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 Post subject: 300 Pt Old Republic Era, Cincinnati OH, 10/22/09
PostPosted: Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:28 pm 
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A little behind on posting things, but OMG...that night was just too hilarious.

OK, we only had 6 show up, but we had a great time. We had scheduled an Old Republic Era event before we knew the release date for GAW was really the 20th and not the 27th, so we just stuck with our plan. Our release event will be next week.

So, everybody built either Sith, OR, or Mando squads, and were supposed to use only era-specific pieces, particularly with the Fringe (i.e. no Boba, no Black Sun, etc.). One guy didn't quite understand it, and ran Ulic/Krayt with his Mando Scouts. Not that it would've made a difference. He probably would've annihilated the rest of us without Krayt's help, as most of us didn't bother to build defensively against Mando Scouts. Not much we could do anyway. But, we still had fun, and that's what counts! The build total was 300 points.

I decided to go with an OR squad...an ALL Melee OR squad. :D

JBM x2
Mouse Droid
Ugo x3

Man, was this a fun squad. Been a long time since I've played an all Melee beatstick squad.

First game was against Denson running a Sith build with Malak, a SHAD, a Czerka, two GenoHaradans, a couple Sith Apprentices and Sith Lords, Zayne, Jarael, and then filler. He keeps bringing that Teth Courtyard map and we had to play on that one again. He started on the AT-TE side, since I chose to try and utilize the pillars on the opposite side to cover my advance. I advanced carefully, trying to make sure his SHAD couldn't unload on me. I split my forces with the Exile, Vodo, Draay, and the Rak going down one side, and the rest going down the other side. He sent most of his forces after the other group, which allowed Vodo and Draay to tie up the SHAD and a Sith Lord, and then the Exile closed in from the other side. Things got messy pretty quick, and he got a couple grips off, but I was careful to not leave him any clumps for Lightning. I killed a Sith Lord rather quickly, and then pushed Malak to keep him from Doubling one of my Battlemasters. Then I assaulted Malak later in the round, and he based that Battlemaster with the two Apprentices, and Zayne, giving me a perfect target for LIghtning the next round. By the point time was called, I had killed both his Sith Lords (Draay finished off the other one), Zayne, and both Apprentices losing only 1 of my Battlemasters.

The 2nd game was much less entertaining, lol. I had to play against Steve, who had the Ulic/Krayt Mando squad with a Captain, a Quartermaster, 5 Scouts, and enough filler to out-activate me. The game didn't last long. I got lucky enough to win my map (Jedicartographer's Theed Palace), but even that didn't help. He still got at least 2 Scouts to activate after all my pieces, and there wasn't much I could do. I did manage to kill 1 Scout and put some damage on Krayt, but I lost 4 major pieces by the end of the third round, so at that point, there really wasn't much point continuing on.

Third game was the highlight of the evening, even though I lost. I was playing against Lackey, who went with Revan, two SHADs, a SAD, a Czerka, Jarael, T3-M4, and filler, including an R5 for the Repair...grr! :lol: We played on Theed Palace again, which was lucky for me (his map was Crystal Caves...not an easy match-up for me), not that it mattered honestly, haha. He made a total of 29 out of 41 save 11's throughout the game. The first round of attacks against his SHAD he made 9 out of 10 saves, and then promptly Repaired off that 10 damage the next chance his R5 had. So I used Leap with a 20 HP Battlemaster to kill that R5, lol. Moral victory. :) I managed to wipe out T3 with nice hit from a Jedi Crusader, and then a follow-up Lightning from Malak that put 30 on the SAD and only 10 on the other SHAD (more double saves made, lol). And then I killed Jarael in the final round of the game when time was called. But I lost both Battlemasters, the Crusader, the Rakghoul, and all my filler by the end. The first SHAD I attacked (the 9/10 one above) managed to end with 60 HP left still. By my count, he made a total of 25 out of 31 shield saves on that one SHAD, lol. Absolutely crazy. I think even if his saves had been more 'normal' I still would've had a tough time winning the game, but it made for an absolutely hilarious set of events. Of course, I made like all but 1 block save in my game against Denson in Round 1, so that's just how it goes sometimes. Worst part of it all....Lackey had forgot his dice last night...so he borrowed two from me! Doh!

We're trying a new system for prize support at our LGS, which I plan to post in another thread for people to see and maybe use for their groups. Cool thing was, I still ended up walking away with an extra Exile from the prize support (LGS owner trying to get rid of his last JA stock). So, all in all, an excellent evening. :)

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