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 Post subject: 100 points in Greenfield Mass.
PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 8:07 pm 
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I played Aurra Jedi Hunter, Boba Enforcer, Lando Dashing Scoundral, and an Ug. I won games 1 and 3. Lost 2.

Game 1 was played on the RS starter map. I started in the hanger. Opponent squad was Boba BH, Lando DS, and 2 of the swoop bikes. I won. Most noticable bits in this game was I never had Boba attack. With his Boba/Lando having Evade he was going to get a save roll either way so I went with missles so I'd do 30 damage instead of the 20 Boba would do shooting. The Swoops had 30 hp so I used missles or oppritunist Lando on them.

Game 2 also on the RS starter map. Started on the other side though. Opponent played Boba BH, 2 Jedi Sentinals(?), and a Gran Raider. Notable bits from this one. He based Lando with the Gran and I had Lando move away for an adjacant opprotunist shot at Boba. Gran got a crit on the AoO which dropped Lando to 30 HP so Boba was able to twin him to death in one activation. After that I rolled a 1 for Lando's shot. At the end I had Aurra with 90hp left against his Gran and Boba with 30HP left. Boba critted on Aurra to end it.

Game 3 was on the hardback map. I started on the pit side. Opponent played Vader JH, Couruscant Guard, and Death Star Trooper or Gunner. Which ever one has the splash damage. The DS guy was surprising hard to kill. I kept getting crap rolls against him. Aurra did most of the work on Vader thanks to twin and jedi hunter. We had a series where she twined him for 40. He moved adjacant. She twined him for 60 then moved and took 30 ffrom an AoO. He tried to hide in the tourbolift. I chased him down and twinned for another 40.

End of the night I got second for our group. Winner had a choice of a free booster or three Gotal Assassin promos. He took an A&E booster and I got the promos. Traded him one of the three for a Han in Stormtrooper Armor. So end result for the night is I have my own promo, an extra promo, and an extra STA Han.

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