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 Post subject: Star Wars Miniatures tournament Owensboro 2/13/10
PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:42 am 
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So with the return of GOWK, I decided to dig the old guy out of EBOD (the Eternal Bin of Darkness) and give him a new run. My squad (aptly named Return of the King):

55 General Obi-Wan Kenobi
35 Zuckuss, Bounty Hunter
28 Dash Rendar, Renegade Scoundrel
27 Ferus Olin
23 Captain Panaka
09 Rodian Brute x3
09 R2, Astromech Droid
06 Ugnaught Demolitionist x2
05 Camaasi Noble x1
03 Mouse Droid x1
Map: Rancor Pit

I initially started to run a Jedi Weapon Master and a Gran in place of Ferus and one of the Rodian Brutes, but decided to go with Ferus instead, given the likelihood that I would be facing melee.

Game 1 vs. Corey
On Rancor Pit, he had a New Republic squad with Kyle Katarn Jedi Battlemaster, Wedge, Cade Skywalker, Padawan, and Mara Jade, Jedi. He also had Dodonna. Kyle ran into gambit, where Zuckuss locked him down for 6 consecutive rounds. The rest of the squad manuevered around him to avoid Disruptive. I swapped Ferus into position for the killing blow on Mara Jade, but he died in the process. When only Kyle was left, GOWK made quick work of him.

Game 2 vs. Gray (Admiral Graybar)
Lost map roll this time and we played on Chancellor's Starship. Gray also had a New Republic squad, and Dodonna with a bunch of Ugnaughts. He had Han in Stormtrooper Armor and Jaina Solo in place of Cade and some of the other support pieces from the previous game. Victory in this game came when Han had moved up into the middle of the map and made a Furious Assault attack. Kyle was based with GOWK and Dash. The next round I won initative and shot Han to keep him from performing another Furious Assault. Then, Kyle swung at Dash 3 times and hit. Then Dash blasted Kyle out of the game. Ferus, who was standing in the back preparing for an 8-square move to take down Jaina, had missed his chance when Mara made a 14-square moved and pelted him for 70. Then Jaina came up and finished him. He missed his block. He never made a single attack. I guess in a way he did his job, but he was little more than a free 27 points. GOWK then took on Mara, with some help from Panaka, and once Jaina was dead I knew I had the game in hand. It ended with Mara trying to kill a based 24 defense Zuckuss. It took more shots than Gray would probably care to admit.


Game 3 vs. Brandon
Again on Rancor Pit, Brandon had a B&B squad with new Thrawn, Lord Vader, Arica, Nyna, and a Storm Commando. He did not have Ozzel. Zuckuss was not the MVP of this game as he was with the other games, but he did his fair share. Actually, he probably was MVP, but not for Snare Rifle. This time it was Force Sense that carried him through. I was able to smack Arica around for some serious damage with Force Sense, and Ferus swapped in to where he could run and attack her. Lord Vader killed Ferus, and then went after Zuckuss, but I swapped him out of danger and let GOWK take on the dark lord. A couple of well-timed Force Push 3's as R2 towed GOWK around, and that was the ball game.

All in all, I really enjoyed playing this squad. I thought GOWK was a lot more balanced than before, and didn't feel at any time that I was running on cruise control the way I had pre-banning. Yes, he took some non-melee damage, and I was careful to avoid melee attackers until the timing was right. I think Kyle is a good counter for the GOWK squads, but really the power of this squad is in the swapping and in Zuckuss. GOWK is just the finisher.

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