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 Post subject: Saturday 10/13 Lamar
PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2007 9:14 am 
Really Cool Alien from a Cantina
Really Cool Alien from a Cantina
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OK, Dean was gone this week, and I didn’t pay attention to all the matches. So I will fill with my information, and others can add theirs.

My squad:
Ulic Qel Droma, Basilisk War Droid, Mando Supercommando, Gonk, 2x mando blademasters, Ephant mon, assorted ugnaughts.

Simple build, more for fun than anything. Ulic and the basilisk are the main threats, with the supercommando gonked up for fire support. Ephant was in because so many opponents tend to run superstealth lately.

Round 1- Win for me.
Opponent- I forgot the kids name, but he was running an army with Han-stormie, Luke on tauntaun, Princess leia, Yoda of dagobah, C3po & r2d2 as separate pieces, and a bunch of pilots and rebel troopers.
Map- Jedi Praexum.
I took the courtyard side. I split it up 3 ways, with ulic and a blademaster to one side, another blademaster and ephant ot the other, and the basilisk, uggies, and the supercommando up the middle.
Han and Luke came charging in against Ulic and the blademaster, and lost that matchup. On round 3, I managed destroy the final central door R2 was holding closed. I strafed right down the middle, hitting a good portion of his troopers and pilots. I won the roll on round 4, and got off another strafe, killing most of his remaining cannon fodder before Yoda got close enough to stun him out of the game- princess leia and the remaining 2 pilots took him out.
There was little doubt I was going to win this one. But I did help the kid work through things like when to combine fire, and how to use pieces like Yoda. So it was a good experience for both of us.

Round 2-win for me.
Opponent- Drew Barryhill. Running superstealth with a Quinlan-infiltrator kicker.
Map: Jedi Praexum.
To be honest, this was not my finest win. Drew choose the courtyard, leaving me with the hanger. Neither of us wanted to engauge. He did not want to move through the doors and lose stealth, and I was not keen on running in and getting shot. I parked an uggie in the side room for gambit and got a 2 round lead (10 points). Eventually, Ulic and a blademaster took on quinlin in one of the side corridors. I lost the blademaster, but took out Quinlan as time ran out.

Round 3- Win for me.
Opponent: Another one of the kids. He was running a Han-stormie squad too, with Obi-wan, Luke HOY, and wicket.
Map: ruined base.
The main left-right corridor rapidly turned into a free-range strafing zone for the basilisk. Quinlan, backed up by both blademasters, parked themselves in the corridor leading to the door. Grenades played big in this game, with the pilots grenading ulic to get around his high defense. I lost both blademasters, all my uggies, and Ulic was down to 40 HP when time was called. All my opponent had left was Luke and princess leia.
Another learning experience. I explained to my young opponent that he would have been better off holding back and using the pilots to combine fire with Luke. I don’t think Luke hit Ulic more than once the entire game.

Semi-finals: I lose.
Opponent: (Drat I am bad with names) but he was the eventual winner. He was running Piett, Mas, Emperor Palps, Vader CotS, a sith-witch, and a bunch of stormies.
Map: Rancor pit – I hate this map!
I lost map roll, and deployed from the side with the big central cage. It was evident early that I was out-activated, and he used it to his advantage. He moved a bunch of stormies around the choke-point to take shots at the basilisk. The next round, I strafed through them- right into a double force-lightning from the witch and Palps. After that, the opportunist rolls took him out.

He utilized a very unique technique to take out Uliq. If a stormie missed, he got Vaders re-roll at +4 and +10. If that missed, he used Palpy’s force points to give the stormie a re-roll. Granted, it burned through Palpys remaining force points but it did its job.

In the finals, it was Drew’s superstealth facing the same army on the same map. Simply put, Drew couldn’t kill the stormies quick-enough to stop the Vader/witch/Palp run up the middle. After that force-lightning and Vader did the rest. Of course, it didn’t help that Drew’s rolls were terrible.

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