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 Post subject: Cincinnati, 300 Pts. Dream Team, 8/27/09
PostPosted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 11:50 am 
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Oh man, the Jedi Acadmey and Imperial Entanglements sets have REALLY opened up some interesting combinations for our Dream Team (no faction restrictions) format. SO much fun.

Now, granted, just about everybody ends up including Rieekan or Mith'rawn, or both, lol. But that's OK.

I ended up going with the following for my squad:

Canderous Ordo
Han Scoundrel
Qui-Gon JT
The Dark Woman
Leia Skywalker JK
Jedi Exile
R2-D2 Astromech
Mando Captain
Holo Sidious

The basis for the squad is pretty obvious. Dark Woman gives Tutor to Canderous, so he can get Qui-Gon's +4 to attack (didn't have to play against Jedi Hunters, but may have consider NOT doing that in that matchup). Han Scoundrel is an absolute beast with the +4 from Qui-gon, Cunning, Extra Attack from the Exile, and then Greater Mobile thanks to the TBSV. He downed GMLS in one phase in my 2nd game. :) But, Extra Attack plus GMA for all the Followers. I was really hoping to have some crazy fun with the Dark Woman and Phasing through walls, Double Attacking, then running back. But my opponent's never really left me good opportunities to do that. I chose to try out Mapmaker's new Offworld Shipping Center map, though only got to play on it in the 2nd game.

Anyways...Round 1, playing against StriderRe80. We play on his Throne Room map. I couldn't convince him to play on Offworld, as he wanted the longer lanes for his shooters. :P His squad had Mith'rawn, Mandalore the Ultimate, Han GH, Storm Commando, Mando Captain, Mando Quartermaster, Jariah Syn, Dodonna Rieekan, Mas, and filler. Very nice build, and immediately reminded me...DOH! Forgot Disruptive!! Crap!! I knew right from the start it was going to be tough. First round, he set up a nice swap that allowed him to kill my R2. Next round, he wins init, and tries to hide his R2, and tow-cables Han up at the same time. He hadn't made the connection yet that my Canderous had Quad/Twin though, plus FPs, so I blow one of the center doors with my Ugo, and Canderous is able to get a bead on both R2 and Han. R2 drops quick, and Strider makes enough Evade saves that Han only takes 30. He then chose to hide his Storm Commando (who had killed R2 last round), but left Han unactivated still, so then I exposed my Han and finished off his Han first, and then put 20 on the Storm Commando. This put me closer to him than I really wanted to be, and a Charging/Twin later, Mandalore based my Han, and with Opportunist (crap!) wiped him off the map. Jariah did a Charging/Twin as well, based Canderous, and put 80 on him. Oops. Obviously, I lost init, and Jariah quickly finished off Canderous, and ran back behind the wall. At that point, I had lost both my power shooters, so his Rieekan made no difference anymore, and he ended up swapping Mandalore out for Rieekan. At that point, there was so little I could do damage wise that it was tough to come back. He utilized the swapping and the massive Opportunist damage of Mandalore and Jariah to great effect, and it didn't take long to kill everything but my commanders. Lobo 0-1.

The second game was against Trace, and I finally got to try my first game on the Offworld map. Trace was running GMLS, Kyle CI, Rex, Mith'rawn, Rieekan, Ozzel, IG Tarkin (yikes, lots of extra attacks!), Mas, Lobot CLO and an Ugo. I play from the Extension Bridge side (left side I guess), and first round, he moves Lobot to open one of the doors to the hologram chamber in the center. Well, maybe he could've positioned better to avoid this, but he put Lobot where I could Tow Cable Canderous, and then use a FP to move 4, shoot Lobot, then move 4 back to R2. So, Lobot died from a failed evade. Felt like a waste of Canderous' power on the first round, but he didn't have much other choice. Trace ran up GMLS, then swapped in Rex, and took his 8 shots at Canderous, but he either missed, or I evaded all but 1. 2nd round he started by shooting with Rex again, which either missed or Evaded all of them, and then ran him around the corner. So I towed Canderous, and once again spent his FP to move 4, base Rex, blow him away, then move 4 back to R2. This time I was too close though, and Kyle was able to run 13, then swap in Luke to annihilate Canderous. Unfortunately, this also put Luke where I couldn't target him with anyone else that round. Bummer! So I finished repositioning all my pieces, moving more towards the upper half of the map, figuring I'll either get a bead on Luke, or whatever he swaps in there. Trace started out the next round by moving Luke around to the gambit area, and putting 40 damage on my Dark Woman, plus another 50 from a Djem So on the AoO that I actually landed. I figured I'd go ahead and use TDW before she died, and she managed to hit both attacks, though he made his LS Defense saves. However, he failed both Djem So rolls, and had used FPs on the Defense already, so TDW lived! I took a lot of other shots that round, but all of them either missed, or he evaded. Once Luke got down to 2 FPs, Qui-Gon used Push to move him 1 square away from TDW, making sure that Kyle couldn't easily swap in and kill her, and then I finished by repositioning all my other pieces. Trace swapped Kyle in at the end of the round, and based Leia, hitting her for 30. Next round, Trace decided to start out by swapping Luke back in, since he'd be adjacent to both my Leia and The Exile. However, Han said "No, not gonna let you do that". Moved him 8 squares with a FP to base Luke, unloaded with the Double Twin. Luke only had 2 FPs left. First attack is a hit, he fails the LS Defense save. Second attack is a Crit! He tries to use LS Defense, I use the Exile to Force Defense his last FP. Han's next two attacks are another hit, and then another crit!! 160 damage from Han! So Luke goes down WAY easier than I expected, and Trace concedes at that point. Honestly, he was in a tough spot no matter what, because he really needed to be able to swap and attack in the same phase, so Ozzel killed him in this instance. He was hoping to hang onto Lobot, then have two chances at Reserves throughout the game.

Overall, we had a blast. Obviously, Rieekan, Mith'rawn, and the TBSV were common factors, but that's to be expected. I was surprised that I was the only person who ran Leia AND Rieekan together, which I thought was an obvious combo. There are quite a few other options out there that are equally brutal. I'm looking forward to playing Dream Team again sometime soon and trying out some of the other options!

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