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 Post subject: 150 pointer at Owensboro, KY
PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2007 9:56 am 
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Saturday we had 6 players. Dark Jedi 21 couldn't make it, which greatly improved my odds of winning. :P

Seriously though, our numbers have been down of late due to the stale environment. I am very ready for FU to break onto the scene. (It should have come out this month IMO, but they didn't ask me at WotC when they made the release schedule).
I didn't see what everyone was playing, unfortunately, but here were some of the squads.

San Hill
Aurra JH
Boba BH
Lando DS
Ugnaught x4
Aqualish Assassin x1


Elite Clones
various Republic commandos
Quinlan, Infiltrator
Lando DS
Luke CotF
Han in Armor
Aurra (CS)
San Hill
Boba Fett BH
too many Battle Droids to count
Security Battle Droid x1
Han Solo in Stormtrooper Armor
Lando DS
Ithorian Commander
Aqualish Assassins xX?

Round 1 it was San vs. San on Geonosis. It was slow going, but steadily my Boba and Aurra whittled away all the Battle Droids until I was able to maneuver toward Gambit with my San. Neither player rolled a Disintegration, and Aurra's odd-numbered HP is how she survived the final round of combat.


Round 2 I faced off against Han and the Ithorian Commander on Ravaged Base (Commander's Office). I don't remember much about the game except that my Ugs blew up alot of doors and his Lando critted my Boba early game, and I failed my evade. We went to time and I was way ahead in points thanks to a late game Blaster Barrage against 3 Ugs and an Aqualish Assassin that had been wounded in round 2.


Round 3 I faced off against team Luke on Bespin. This was the only game where I rolled a 1 for initiative and I brought in 5 battle droids who spent the entire game behind the shuttle area where they safely combined fire against enemy Han and Aurra for the win.


We had a 4th round scheduled, but 2 people dropped after round 3, and no one really wanted to play that 4th round, so my opponent (who was 0-3 in the tournament to that point) conceded to me and the other 2 players worked out the concession. Since there was no real prize on the line, it wasn't a big deal to them.


It's a small step toward digging myself out of a hole so deep that I am behind people in my state who haven't played in over a year. I just need to play more, I suppose.

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