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 Post subject: 200 Points Swarm War, Cincinnati, OH 10/15/09
PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2009 9:06 am 
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Man, I am SO out of practice with doing Tourney Reports. Shame on me!

Last week we tried out a Swarm build. 200 point squads, no more than 100 points could be Unique. You had to include at least 5 copies of a non-Unique that was worth more than 5 points each. Also, you could have 1 copy of a piece, but you could not have 2, 3, or 4 copies. You could also do 5 or more. So, 1 piece, or 5 or more, but not in between. The objective was to try and force people to build some swarm style squads. Worked out pretty good, I think, and we had a lot of fun. One of the best things about the night was that we had 6 players, and 4 of those had almost fully Melee-central squads!

I decided to go with a fun Exar Kun squad:

Rakghoul x5
Dark Hellion Swoop Bike
Muun Tactics Broker
Ugo x5
Mouse Droid

Pretty simple tactics, and plenty of fun.

My first match up turned out to be a case of dice roll problems, lol. My opponent was Matt, running a really cool Mando squad with Mandalore the Indomitable, a Captain, a Quartermaster, and a BUNCH of Mando Marauders. We played on Jedicartographers Taris Undercity map, for a nice themed feel to it with my Raks. ;) Well, I used Kun's Transfer and the Swoop Bike to kill the Captain at the end of round 2, but things went down hill from there. I managed to get one new Rak out of a Marauder, but all the parry completely screwed me over after that point. Then, to make matters worse, in round 3, I popped Kun back to try and kill a Marauder that was threatening two of my Raks, and he parried every hit. Then, Mandalore proceeded to roll back-to-back crits on Kun, putting 120 on him, and leaving him with only 30 HP left. After that it was easy to finish me off. Not much I could do to survive against those kinds of rolls, lol. Lobo 0-1

Second match was against Denson running a Vong swarm. This one was fun overall. We played on Teth Courtyard, and lucky for me he only had the 1 shooter, Nom. He had a Vong Ossus Guardian, a Jedi Hunter, a Praetorite Warrior, a Shaper, Yomin, Nom, and 5 or 6 Advance Scouts. Denson really should have annihilated me, but he made a few play mistakes, and then the rolls went sort of my way this game. I used the Swoop Bike in round 3 to pop Kun next to Nom, and then finished Nom off at the beginning of Round 4. I also got a really nice Momentum/Ambush hit on the Praetorite Warrior at one point. I rolled pretty lousy with the Raks in a few places here too, but I managed to pick up 3 or 4 extra Raks due to the squishy Advanced Scouts making good targets there. Finishing off the Ossus Guardian and the Jedi Hunter wasn't too tough by that point. Lobo 1-1

Final match was against Trace, running a good Vader Imperial Commander squad. He also had Mith'rawn, Mas, the Felucian STO, an Evo Trooper, an Elite Stormie, a Scout on Speeder Bike (nice to see this old piece!), and a bunch of Stormies. We played on Taris again, and we slowly advanced toward each other. At the end of the 2nd round, and beginning of the 3rd, I used Kun/Swoop to pop in and kill Thrawn, hoping to greatly increase my chances of living by taking away his Opportunist. Didn't work as well as I'd hoped though. With the freakin' +6 defense, I missed several attacks in a row on 1 Stormtrooper (needing 13s) with 2 different Raks, and that absolutely killed me. I only managed to spawn one extra Rak the whole game, and it made no difference. Trace was rolling great, including two strafe runs with the Speeder that killed 3 of my Raks over 2 rounds. I almost had Vader killed, and would've stood a VERY good chance of still winning at that point, but I rolled a 2 for the last attack, and then rolled a 1 on the FPRR. Grr!! Vader finished off Kun at that point, and the game was over. Lobo 1-2

So, not the best night for me due to lousy luck, but that's how it goes. I've been losing more often lately, but I keep playing semi-screwy 'fun' stuff, lol. The other squads for the night were another Vong squad with 5 Jedi Hunters and Warmaster Lah, and then a Mando squad with a crap-ton of Mando Scouts. The Mandos ended up going undefeated for the evening, but I think that was mostly due to map choice, which he won at least 2 out of the 3 games, being the new Coruscant city streets from Map Pack 3...wide open shooting range for the Scouts to utilize.

We've been having a lot more fun lately at the LGS, doing some silly things. Tonight is a 300 point Old Republic era night (already planned before we knew GAW was releasing this week and not on the 27th). So, should be interesting!

"You either die a hero, or you live to see yourself become the villain."

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