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Lincoln regional results
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Author:  Sithdragon13 [ Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Lincoln regional results

Here are the results of the tourney yesterday. We sadly only had 12 people. Hothies were not there sadly, and a couple others that would normally come had other things happening. I kinda knew that it would be jsut our regular omaha/lincoln groups once michigan and mizou got regionals, but thanks to all that showed including Jaster from KC. I will let the players fill in the specifics, but here are the teams and rounds:

Mike/Klecser: OB1 unleashed, Bothan noble, Luke hoth pilot, han smuggler, dodonna, reikan, R2, ug(christophsis)

austin/nebraskakilla: Mare Jedi, Kyp, talon, Wedge, spirit, dodonna, aqualish, 2 ugs (Christophsis)

andrew/Ask127: GOWK, Rex, lobot, jwm, r2 (bespin)

Daniel/cadeskywalker92s: Throne palps, unleashed vader, mas, mithranarudo, ozzel, 2 caamasi, 2 ugs (hoth)

jason/dumbbell1974: princess, obi spirit, dodonna, reiken,smuggler, pilot luke, r2, juno, lobot 27 (christophsis)

jim/admiralpalleaon: jedi mara, kyle, wedge, ghost luke, dodonna, 3 ugs (bespin)

chris M/kordren udo mar: fett bh, pilot luke, lobot 27, bothan noble, mon cal tech, mouse, dodonna (christophsis)

Chris F/jaster mareel: gowk, r2, rex, dash, 2 ugs, twilek vigo (ruined base)

Hansen/knightswhosayni: gowk, dash, lobot 27, caamasi, r2, jwm (bespin)

Harris/dengar1972: 4 ugs, 3 mouse, wicket, 2 mando gunslingers, twilek vigo, mando scout, mando capt, mando quartermaster (nightclub)

jack/ironlightsaber: r2, 3 ugs, jarael, gowk, rex, mouse, twilek vigo (hardback)

Will/uncle tas(?): mara Jedi, luke, 3 ugs, dash, wedge, dodonna, jag, lobot 15 (old muunilist)

round 1:
jim beat will
harris beat mike
daniel beat jack
chris f beat austin
chrisM beat andrew
hansen beat jason

round 2:
hansen(3) beat jim(3)
chris f(3) beat harris(3)
Chris M(3) beat daniel(3)
austin beat andrew
jason beat mike
will beat jack

round 3:
Hansen(6) beat chris F(6)
chris M(6) beat will(3)
jason(3) beat daniel(3)
Austin(3) beat Jim(3)
Andrew beat harris(3)
Jack beat Mike

round 4:
Hansen(9) beat Chris(9)
Jason(6) beat Austin(6)
Chris F(6) beat Will(3)
Jim(3) beat Harris(3)
Andrew(3) beat Jack(3)
daniel(3) beat Mike(0)

Final standings:
12=4-0 9=3-1 6=2-2 3=1-3

1 -Matt Hansen(12) GOWK/rex/JWM
2 -Chris M(9) Fett/Pilot Luke/Bothan/Lobot
3 -Jason(9) Luke/smuggler/princess
4 -Chris F(9) Gowk/rex/dash
5 -austin(6) Mara/Kyp/talon
6 -Daniel(6) Throne/vader unleashed/Mithrawnarudo
7 -Jim(6) mara/Kyle
8 -Andrew(6) Gowk/rex/jwm
9 -will(3) mara/dash/jag
10 -harris(3) Mandos
11 -jack(3) Gowk/Jarael/Rex
12 -mike(0) OB unleashed/luke/smuggler/bothan

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