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 Post subject: MotF Midnight release, Dice Dojo, Chicago. 150pt
PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:39 pm 
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Last night we had the final :cry: :cry: midnight release tournament in the Dice Dojo (chicagoland games). It was a well attended event with 18 people showing up. The store sold out of Cases and actually had to use some they already sold in order to cover the boosters for the tourney and prize support.
The store decided on 150 points as the build total and i think it worked out well as people were able to run a decent amount of their boosters usually including both rares in their squads. We decided to play until there was only one undefeated which meant a maximum of 5 rounds but if we had an undefeated earlier then the tourney would be cut short.

I pulled a demon of a squad for sealed that was well rounded thanks to pulling Ganner Rhysode who looks to be the chase figure of the set. Awesome utility for the cost, has levitation that i love so much, force push 2, renewal and stealth. The figure really is very well put together and looks to make big waves in the NR with the ability to levitate Mara, kyle or even Luke GM. In my squad he was the essence of control that was incremental in every victory. Whether it was levitating my pieces or pushing my opponents he controlled distance so well that my opponents were left with few decent attacking options. My second rare was Saesee Tinn in space armor who, even with little force, is a punishing melee fighter with Djem so mastery, block and suprise move. I had a jedi instructor who gave my 2 force users mobile attack while his Soresu made him a great point man against ranged squads. His master speed and assault also went a long way to add some necessary muscle. However, what really added the power to my squad was pulling 2 chiss troopers that gave great ranged support to my beats in a set that has few strong guns to deal with. In each match they were the real killers softening up early and finishing most figures with reliable 30 dmg hits from afar. The soldier was a decent grunt often harassing with grenades and i had an ewok as filler.
The dejarik figures are cool but i definately benefited from not having to deal with their large asses sticking out and getting shot.

my squad

Saesee Tinn
Ganner Rhysode
Jedi Instructor
2 x chiss troopers
Rebel Soldier

Jedi Temple

Match 1 v Lexx
Lex has a shooty squad matched with a few dejarik pieces as shields.
General Solo
Lando Calrissian
2 x savrips
k'lor slugs

We played on my map and lexx took right side. This game was a bit of a rout due to my rolls being off the hook. Lexx advanced to teh center and i opened one of the doors with my soldier. I used master speed with the Instructor to open the second door and opened up with some levitation shots and crit on stavrip #1. The second Chiss finished him. The next round my Instructor assaulted the slug and Saesee levitated next to the slug to finish with another crit. The instructor soresued all of the retern fire away while my Chiss put 60 on the final stavrip. Winning init the stavrip went down as han layed into the Instructor again who made all his saves. Saesee got levitated next to Han and put 40 on him then my shooters finished him off. Lando put 60 into Saesee before getting steamrolled by the rest of my squad.

2nd was against Shaun who had a pretty fearsome band that scared the heck out of me
Master Windu
General Solo
Jedi Healer
Gamorrean Bodyguard

We played on his Rancor pit and I took the right (pen) side
The healing and bodyguard combo together with the longshot abilities had me pretty scared and i wasn't sure who to go after 1st. Shaun advanced with the bgd protecting Han and the healer. So i figure Windu would be the target of choice if i could isolate him. We both moved up close to the central block with my chiss and his Han/bgd/healer combo standing off. I took an end of round levi shot with a chiss on Han just to get him thinking but it was evaded away. The next round we jokeyed for position and he moved Mace up to point and then he advanced the healer forward. I took my opportunity and levied Saesee into Mace putting 40 on him but taking 20 in retern (hit, riposte, djemso mastery fail, hit; nice little duel). Shaun won init and decided to take it. I suprised moved off from Windu and based the healer. Mace struck saesee but this time i got my Djem so and put 30 on him. He took the 1st activation to heal Mace for 30 hp before Saesee cut down the healer. I threw a grenade that missed mace. Mace ran at one of my Chiss and hit him for 20. Ganner pushed windu back 2 and the trainer ran 18 squared to be within assault range of the BDGd. Saesee took 20 from Solo and my Chiss unloaded onto Windu putting him down to 30 HP. Shaun won init and i suprised moved with Saesee to base both Han and the BGD. Windu move up to my trainer and killed him in one 50 dmg blow (longshot Vaapad Crit, very tasty). Saesee doubled on the Bdgd and my Chiss missed the no cover combined fire shot to finish Windu. Saesee took another 20 from han (down to 50 hp). Ganner then levitated the unactivated ewok into LOS with Mace and the 2nd chiss moved up to take a no cover combined fire shot for the Kill on windu. The next round saw the end of the BGD by Saesee and then a flurry of shots ending with a chiss being levitated into base with Han for the kill.

3rd match was against Tim (timmerb123)
Tim had a tough squad that outmatched me for Brawn but undermatched for ranged and movement capabilites.
Saesee Tinn SA
PLo Kloon JM
Kintan Strider
Chiss Trooper
rebel soldier
Sulistan Scout
Toydarian Soldier

We played on his Ruined base.
I took the outside of the base and won the 1st two initiatives that left me with the last man to go both time which loomed large in the scope of the game. By opening the outer door of the central corridor it prevented him taking 1st round gambit as he would have to open the inner door with his toydarian exposing him to my chiss. I took 1st round gambit with a levitated Saesee. I won init and made him go 1st and he moved his toydarian. We both jokeyed around a during the 2nd round until i had 3 activations left (ganner, chiss and trainer) and he had 2 (chiss and Strider). I levied the chiss to the door, took out the toydarian and backed away closing the door. He retaliated by opening the door with his strider and taking out my 1st chiss with his. That allowed me to master speed my trainer into base with his Chiss for init. Tim won init and charged the trainer with the strider but missed leaving the trainer to assault the chiss for the kill. Tim left his guys in a bunch at the turbolift so Ganner levitated the rebel to the door who then moved and hit 4 guys with a grenade. The jedi were untouched but Tims rebel and his sulistan were vaporized. Plo retaliated killing the soldier but took a shot from the chiss. Saesee moved up and based Plo with a suprise move and Plo took a hit moving away to attack the trainer. The strider moved and missed the trainer who hit him on the AoO and with both assault attacks. Tims saesee took an AoO from Ganner which he djemso's for 30 to kill the ewok holidng the door. Ganner pushed Saesee and the chiss shot him in the back. The trainer finally died as My saesee put an end to the strider and got into it with plo. My saesee had a hard time hitting and finishing plo and missed all but his deathblow djem so which luckily was enough to allow the chiss to finish plo. During that time ganner and the chiss had been playing door games with saesee who was unable to get a solid hit on either of them. After plo died, saesee died to a shot and a push the following round.

the last round had 3 undefeateds; me, brad (the celestial warrior, apologies if i got your name wrong dude) and Bill. I got paried with the celestial warrior and Bill faced Tim.
TCW had the best combo of dejarik creatures i faced that night topped off with lord hoth, a sith hunter and Lando for the squad of

Lord hoth
Lando C
Jedi Sith hunter

We played on munnalinst and i defered so he set up on the right. TCW took gambit with his pieces crowded around the houjix bodyguard. Because his Sith hunter had stealth i was able to get some levi shots on the bdgd for the 1st couple of rounds leaving it a 30 dmg. I tried a grenade volley on the bgd cluster but all saves were made and that killed the soldier. At that point i engaged by levitating saesee into the face of the sith hunter who took a beating before being finished by the master speeding trainer. His Ghhk screeched, Hoth moved around to base the trainer and got shot for his troubles which killed the houjix. lando took a shot on saesee putting 30 dmg on him. Ganner pushed hoth away from the trainer and the Monnok attacked the trainer while Hoth took to hiding behind his dejariks. My chiss found some LOS on the GHHK and finished it. The trainer assaulted the monnok and saesee finished it. I was careful then to focus on Hoth to avoid his impulsive twin while staying out of Lando's double attack. Hoth died to a push from Ganner and my squad decended on Lando for the quick kill.


Tim managed to pull off a close win over Bill and that ended the tourney with me in 1st (5am). Bill and tim had similar squads, both Saesee and plo kloon with some dejaricks. Tims advantage was his Chiss and spotter fire support.

Again, as in all my games, the chiss were totally brutal; with enough beef in Ganner, Saesee and the trainer the Chiss were able to hang back and tag enemies round after round often with combined fire from the ewok. My activation count meant they rarely didn't have opportunist (i htink i used them once without opportunist v tim when i was playing door games).

A great tourney, but incredibly bitter sweet. Can't really get over its the last release but its been a hell of a run.

Thanks for all the fish.


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 Post subject: Re: MotF Midnight release, Dice Dojo, Chicago. 150pt
PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2010 3:07 pm 
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Very nice, congrats on the win!

Ganner really is, IMO, the best piece in this set, so a little luck combined with a lot of skill you've got a tourney win! I agree, it is a bit bittersweet. But I'm sure the next SWM set that comes out will have an entertaining 'release' as well. :D

Thanks for writing it all up Deri.

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