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 Post subject: July 11 JA sealed event in Owensboro, KY
PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 9:08 pm 
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Well we finally got to have our sealed event. The July 4 holiday last weekend meant many were out of town, so we had it a week later.

8 people attended in all. The decision was to make the game 150 pts. because of GMLS.

I pulled Naga Sadow and Anakin Solo, and down at the other end of a table I heard a guy cheer as he opened GMLS and Cade.

I looked through my commons and uncommons and noted 3 Vong - 2 warriors and an Ossus Guardian.

My squad ended up consisting of:

64 Naga Sadow
44 YV Warrior x2
26 Ossus Guardian
07 Felucian
05 Stormtrooper
04 Peace Brigade Thug

Round 1 I played a guy who had Qui-Gon Combat Trainer and Vodo Siosk Bass with an Exceptional Jedi Apprentice, a Sith Apprentice, and some filler pieces. I seem to recall he also had an Ossus Guardian. We were on Jedi Temple, his map. I started inside the temple and we rushed straight for the center. He was very hesitant about engaging, and so I controlled the action most of the game. He could have won, but he missed a key play and took a different action instead, one that cost him victory.


Round 2, sure enough I played the GMLS guy. He had Cade and a Crimson Nova Bounty Hunter for support. On my map (Rancor Pen), I let the Vong handle Luke and Cade while Naga went for the Bounty Hunter. All of the Vong died, along with most of the rest of my squad, but GMLS couldn't handle Naga Sadow. I had enough Force built up that he was able to Illusion and Sith Sorcery his way to victory.


Final round against Jason (Dark Jedi 21). We'd both already agreed we weren't going to take any R/VR for prize, so it was a more laid back game than it might have been otherwise. He had Maul and the Exile, but I killed Maul when I rolled a 20 on an attack with my Stormtrooper, who was immediately dubbed afterward as TK-422 (TK-421 distinction belongs to a Sandtrooper that won several games for me at GenCon League the year CotF came out.)

Despite the victory against Maul, I was unable to roll higher than a 5 on eitherr of the two Crab Armor saves my OG needed in order to stay alive long enough to win the game. I finished second.


A great time. After seeing GMLS in action in sealed I can understand why he costs 115, but I am positive that if he had been in a different set - one with more shooters 0 his cost would have been somewhat lower.

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