 30, 2010 7:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: It's All About Mara v.200

I really like how this squad is looking, so I went and worked it out myself for a bit. Here's what I just came up with:

45 Mara Jade, Jedi
38 Kol Skywalker
23 Jarael (with GMA is great)
23 General Wedge Antilles
15 Lobot, CLO
12 Garindan
10 Luke FS
09 Dodonna
03 Mouse Droid
03 Ugnaught Demolitionist

199pts, 11 activations

You have a number of options out of this; it just depends on what you really want.

-IMHO, the Chag Merc Commander's 13pts could be better spent elsewhere, but if you wanted to use him, you could drop Garindan (you currently have 1pt to spare).

-If you choose a map that's not highly affected by doors (Rancor Pit, or else the new Swamp Caves/Dagobah map from MapMaker if you're not doing DCI), then dropping Dodonna and Lobot for Talon Karde would probably be a worthwhile choice, since Disruptive is SO useful in 200pts.

Anyway, I think I'll try this squad out a few times, just to see how it does. Thanks for the start!

Author:  Ruhk [ Sat Jan 30, 2010 10:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: It's All About Mara v.200

I might drop Garidan and put in a Jawa Scout and another uggy/mouse.

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