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Battle of Hoth
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Author:  biggsy [ Thu Oct 07, 2010 7:26 am ]
Post subject:  Battle of Hoth

I'm thinking of doing a Battle of Hoth scenario, as it's one of the most exciting battles of Star Wars and is quite easy to set up as we have so many related minis available. So, i made a rebel and an imperial squad, both 500 points. But i want them to be fairly balanced, and was hoping for some feedback before i will get this battle started. Any thoughts?

200 AT-AT Imperial Walker
54 Blizzard Scout 1
53 Darth Vader, Imperial Commander
21 General Veers
36 Snowtrooper with E-Web Blaster x2
14 Snowtrooper Commander
12 Elite AT-AT Driver
60 Elite Snowtrooper x5
8 Probe Droid
42 Snowtrooper x6
(500pts. 20 activations)

47 Luke's Landspeeder
114 Rebel Snowspeeder x3
33 Han Solo of Hoth
52 Golan Arms DF.9 Anti-Infantry Battery x2
22 Chewbacca of Hoth
42 Hoth Trooper with Repeating Blaster Cannon x2
19 Princess Leia, Hoth Commander
30 Hoth Trooper with Atgar Cannon x2
14 General Rieekan
26 Rebel Trooper on Tauntaun x2
48 Elite Hoth Trooper x4
9 R2-D2 with Extended Sensor
42 Hoth Trooper x6
(498pts. 27 activations)

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