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 Post subject: Dueling Grounds fun little release
PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2009 8:30 pm 
Jedi Battlemaster
Jedi Battlemaster
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Well since its been eons since I played in a B&M store, I figured I'd mosey down to play a 150 point sealed. Only 5 of us were there, but fun was to be had all around.

R5Don4 brought and old school star wars game I believe it was called 'Battle of Sarlaac Pit' or something similar, released in 85, but updated with fun new minis :)

breaking open the boosters I searched through my pulls for the elusive rares! And low and behold, I found.. Kol Skywalker! hurray, a nice beat.. next was a Jedi Battlemaster. excellent, my melee masters are forming, in the second booster I pulled.. the epic, the unstoppable, Yoda GM!

Woot! Epic team, as well in Yoda's boosters was an Ossus Guardian.

Not only did I pull two awesome minis, but my 2 favourite UCs from the set, my squad for the day ended up being, Yoda, Kol, Jedi BM, YV Ossus Guardian and a Peace Brigade thug.

Awesome melee potential, wicked synergy.

MY first match was against Don (R5Don4). He had pulled Cade and Sid as uniques, going with a squad that had:
YV Ossus Guardian
Praetorian Vong
Praetorian Priest
Disciple of Ragnos

as I had forgotten to bring any maps (oops!) we played on Don's new Muunlist Plaza. I set up on the non-battle map side. advancement was made through the bottom of the map, the Disciple dashed forward with a swap to lay a lightning on Yoda and Kol, naturally, Kol was a head and I couldn't force defense. But next init, Yoda sprang forward and using Ataru, dispatched the evil holy zapper. A razor from the Ossus tagged the Felucian, evening out the activations and giving me a point lead. A melee showdown happened in the bottom centre, Kol and Yoda lead the way with the BM and Ossus cleaning house. The Praetorian went down easy, VCA 11 doesn't go a long way, but not before landing and cunning crit on Kol. Althought eh Priest was close to the action he was never close enought o gran the sacrifiction bonus to the vong, so that never factored in. DOn's Ossus layed some hurt on Yoda and Sid threw out a few zaps here and there, but the high hps and rarely missing on my part really was too much. In the end, Yoda was down to 40 hps and Kol was down to 50, but it was only Sid with 10 hps left to fight them off. This time, the dark lord's plans were foiled.

My next match was against Mike. He had pulled Luke, gah! Though I knew it had to happen, I was worried about facing him. Then I saw the rest of his squad:

Sith Apprentice
Peace Brigade Thug

Luke game FR1 to the apprentice and the reborn, but only the apprentice was a decent threat. Really it came down to how many save Luke could fail.
We played on bespis and I set up on the platform side. I knew I was going to facing several LS Throw 2s from the apprentice before I could get to him, so I hoped to have the Ossus out in front to take the heat, however, Kol and The Jedi BM took the brunt, but with Yoda's CE, it was hard for the Apprentice to hit.
The reborn and PB THug ran up the centre corridor and popped my thug, while Luke and the Apprentice faced down Yoda, Kol and the BM. I used the ossus to Razor his PB thug and later dispatch the Reborn. After 2 LS throw 2s I was annoyed enough to start engaging, Kol and Yoda took some hits on the Apprentice and believe that The BM finished him off. At the end of a round it was my Yoda, based my Luke who started the nonesense. Yoda Quaded, hitting 3/4.. but taking 2 Djem So back for a total of 100 damage to Yoda, 60 damage to Luke. and wouldn't ya know.. lost the init, lost yoda. It was up to the Ossus, Kol and the BM to finish off Luke. Kol got only 1 force push in the wasn't defensed, so Luke had taken a beating. I think Kol got 1 hit in, and a crit that was defensed, 20 more to Luke, 50 to Kol eep! The BM also got a crit on Luke, but that too was defensed! man... Luke was down to 50 and I only had the Ossus left. Luke also was oput of force at the time. Ossus' first attack hits and the Djem fails. Final attack, needed a crit to finish it off, and bam! Rolled me a 20 to seal the game.

My final match was against Jason, who was also undefeated.

Jason pulled a lot of low cost characters, but assembled a squad that was still quite solid.

Qui Gon, Jedi Trainer
The Dark Women
Jedi BM
Antarian Ranger (light tutored)
Praetorian Vong
Jedi Crusader
Rocket BD

With the LT, the antarian was up to a +15 attack (always hung near a jedi) And was certainly the most solid hitting of the match. We played on the death star map and I set up on the turbolift side. Jason spilt his force with the pushers (Qui and Crusader) near the pit.. but I'd seen Kyle fall to his death in his first match and was having none of that.

The first two rounds were positioning moves, I was out activated so I had to stay in cover and near Yoda or else I'd take some hurt. At the end of round two, I moved Yoda into gambit (hopefully to get a nice Ataru LST 3 off.) I also moved the Ossus into a LOS with the Youngling and nailed him with a Razor bug. One act down.. many more to go.

Kol moved ahead to the edge of the gambit and took a FP2 from the Crusader, as well as a FP1 from Qui. a little damage, but unlike Kol, they were on a limited Force pool. The Antarian tried to pot shot my BM, but couldn't hit the crazy high def. The Praetorian hopped into gambit and made the little green man all pissy.

Very quickly there became a giant mass of melee fighters in the middle. Kol, the BM and the Ossus were facing off Qui, his BM and the Crusader. Yoda could never get off a good Throw, so satisfied himself with beating on the Vong (taking a single cunning attack). The PB thug, never quite did much though was able to hit the Praetorian Vong once (woo for +5 attack!)

Unfortunately for Jason, yoda's Ce made it nearly impossible for him to hit any of the followers. Kol tore Qui a new one in two rounds, the BM took down his BM (+3, +3 made all the difference). The Ossus threw some damage on the Crusader and then on the DW. Though it was hard for him to hit, by the end, Yoda was down to 10 hps, but with just a Rocket BD and the R4, there wasn't much chance of hitting. The BM hopped on top of the R4 and Kol pushed the BD to oblivion.

3-0 for me! much fun the afternoon was. I really love Yoda, I just wish he had been given MotF 2.. he needs to be able to block more attacks. But Kol+Yoda is an insane combo.. except for Luke, it was very rare for anyone to hit his 24/28D.

Also fun to point out.. GMLS lost 2 of hit 3 matches, the other loss was to a Kyle/Janissary combo, backed up by a Disciple and an HK50.

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 Post subject: Re: Dueling Grounds fun little release
PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 4:51 am 
Droid Army Commander
Droid Army Commander
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Congratulations on the win Eric. Nicely done. You'll have to come back soon when we are having a constructed tourney and really show us what you've learned on Vassal.



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 Post subject: Re: Dueling Grounds fun little release
PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:22 pm 
Droid Army Commander
Droid Army Commander

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I'm proud you won my young apprentice! Perhaps now you are the Master!!!

You're not going to believe this (either of you guys) but dammit if years ago my brother and I received "Battle of Sarlacc Pit" for a birthday or Christmas.

I don't remember it being all that good at the time (mind you I was probably around 9 at the time) but I loved the minis at the time.

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