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 Post subject: Cincinnati Dream Team! 02/04/10
PostPosted: Fri Feb 05, 2010 3:04 pm 
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Ahh, new set, new possibilities. We did our typical "see how broke you can make the new pieces" tournament last night. Was a lot of fun. Unfortunately we only had 5 show up though, due to some work conflicts and two of our regulars being sick.

Anyways, I decided to see what sort of chaos I could cause with Zuckuss last night, so I went with the following for my squad

Zuckuss BH
Senate Commando
Holo Sidious
ARF Trooper
R2 Astromech

150 Points. The basic idea was to use Zuckuss to stick people in place, and then unload on them with the Senate Commando worked pretty decently.

My first round game was against StriderRe80, who was running Mithrawn, Rieekan, Zuckuss BH, new Boussh, Bomo Greenbark, Mas, R2 Astromech, and an Ugo. We played on one of the Mos Eisley Meldown maps (the one with the giant building in the middle). I got a couple nice Snare Rifles the first round or two, but he kept making his Evade saves. Swap was immensely helpful for getting keeping his Snared pieces safe, and it got quite frustrating for me. I completely forgot about my own Zuckuss' Force Sense, which might've helped me kill Bomo if I'd remembered it, but I often used FPs for extra movement or re-rolls anyways. Suffice to say, my dice rolls absolutely sucked this game. Eventually, I had brought up Rieekan to take a shot on something, and then ended up with Rieekan and Zuckuss side by side, which then brought the wrath of Boussh's Grenades 40, which I had completely forgot about. I figure, eh, I'll probably be OK. Zuckuss had like 4 FPs, and Rieekan had 2 or 3. But what happens? Nope, I fail both rolls, AND BOTH FPRRs too! So, I lost Rieekan, and Zuckuss got taken down far enough that it really swung the game in his favor. I already had his Zuckuss down to 10 by that point, so I finally managed to finish him off, but I missed a couple of other shots later in the game too (Oh, missed an AoO from Whorm on his Zuckuss, rolled two 2's with a FPRR!). In the end he still had Bomo with 10 or 20 left, and Boussh and near full. If my dice had been a little more statistically normal, it would've been a MUCH closer game. Lobo 0-1

Second round was against Lackey, and unfortunately, he hadn't got his case till just last night, so he wasn't playing with anything new. But he was running a fun squad with Darth Sion, NR Leia Skywalker, Rieekan, a Storm Commando, Luke FS, and filler. We played on his Crystal Caves of Ilum map this time. He advanced with Sion leading the charge, and I tow-cabled up my Senate Commando to have some fun with Sion on the first round, but he made all his Evades. I did manage to Snare Rifle Sion on the next round though, and he was forced to bring Leia out to try and deal with my other pieces. I won the following init and finished off Leia with the Senate Commando, but that allowed his Sion to move, and along with the Storm Commando, they killed my ARF and then tried to kill my Senate Commando but he missed the Rage-boosted attack! I mostly picked off fodder the rest of that round, and used Zuckuss to kill the Storm Commando. A hilarious move was using my Ugnaught, who had Force Points thanks to Sidious, to kill Luke FS, and he failed the save. I won the next init, and attempted to use R2 to get my Senate Commando to safety, but I counted wrong, and Sion still managed to base and kill him. But at that point, Sion was now out of the gambit zone. Rieekan was an easy kill after that, and then I was able to keep Sion locked down with Snare Rifle for the most part. I managed to put enough damage on him to kill him, and then he made his Eternal Hatred save and rolled a 2. Just lousy luck. Lobo 1-1

Final game of the night was against Matt, and was a real head scratcher at times. He was running a very nice build of Mithrawn, General Skywalker, Mara Jedi, Rieekan, a Mouse Droid, 2 Ugos, and a Rodian Brute. This was a really tough match, because Zuckuss was my only piece that could withstand the 10 square momentum from Anakin, but the swap/Assault following that would be murder for just about any of my squad. We played on my MEM again, and I basically just did whatever I could to successfully maneuver back and forth, strategically sacrificing things where necessary in order to Snare either Anakin or Mara. I snared Mara mostly, and tried to force Matt to really risk Anakin if he tried to come after Zuckuss. This game was ridiculously close, and ended up coming down to my ARF, Senate Commando with 30 left, Zuckuss at full, and Whorm at 30 against his Anakin with 50 left and Mara with 40 left. I won the crucial init, and with my Senate Commando based with Mara, went for the kill, but missed 3 out of 4 shots, including some combined fire help from Whorm. So I lost my Senate Commando and then lost my ARF on Matt's turn. It was up to Zuckuss at that point. I got lucky enough to hit Mara at least once, finishing her off, and then I won the next init, and hit Anakin twice to kill him, as he luckily had no FPs left for LS Defense. Super close game, and really came down to a few close initiatives. Lobo 2-1

We always love running these sorts of events. Denson was actually the only one who ended up undefeated, running a squad with a Clone Trooper w/ Repeating Blaster, Mithrawn, Jarael, Rieekan, and filler. He beat Strider's squad in the 2nd round in a relatively close game, which came down to a few Evade rolls. Looking back on what everyone else played, I totally should have run my Whorm, Yobuck, General Skywalker build. :P

"You either die a hero, or you live to see yourself become the villain."

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