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 Post subject: SWM Executor-Class Battle in DFW
PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2009 3:50 pm 
Unnamed Stormtrooper
Unnamed Stormtrooper
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I am proud to announce that on Saturday December 5th at 5:00PM Heroplex will be hosting the Star Wars Miniatures Executor-Class Battle! This event is an original SWM Scenario which will allow everyone who comes a chance to play their favorite factions with their friends. Half the participants will be winners!

The Event:
Run 4 tables of separate mini scenario events:

Table 1: (4) Rebel v (4) Imperial (8 people total)
Table 2: (4) Republic v (4) Separatist (8 people total)
Table 3: (4) New Republic v (4) Vong (8 people total)
Table 4: (4) Old Republic v (4) Sith (8 people total)
Total of 32 open spots for this event.

Each table will feature 2 full sized maps joined side by side (several maps especially custom ones actually were designed to fit together) with 8 players at each square table. The seating will alternate around the square table between players of each faction to facilitate activation tracking (ie the 8 players at Table 1 sit in Rebel / Imperial alternating order). Each table will be divided evenly between each faction; 4 players per faction and each participant will bring a constructed squad built for their faction at 150 points with Fringe allowed.

* Date: Saturday, December 5th @ 5:00PM
* Cost: $15 entry per person
* Place: Heroplex
* Squad Construction: When building your squads, normal squad building rules apply, but the one special rule will be implemented: Commander Effects only apply to characters ON THE SAME PLAYERS SQUAD. Thus, there will be no board-wide commander effects boosting tiny grunts into super commandos or what not.
* Initiative and Setup: Each faction will elect a team captain and they will roll for setup side and initiative each round. The winner of side sets up all 4 players squads first and then the opponent sets up all their pieces. When initiative is to be determined, the two team captains will roll, and the winner will determine which faction gets to activate first. The first activating faction will designate the player among their team who they wish to activate first, and that player will activate as normal with all further activations proceeding clockwise around the table for the remainder of the round.
* Special Rules: This being a special event, there will be special victory conditions. Each map will have a normal gambit scoring area (in the same location that is normally is located) with a special "reinforcement" area being located at the center joining gambit point between the two maps. Any Squad who has a miniature in the "reinforcement" area at the end of the round with no enemy minis present may add 20 points of miniatures from their faction to their start-up area after the next round's initiative is determined.
* Victory Conditions: Eliminate all enemy characters OR Hold the two normal gambit spots on each map without any enemy characters present in either gambit area simultaneously for 2 consecutive rounds.

2 Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber will be handed out to the people voted as "Best Sportsmanship" award and "Most Original Squad" for the event. After the event is over, all participants can place a single secret ballot vote for the player who had the best sportsmanship and the most original squad design for the event, and the winners will receive a lightsaber.

32 Special Event T-Shirts will be produced, and every participant of the tournament will receive one at the door. The T-Shirt designs are still in the development stage, but if make sure to submit your T-Shirt size when you sign-up to ensure that you get one that fits.

Other surprise rewards will be revealed at the event!

Spots are limited so SIGN UP NOW
Send an email to me or contact Trace at Heroplex to sign up. Make sure to specify:

1. Your primary faction choice, and a stand-by faction in case the sign-ups are lopsided and thus hold your spot. Alternately you may choose "random faction" and I will assign a faction to you.
2. Also each player should specify their T-shirt size at sign-up to ensure we get everyone the correct sized shirt.

We hope to see you there!

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 Post subject: Re: SWM Executor-Class Battle in DFW
PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2009 3:54 pm 
The One True Sith Lord
The One True Sith Lord
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sounds like huge fun Wedge!!! glad to see you guys getting big stuff going on in my old metroplex home!!!!!

"What is your bidding, My Master?"

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