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 Post subject: First 150 prep for WA Regionals
PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2009 1:24 am 
Third Jedi from the Left
Third Jedi from the Left
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I have to say...I loved seeing so many people bring great squads and see how it went down. 16 players.

3 Gowk (dash + rex cookie cutter)
3 Vong
1 LV
1 Boba Cannon
1 Imperial Twileks (same as finger's)
1 Yobuck SWap (jarjar variant)
1 Malak+Dash+Jarael

I played...


--Flying is for Droids--
36 Darth Sidious
31 IG Lancer Droid
27 Lobot
34 IG-86 Assassin Droid x2
10 San Hill
9 Battle Droid Officer
3 Ugnaught Demolitionist

17 IG-86 Assassin Droid
3 Ugnaught Demolitionist
(150pts. 10 activations)

I brought Muunilist...although not sure it was the best choice. I ended up going with it because I wanted something with limited area I couldn't strafe.

Round 1 vs GOWK on Muunilist

I used Human BG and 2 MD's and an Uggie. Started slow. Basically did what I could to get rex and dash out of the way before worrying about gowk. Used san (for tempo control) and lobot to set up the shots. That wa sthe only part of the map I liked...easier to get certain targets out of los. After getting to rex and dash, it was just run after gowk with Sidious. Lightning, Lightning, Lightning, wait, Lightning. I also kept shooting gowk with IG's but never landed a shot. Had little hp left. but it was a win. It's hard to judge positioning after the fact. But I think a more agressive GOWK would have helped my opponent this time.

Round 2 vs Yobuck on Rancor Pit

I took the side with the rooms. I brought in an extra IG and uggie with Lobot. Pretty much the whole fight ended up in those rooms. I ran lobot, san and the bdo into a turbo lift and locked the door. Got reserves round two and brought in a BG droid. Yobuck came in and got some damage spread around. I used the BG to protect the lancer so he swapped in jarjar. He made the first Bombad and redirected to my BG. I used strafe to finish up jarjar with one more IG shot. Round three I took a beating from rex but killed R2. Yobuck got in and dealt some damage...most importantly killed the lancer. Yobuck took a lightning and mutltiple IG shots for his trouble. Next round was key...yobuck and rex cleaned up the remaining two IG's worth points. But rex was at 20 and yobuck was at died. I got the init and finsihed rex. But I had no gambit yet, and a free IG left so he wasn't far behind in points. I was able to finish up panaka and it was a very close game. I had 20 on a BG droid and near full sidious plus my lobot, san and BDO left.

Round 3 was against LV on Train Station.

I brought in a caamasi, 3 uggies and 2 mouse droids which gave me a 2 activation lead. First round I picked off two MD's which gave me a 4 activation lead. 2nd round I sweeped through most of his activations. He charged Vader to base two IG's. I pummeled him with shot and lightning He won init and killed 1 and left the other at 30. Barely finished off vader with the IG and sidious.

Round 4 was against GOWK on Tatooine.

I ended up losing lobot early but it exposed rex enough I got a shot with an IG for 30 before he got the bg and mouse droids up for cover. R2 locked the room door sealed the lancer inside. I ran an uggies close enough to the door, that I could pawn it to blow open the door and then it does from the pawn. I used the lancer to strafe the mouse cover, the bg, rex and r2. I then finished off rex with the other IG. He won init and ran dash and r2 away. I waited him and dash got the lancer to 20 but gowk was 14 spaces from the lancer. I pawned did the regular activation to kill r2 and get dash to 10. I won init and killed dash. Then sidious advanced to GOWK 3 lightnings, then wait and then dead GOWk. BG kept sidious alive long enough to pull it off. Pummeled GOWK with IG's but never landed a shot. Almost out of force though.

Our prizes uncluded, mandalore from BH, Cade, san hill, stormie on sled and kriea plus a slew of cool uncommons.

It was great to see who the group getting a feel with a lot of great squads. I saw a fair amount of positioning errors but everyone is getting alot better.

Overall for my squad I was surprised at how easy it was to deal with LV. GOWK was still a rough match up and I am not aure how it would have gone with slightly different positioning. Yobuck was a huge strain to fight.

We saw no rebel push, so the Vong guys had a tough night. We have 3 more 150 events before regionals. It will be interesting to see how it goes down. I encouraged everyone who didn;t know what to play...to try a squad they thought would be tough to face.

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