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500 point separatist squad
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Author:  crssherman [ Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:47 am ]
Post subject:  500 point separatist squad

We might be playing a 500 point game at my LGS and here is a squad that looks fun. Let me know what you think.

63 General Grievous, Scourge of the jedi
20 General Whorm Loathsom
43 Wat Tambor, Tecjno Union Foreman
10 San Hill
15 Lobot, Computer Liaison Officer
33 4-Lom Bounty Hunter
32 HK-47
12 Gha Nachkt
23 Commando Droid Captain
15 A4-Series Lab Droid
15 Battle Droid Sergeant
26 HK-50 Assassin Droid x5
31 B3 Ultra Battle Droid x2
3 Battle Droid x4
2 Mouse Droid x4
3 Ugnaughts x2

Thats 499 Points and 28 activations
HK-50's Get double from captain and an extra from grievous and twin from Whorm, so is they dont move they atack 6 time at 14 attack for 30 damage each or 18 attack for 40 damage each eith opportunist. 4-lom and Hk-47 also will have 6 attacks. 4-lom also has paralysis and can potentially hot 3 different enemies and activate them. All I have to do is keep the mouse droids close and safe. If some of my droids die and I roll reserves can I bring them back?

Author:  swinefeld [ Thu Jun 24, 2010 12:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 500 point separatist squad

You can bring in non-unique droids on Wat's reserves.
You can bring in unique Fringe droids on Lobot's reserves, but not unique droid characters that were in your original squad (any version). And don't overlook that Gha Nachkt's rapport only applies to non-uniques. Also, fit in a Battle Droid Officer if you have one, to boost all the non-unique droids' attacks by +4.

One thing droids have serious trouble with is stealth. If you have Zuckuss Bounty Hunter, you might work him in so you have an accurate shooter (with Whorm's twin!) and access to Force Sense for a couple rounds. A Battle Droid Sniper (or two) might be helpful as well (more accurate). In that case, an ASP-7 or T1 Bulk Loader droid would be useful to lift it into position to attack so it doesn't get picked off before you can get some damage out of it. The T1 itself is a tank with 140HP and is good for getting in the way of approaching Jedi, who won't want to get hit by it for 40/50 damage per swing.

Just a few thoughts there .... at 500 points a lot of things are possible (both for and against your squad).
The squad looks very powerful, but you'll want to think about how to deal with Stealth, Evade etc if you see those types of builds regularly at your LGS.

You may well be aware of the things I mentioned, but either way - I hope that helps :)

Author:  Disturbed1 [ Fri Jun 25, 2010 8:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 500 point separatist squad

As swinefeld said, you cant bring back unique droids, though with the Reserves you can bring back non-uniques. it doesnt matter if it was the same one that was just killed off from your squad or not, so feel free to bring back the already killed stuff.

Also, I agree with Swinefeld's idea of Zuckuss. if your opponent is playing Stealth, you will be hurting without it.

Battle Droid Officer would be very helpful to you.

As a counter to the T1 suggestion, if youve got any, I would suggest a/a few Cameleon droids. With the +4 Double/ Twin they will be receiving, they wont be a bad shot, and can advance somewhat without worry of return fire. Also, they might nice blockade pieces to help keep opponent melee away, as every square they go through adjacent to the Chameleon, they will have to roll of Mines. Combine that with the ability to Wall Climber away from based foes, they can be very helpful.

Im not saying DONT use T1, as those are very useful as well for the reasons already mentioned, this is just an alternative/ additional idea.

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