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Han Smuggler
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Author:  Zuty [ Wed Jan 14, 2009 9:30 am ]
Post subject:  Han Smuggler

I have been trying to abuse Han Smuggler for a month or two, but his lack of survivability is painful to play with.
If I had Jaina Solo, I could give Han Smuggler Evade and Mobile with Wedge. So I have been working with what I have.

150 Team Build
200 Team Build

Basically, Han gains Force 1 from Yoda and then gets haunted by Obi to gain FR1. Chewi is a 120 HP BG that always chills with Han. Ackbar's CE gives Han +4 more ATK when he attacks an activated figure. Dodonna slows things down. And the Bothans keep Chewi or Han healed and give Han another attack.
So Han is attacking at +18 ATK for 40 DMG (+22 ATK if he rerolls with Mettle).

I know that basing a team around one figure is a bad idea, but I really want to abuse Hans Opportunist +20 and Accurate Shot.

Any suggestions?


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