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 Post subject: Chicagoland Games - Sunday, April 11th TILE WARS tournament
PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 10:00 pm 
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Fun tournament. Not a huge turn-out, but we actually got a ton of games in. Luckily Deri brought his whole collection, so we all made up an additional squad and ran back to back tournaments.

I first ran:
--TILE WARS - 3 Man God Squad--
115 Grand Master Luke Skywalker
54 Kyle Katarn, Jedi Battlemaster
29 Ganner Rhysode

(198pts. 3 activations)

I beat Deri in a close one, and then I faced Jake with his Separatist Squad of Whorm, (New) IG-88, (New) 4-Lom, (new) Zuckuss and Durge JH. I won, but only due to Jake's HORRENDOUS rolling. He must have missed 12 shots needing a 4 or less.

Then for the second tournament I ran the other squad I had originally brought:
--TILE WARS - Whorm's Warriors--
58 Boba Fett, Mercenary
51 Durge, Jedi Hunter
35 Zuckuss, Bounty Hunter
20 General Whorm Loathsom
14 Captain Mar Tuuk
10 Twi'lek Bodyguard
12 Mouse Droid x4

(200pts. 10 activations)

It was similar to Jake's squad I faced in the finals. It didn't have quite as much power output, but the accurate is immensely important, and Mar Tuuk was nearly my MVP. He RULES in Tile Wars. Especially with the intuition trick (See below for the intuition trick - Thanks Deri!)

I faced Gunnar first and he (ironically) had a very similar squad to the first one I had. He didn't have Kyle BM, he had Kyp, Yoda FS and activations instead. I popped Luke with Zuckuss and killed Ganner in Phase one. Kyp died shortly after. I was able to not let Luke get to me and just punished him with my shooters. Zuckuss also rules in TILE WARS!

I faced Jake in an interesting one in the finals, he had Cay, Atton Rand and Hoth. I was able to kill most of his squad before they could do much, but I was trying to be careful with Cay. I wore him down to 10 hp left, and decided to try and kill him with Mar Tuuk or Whorm, so in case I failed the save they wouldn't be a threat. I combined and needed only a 3. Rolled a 2. Crap - he kills Mar Tuuk. I try again - again needing only a 3. Rolled another 2!!! He killed Whorm. Alright - enough fooling around - I used Zuckuss to kill him. And of course failed the save. So now it was Zuckuss(that used to be mine) vs Durge. Luckily - that's not much of a match. Finished him off with a good story to tell.

So - since last year - 4 pieces have completely changed TILE WARS (IMHO)

Ganner Rhysode (So good - makes GMLS playable, and very frightening. Not bad even without levitation - but that raises NR to insaine!)

Captain Mar Tuuk (See intuition trick below). Plus - can legitimately hit someone for 20

General Whorm Loathsom (Makes Durge JH an INSAINE BEAST in TILE WARS. A CE that can pump the power and keep the distance to compete even with Disruptive in play. Kyle Katarn BM goes down QUICK against Durge.

Zuckuss Bounty Hunter (One of the few counters to Ganner's levitation. Can Compeltely shut down even GMLS)

Also of note - every game was under 30 minutes. Strongly makes me want to do 30 min and under for GenCon. I will continue this conversation in the TILE WARS thread.

Intuition trick: Pick a Tile with a door. Put all your squad behind the door and not adjacent to it. Hopefully win init (Reroll with Zuckuss's anticipation if need be.) If you do win init - intuition next to the door, and make the opponent go first. Door doesn't open until after the first activation, so they basically have to burn an activation. Then door opens, and you get THREE activations (with Mar Tuuk) to slaughter them! You can unload 4 cunning shots with Boba, 6 shots with Durge, and 2 with Zuckuss (and snare a fig too!). Or do 2 less with Boba and step back and let the door close. :)

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