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Need help with General Obi Wookiee Freedom Fighter squad
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Author:  hman73 [ Wed Dec 17, 2008 6:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Need help with General Obi Wookiee Freedom Fighter squad

With General Obi and Ani CoN running around these days WFFs can be your best friend. I ran a Gen Obi Ani Padme squad last weekend at a tourney and got eaten alive by wookie freedom fighters. So this is what I have so far.

General Obi 55
CC Gree 18
WFF x5 65
Czerka Scientist 13
Mas Ameda 8
Ugi x2

11 activations 165 points what do i do with the other 35 points? do I run a wookie elite warrior incase of deflect? I thought about adding Jar Jar and R2 astromech what about some shooting support? Rex or is he to much? would really like to work jar jar in could help keep the wooks alive but need some shooting support?

Author:  billiv15 [ Thu Dec 18, 2008 8:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Need help with General Obi Wookiee Freedom Fighter squad


In general, you are on the right path here. I added the second Czerka to make her less of a target, and to provide backup when the first one goes down. It also lets you spread out a bit more as needed. R2 is a must for these, for door control and tow for either a long range wookiee strike and for setting up Obi for attacks or a key push.

I also have this version without the General that you might like.


It might be worth working in Wicket in the second build, now that you are likely to see 22d Ig-86s.

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