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 Post subject: Egypt Wars 2010
PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 12:30 pm 
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This past weekend, if you didn’t make it out, was Egypt Wars I. We had a total of four tournaments in 2 days.

Saturday morning we had 14 players turn out for the Dynamic Duo tourney, including some from St Louis, and some of the Owensboro crowd. Everyone seemed to have had a good time, and we got through four rounds, and prize support picked through by around 11:30, a full 2 and a half hours before the next tourney started, lol.

The final match was between Carl Harris, playing Cad Bane and Kyle Katarn, against Dennis Beard from Owensboro, who was playing Cad Bane, and the new Saesee Tiin from MotF, with Carl coming out as the winner.

The door prize for that tourney, which I determined by rolling a D20, was Michael Garrison who got a Darth Vader keychain toy from McDonalds recent Happy Meal toy deal.

All the players voted on the sportsmanship award, and the winner was newcomer Chas Hileman. He took home the Attack on Teth map pack (the one with Anakin). Congrats, Chas!

In the afternoon, we had a 150pt tournament, which turned up a total of 18 players, including two we just met last month at Apple Con in Murphysboro, Il. We did four rounds, with Michael Garrison coming out on top this time. He was playing a Republic Senate Commando squad using Padme, Capt Argyus, 4 Commandos, R2Ad, and maybe some filler.
This time the door prize went to Jason Berner, who won the Showdown at Teth map pack (the Asajj Ventress one), which he gave to newcomer Gavin Lipe(he's 8).
The sportsmanship award went to Gavin Lipe as well, which was a copy of the Clone Strike Ultimate Missions book.
Big congrats to Gavin!

In the evening we had 16 players, for the two player team tournament, making eight teams. We had a nice assortments of teams for the tourney, where teams of two players each made a 100pt army, and all four players faced off on a single map. Carl Harris and Jared Amster took the top prize this time, playing under the banner of Team Hamster.
The door prize went to Keith Warren from St Louis, who got the Crystal Caves of Illum map pack (the Luminara one), and the sportsmanship award went to David Stoecker, who got a Yoda keychain toy from McDonalds recent Star Wars Happy meal toy promo. Congrats, Dave! :P

In case anyone wants to know what people were playing, here is a list of the teams and their squads:

The Fungus Among Us:
Keith Warren: 2 Twilek Black Sun Vigo, Mas Ameda, Czerka Scientist, Imperial Gov Tarkin, Admiral Ozzel, Ugnaught
Matt Hillman: Captain Rex, R2AD, Commander Cody, Star Corp Trooper, Night Vision Trooper, Ugo Droid Destroyer

Team Sinking Ship
Mickey Smith: Cad Bane, Prince Xizor, 2 Ugo
Michael Garrison: Reikken, Madine, Elite Rebel Commando x3, Rebel Strike Leader, Gran Raider

Team Yo Momma:
Matt Johnson: Durge Jedi hunter, Whorm Loathsome, Twilek Black Sun Vigo, R7, Ugo
Kristen Gipson: Luke Skywalker and yoda, Reikken, R2D2, ugo, Camaasi Noble

Team Hello Kitty: (Chas doesn’t wanna talk about it, lol)
Amanda Harris: Mara Jedi, Dash, Jag Fel, Dodonna, Ugo x2
Chas Hileman: Rex, R2AD, Anakin jedi, repeater Trooper, Ugo

I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This: (best team name, but unfortunately, no prize, sorry  )
Greg Lipe: General Solo, Luke legacy of the Light Side, Jawa Scout
Gavin Lipe: Basilisk War Droid, 2x Mandolorian Jedi hunter

Team Triple Cheese:
David Stoecker: Freedon Nadd, Dash, Darth Sidious Hologram, 2x ugo
Anthony Stoecker: Cad Bane, Captain Rex, mas Ameda, Rodian Diplomat

Team Taco Killers:
Jason Berner: Aayla, Rex, R2AD, Mas Ameda
Jonathan Bryson: 3 Star Corps Troopers, Gungan Shield Bearer, Commander Gree, R7, Ugo

Team Hamster: (its Harris and Amster put together…get it?)
Carl Harris: Rex, 2x Jedi Weapons Master, R2AD, Mas Ameda, 2x Ugo
Jared Amster: Sidious Hologram, Lumiya, Twilek Black Sun Vigo, R7, 3x Ugo

Big thanks to Scott Thorne and Castle Perilous, Jim Fraser, and Carl Harris for the prize support donated for the tourneys.

Sunday afternoon, we had the release tourney for Masters of the Force. We had 7 players turn up, and I actually got to play this time, lol.

I went 0-2 and got a bye for the third round, putting me squarely in last place, woot!

The overall winner of the tournament was David Stoecker, who just barely pulled out the win over Jared Amster. We had a full case of prize support for this tourney, again with big thanks to Scott Thorne and Castle Perilous.

Also, a big thanks for those who traveled several hours to come all that way to play. Hopefully some of us will make it out to your venues for regionals.

WotC: 890/890
V-Set: 142/142

Wotc GTL: 52ish
Gamers GTL: 2 (dalsiandon, urbanjedi)

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 Post subject: Re: Egypt Wars 2010
PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:19 pm 
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Master of the Order
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We had a great time, sorry we couldn't stay for the team tournament that night. It was a long drive back, especially for the people who made the trip with us from Owensboro, as they had even further to go to get home than I did.

Congratulations to Michael for winning the 150 and to Carl for his DD victory. Riding a 3-0 record in two separate events only to lose to the winner of each sure didn't suck! I think I could have beaten Carl if I had not made a play mistake with Cad (forgot to GMA away after shooting), and Michael if I had played a little more defensively rather than rushing my JWM and Skywalker into combat. I also remember rolling a successful deflect save with a JWM and then watching him roll a crit on the Twin. Can't beat that!

Look forward to seeing you guys in May at the Owensboro Regional. :)

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 Post subject: Re: Egypt Wars 2010
PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:09 am 
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Master of the Order
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Just wanted to say my thanks to the Owensboro (and St. Louis) crew for coming to play.

I had a great time playing Brandon in the 150. If he hadn't gotten that crit with Juno to kill Mara, I might have gotten one more assault out of her which could have tipped the game in my favor, but it was going to be an uphill battle no matter what. At least I got my Anakin bomb off in retaliation!

I also enjoyed getting my ass handed to me by Jason in dynamic duo :P
I'd blame it on the dice, but I know better, lol. Saesee just couldn't hang in there with Kyle CI, especially without force renewal.

Hoping I can make it down for Regionals, but the odds are about 40/60 at best as it stands now. :(

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