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400 point Old Republic Beatdown
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Author:  Lukey84 [ Sat Oct 20, 2007 9:29 am ]
Post subject:  400 point Old Republic Beatdown

My friend always wants to do HUGE battles with ridiculous point counts, I finally gave in to a 400 point game. I decided to do old republic since they don't see a lot of play from me.

The map we played on was the hoth plains map (no shield generator). I had the open end with no cover, the opponent had the end with the lift tube. His squad consisted of 2 ATST, 2 E-Webs, thrawn, mas, GMtarkin, baron fel, rodian hunt master, imp officer, ST commander, 2 phase III dark troopers and the rest were storm troopers (10 or so).

Listed below is my squad build.

Boba Fett BH
Bastilla Shan
Aurra Sing
Rodian Vigo
Dannik Jerriko
Jedi Guardian X 3
Jedi Sentinel X 2
Jedi Consular X 2

The sentinel, vigo, mistryl and dannik provide some range and reinforcement oppurtunity. The sentinels saw a bit of use, but never made it adjacent to the enemey.

The main assault force (everyone with out stealth) did quite well, bastilla took advantage of battle meditation and valor, giving me a 24-27 def in cover.

The game ended early, the opponent did not move up 1 space the entire game. The opponent lost about 6 units, i lost 4. If the game was to continue, my squad would have continued to adjacent range and continued to assault. This is more of a fun squad, not as much competitive.

Author:  masterjudge [ Mon Oct 22, 2007 12:34 pm ]
Post subject: 

your one problem, is your serious lack activations, 15. For a mass battle squad you should have at least 25 activations.
You should have used mass amounts of cheap shooters, and bodyguards, in my opinion.

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